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10.30: summary:
. this is a collection of my reactions to
news about Obama, the presidential race,
or obamacare .


crash predicted after election

8.5: news.cyb/pol/purges/reaganomics/
crash coming in after election:

. at coast to coast an astrologer Joni Patry
has predictions about this november;
she also predicted the japan erthquake in march 2011
and they were very thankful for the heads up .

. she says september is a high:
there will be a major crash in november;
when the election will be like Bush's
with much irate contention about the results .
[. how could that cause a crash?
# obama wins:
people wanting romney
will rage about unemployment endless
and taxes look relentless
this could cause the market to go into theatric lows .
# romney wins:
. people wanting obama
will see obamacare getting dismantled,
and there could be something like a 9-11
to greet a usa that is once again christian-headed . ]

says we should buy xmas gifts now
because the bottom falls out:

the #singapore experience #reaganomics

8.10: pol/purges/reaganomics/the singapore experience

. why would singaporeans need coaxing
to maintain a replacement-level population rate?
they crack down on litterbugs with caning;
so, is the place just too harsh?
. in fact, up until recently, they actually did
crack down on having 3 children;
even though 2.1 is the replacement rate .
. now the gov is seeing major life extensions,
and they are getting worried about soon being
overtaxed by a heavy elder-to-worker ratio .

. it's pointed out that their elderly
currently care for both themselves and children;
but this won't always be the case,
because the gov can see that in time
their elderly will get the modern food diseases
and they will need the modern medical treatments
-- which will far exceed what they have in savings .

learn from singapore:
. they had religious overpopulation
and they burned in poverty and crime;
only when had their Stop at Two program
and got the jobs that globalization took from
affluent countries like usa
did they themselves become affluent .
. usa's greatness has actually come from underpopulation:
usa has a naturally low population density per resource;
but that of course will soon change
as the usa becomes overrun by religious overpopulators .


#vote 2012 #tucson #arizona

14, 22, 23: bk.gov/vote:
. here is how I chose for this historic 2012 vote .

Saitta's sciencedigest.org #pol #purges

25: web.pol/purges/Saitta's sciencedigest.org #pol #purges:

. I met Saitta's sciencedigest.org while voting,
when an editorial commented that he was spouting
contentious views on his educational site .
. here is the part related to pol/purges
(the ways we deal with population growth
and other resource instabilities):
October/November: 2012

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson
about a battle that goes on inside all people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between
two 'wolves' inside us all.
One is Evil. ... The other is Good. ...
"Which wolf wins?"
"The one you feed."

pbs.org`[the USA Native's] Trail of Tears 


cure for some type-1 diabetes @JDRF_Tucson

10: web.health/type 1 diabetes/causes:
. what causes type 1?
the only widely acknowledged risk factor is heredetary
due to recessive gene (needs both parents).
. I seem to recall that this is one of those hereditary things
that could be controlled by environment ...
13: web:
J Endocrinol Invest. 2012 Sep 24:
rising incidence of type 1 diabetes in belgrade
children aged 0-14 in the period from 1982 to 2005:

Type- 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease
in which both genetic and environmental factors
play a role in the etiology
. The average annual age adjusted incidence rate
of type-1 diabetes for Belgrade was 10.4/100,000
It was slightly higher in boys than in girls.
Over the 24 years incidence rates significantly increased
by 8.5% for boys and 3.0% for girls.
. the age of onset is not evenly spread over the age groups:
0-4, 5-9, and 10-14
-- it peaks during the natural rise of hormonal activity;
but only recently the rates are same for both sexes:
The age-specific annual incidence rates (per 100,000)
for the age groups 0-4, 5-9, and 10-14 were
5.5 (95% CI = 4.5-6.7),
11.9 (95% CI = 10.5-13.5) and
15.4 (95% CI = 13.8- 17.1), respectively.
The highest increase of incidence rate
was in the 5-9 age group.
The results obtained are in line with
data from other studies showing that
the incidence of type-1 diabetes has been increasing
in almost all populations worldwide.
natural hormone levels of children:
. estrogenic activity during femal infancy is quite high,
then it's supposed dip quite low until age 7 .
[. of course it should quite low in males
except around infancy? .]
Endocrine disruptors and type 1 diabetes: Is there a link?
. natural hormones can influence
the development of type 1 diabetes.
Gender differences are present
in type 1 (and type 2) diabetes,
and it is possible that sex hormones may influence
the risk of developing type 1 diabetes .
The incidence of type 1 diabetes in children
peaks at puberty,
a time of hormonal changes .
Pregnancy, another time of hormonal change,
can lead to gestational diabetes,
later followed by type 1 or 2 diabetes .
Psychological stress may be a risk factor;
and while the mechanism is unknown,
perhaps hormones released during stress
could play a role.
In addition, the hormone vitamin D
appears to be protective against it .
The role of taller height and excess weight
as risk factors for type 1 diabetes
may also involve hormones
We do not know, however, if xenoestrogens
contribute to the development of type 1 diabetes.
. if it's only slighly higher in males now,
and the rate increase for males
has been much higher than for females,
it seems that this disease is influenced by estrogens;
since during the last 25 years, due to rises in obesity,
children of both sexes have been getting
much more estrogen for that age;
but the proportional increase in estrogen
has been much higher for males .
. obesity also lowers male testosterone,
and there has been more exposure to xenoestrogens .


changed your #cooking habits? #FDA #deregulation #defunding #reaganomics

co.health/FDA dereg changed your food cooking habits?:
Help Us End FDA's Failure to Protect Food Safety
Center for Food Safety Oct 9 (1 day ago)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year, roughly 1 in 6 Americans (48 million people) gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases.  In January 2011, Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to improve our food safety laws by mandating FDA to require preventive controls across the food supply.  As the first overhaul of food safety oversight since 1938, these long-overdue measures include inspecting food producers as a means of holding industry accountable for its responsibility to produce safe foods, ensuring imported foods meet U.S. standards and are safe for consumers, and establishing science-based minimum standards for hazard analysis and documentation.   FSMA also grants FDA new recall authority for all food products, and enhances partnerships to foster coordination of food safety efforts throughout the government (local, state, and federal).  In short, this slew of preventative, protective measures would dramatically reduce the number of illnesses caused by foodborne hazards in the United States. 
Unfortunately, FDA has yet to act on this law, repeatedly missing deadlines set by Congress in FSMA for its application.  Instead the statute’s intended improvements sit idle.  Thus, FDA’s continuing delay and failure poses a continued risk of serious foodborne illness outbreaks. 
Because of this unlawful delay and the risk it is causing all of us, on August 29, 2012, Center for Food Safety filed a lawsuit
to force FDA to finish its regulations, comply with the mandated deadlines, and actually implement the law.
Now, we need your help: we are looking for more CFS members who are
concerned about FDA’s failure to implement and enforce these food safety regulations. 
*Are you responsible for providing food for your family,
and are concerned that absent properly enacted food safety federal regulations,
your family is at increased risk of contracting a foodborne illness? 
*Are you concerned about, and
have you changed your purchasing decisions,
cooking and/or eating practices
with regard to raw fruits and vegetables,

imported foods, or food that has been transported long distances?

[yes: I cook all veg now . but I wouldn't trust the fda with my kidneys;]
*Have you or someone you know recently contracted a foodborne illness?
Are you concerned that, absent better federal regulations,
you or someone you know may contract an illness again? 
*Do you own a business that sells raw fruits and vegetables,
imported foods, or food that has been transported?
Have your sales have been negatively impacted
due to recent foodborne illness outbreaks or the specter of them?
*Do you run a business subject to FSMA regulations?
Are the lack of FSMA regulations negatively affecting
your ability to plan financially for the future?
If you meet one or more of these criteria, we need your help.
Please email
or call 415-826-2770
as soon as possible to learn more.
Thank you,
Center for Food Safety


the first zombies will be the police

7.30: co.pol/purges/overpopulation/
police violence on rise:
. The DOJ reports police brutality has
“mushroomed to unprecedented levels,”
and 17 departments are now under investigation.
Most inexcusable is that these crimes are rarely punished
and these officers nearly never lose their jobs.
Tell Congress to crack down on police brutality
and prosecute it as a penalty-enhanced federal crime.
my response:
if you think I should be sorry
for what my police do,
you should see what my free parenting does
to egg them on;
this isn't just a reaganomic nut house;
this is overpopulation
turning us into zombie cannibals .

we all have to do our part #overpopulation

7.9: pol/purges/overpopulation/
we all have to do our part:

. leslie marshal is saying (via radio)
taxes on the rich are too low
we all have to do our part, (more)
my response:
. why not limit reproduction to match market signals?
she thinks family values means
communizing education?
what about taxing people who breed responsibly
to pay for the education of big-family religious invaders?
. when you communize childcare,
you subsidize sexual activity and racist ambitions .
why am I being taxed to subsidize reproduction
when it inevitably makes it harder for me to
get a job to pay those taxes?
. why encourage breeding when we are
squeezing us about global warming?

lef.org's diet survey

10.3: co.lef.org/health/hormonics/
my diet and why

funny choice of diets to follow:
Low carb/Atkins    28.57%
Vegetarian/vegan    15.87%
I eat whatever I want    14.29%
Calorie restriction    12.7%
Low fat/Pritikin    3.17%

Other 25.%

 -- where is mediterranean?
did you mean to emphasize Other,
to make a point?
let me expound on that point !
. a pritikin diet is a special version of vegetarian diet:
the low-glycemic, low-fat version
-- in fact vegetarian is often quite glycemic
and saves the animals only to kill the human!
. the atkins is confusingly 2 diets,
# the induction part:
high-fat with less than 20g carb;
# and the maintenance phase:
. the only difference between that and Zone
is not a fat limit -- there is none for
athletes who want a high-calorie diet --
the Zone's big diff is a careful limit on protein
-- generous but quite narrow limits,
just like the carbs .
. the Zone diet also differs from atkins by
making demands on the quality of the fat:
it should be monounsaturates and not sat'fats
with only the essential amount of polyunsaturates
except for fish oils . again quality matters:
only pharmaceutically distilled fish oil .
. I do the Americium Dream Lustig Zone diet
-- hormonics for short (as in hormones in harmony)
which is like Zone (mediterranian style)
but is more about higher fiber, and
lower glycemics instead of lower carbs .
. all my protein comes from
beans pureed with LE whey protein isolate
and gelatine powder
-- no zone concerns for either
glucagon impact or carb limits .
. I get some egg yolks for brain food
and for fear that vegetarianism is unbalanced .
. I consider my diet animal friendly too
but only in the future when our
combination of hyperbreeders and capitalists
gives up on lowering farm costs .
I'm a little late for this thread,
but after it was posted,
some long-term primate studies
cast doubt on low calorie dieting
being useful for longevity,
but of course it's good for health .