stepwise.com flushed book's downloads

11.1: co.net/scott anguish/bk"Vermont Recipes resources flushed:

. explore stepwise.com being shut down,
view owner scott anguish at twitter/sanguish

co.net/amazon/Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X: the vermont recipes:
interesting history (1 star)
(tags: cocoa, advanced)
. the book gives a bad link to the source code download;
as of Halloween 2009, Scott Anguish has emptied that site
leaving nothing but a link to the site of the newest cocoa book:
and another link to his twitter account
where he describes himself as depressed, disgruntled employee .
. I did find another source for both the source code
and a beta version of the book itself in pdf format;
but he does sound intent on finding such sources and removing them .
(that site also had the errata sheet, which I copied from google's cache) .

. I gave this book one star simply to
bring that little surprise to much attention;
otherwise, I still think it's a good deal,
since Apple's SDK and my other textbooks give plenty of source code;
while this book warns you to study obj'c coding elsewhere
and then talks you through the many cocoa idioms .

. my intended route for using this book
will be (in this order):
and, finally,

. interestingly,
Scott Anguish (who dumped the sample code site)
coauthored [Cocoa Programming] with Erik Buck
and it is Buck's [Cocoa Design Patterns]
that will have convinced many of us to 2nd-rate Anguish's [Cocoa Programming]
-- an otherwise legendary book .

[12.30: I had used Google's cache of
but have since found this site works: vermontrecipes.com/errata.html
as do these links for various downloads:

11.1: Cocoa Recipes old downloads: