Dr. Kelly Brogan`helping women's depression

3.31: co.naturalnews.com/pol/healthcare/
Dr Kelly Brogan`helping women's depression:
Health Ranger told us about Brogan's new book.
I gave amazon a piece of my mind about the one-star reviews

{Kelly Brogan M.D., Kristin Loberg}`A Mind of Your Own:
The Truth About Depression
and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives


not all ingredients have to be listed #health #cancer

news.pol/healthcare/not all ingredients have to be listed:
2.26: summary:
. do you trust a product's list of ingredients?
there are significant exceptions to the law,
and even that law is not fully enforced.
. certain carcinogens don't have to be listed
because they are formed by combining
2 or more of the listed ingredients;
eg, my soap has Sodium laureth sulfate;
(ethylene oxide * sodium laurel sulfate)
and, that includes 1,4-dioxane.
. of course there are exceptions for pesticides
because they are in trace amounts
but trace doses can be endocrine disruptors.
. talc often contains asbestos;
and the quality control is not perfect;
yet ingredients don't have to say
"may contain trace amounts of asbestos".


#Crohn's disease #saccharin #sucralose

1.14: web.med/crohn's disease:
. Crohn's disease, also known as regional enteritis,
is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD);
which can increase the risk of cancer.
. the cause is officially unknown; but,
lifestyle choices that raise risk include
# saccharin or sucralose
# oral contraceptives,
# smoking or 2nd-hand smoke
# diets that provoke yeast or fungal overgrowth
(high in sugar or refined carb's;
or low in fiber that feed bacteria
that compete with yeasts)
# aluminum pollution in urban areas.
# low vitamin D
# nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
# prior use of antibiotics
(often killing the good germs results in
the growth of bad germs after antibiotics are discontinued;
IBD may be the immune system's response to a certain germ;
some are cured with a fecal transplant(good germs);
some go into remission on antibiotics.
. the GAPS diet might also work as an antibiotic:
it is a high-fat low-prebiotic diet that removes bad germs
followed by a fermented diet that adds good germs).
. being left-handed, you might be more inclined
to choose a lifestyle that increases risk.


gout #prevention #diet avoid #fructose

1.13: web.health/diet/gout prevention:
. an acquaintance thought oats worsen gout;
what is a diet that reduces gout risk?
. certain foods contain more purines,
which break down into uric acid,
that may form crystals in joints;
but gout doesn't correlate exactly with purines.
. fructose is metabolized into uric acid [JASN 2010].
. milk products may reduce risk despite purines;
but milk protein may be inflammatory due to Neu5Gc,
a sialic acid found in non-human mammal protein.