the statutory rape birth

12.20: rn.relig/christianity/virgin birth:
. skeptics point out that virgin means young girl,
but preacher counters:
the way the term was used then,
young girl implied virgin, as in too young for marriage .
. my counter to the preacher's point
was that the skeptic still has the same result:
virgin implied too young for legal
rather than succeeding at staying legal .
. that, of course, would still be a minor point,
since the glaring delusion of christianity
is to think that something is so just because there are
some authentic writings of people believing it was so .
. who are these believers?
can we cross-examine them now? conveniently not!
. but, of course,
that is a minor point to the central issue:
christian's have a lot of material
that would prove existence of the supernatural,
and of psychological solution to many of our problems;
why are they insisting on fundamentalist
concrete interpretations of the bible
when the symbolic ones are just as useful ?
. why are they making an issue about
god being in the form of man?
. the catholic vision of a one-world religion is
commendable as an approach to world-wide peace,
but tacking on every sort of superstition
just to make everyone feel at home
is hardly doing justice to christ's intended message .