what health plan were nearly half holding out for?

11.8: co.pol/{newspapers}/what plan were nearly half holding out for?:
. it's hopeful to see the House majority could agree on some bill;
but what were nearly half of the them holding out for?
maybe if the planners would start from first principles:
we are paying so much for religiously-mandated charity care;
how can we have gone this long without mandated health insurance ?!
. to make it affordable,
there should be right-to-die plans excluding your choice of conditions:
I do want full coverage for accident recovery;
I do not want treatments for cancer or obesity-related disorders .
. insurance providers would drool at deals like that!
. I was so grateful they compromised on deal-breaking abortion issues,
lets see some more vision like that:
sane first, and democratic only if they're sure they can pull it off .
. see Michael Moore's Sicko movie again .
. republicans make the dem's look like Death panels and Liberals;
ha! weren't they tossed after outraging seniors
by telling them that the cheap Canadian meds were unsafe?
. lets see less regulation of seniors,
and more leashes on pharmaceutical and insurance co's .