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2.25: news.care/children/day care needs 2 adults:
. one benefit of modern life's specialization of duties
How Modernity Forgetsis that we can add safety features
that could be absent in practical self-employment
such as watching one's own children .
. one of the glaring problems of a
2-parent family
is that while one parent is off working,
that leaves only one other parent
watching children;
and, if anything happens to the watcher,
the children's safety could be in
immediate danger
(how often do unattended children
drown in pools or buckets in the usa?)
. having houses specializing in day care
The Secret Knowledge of Water: There Are Two Easy Ways to Die in the Desert: Thirst and Drowningcould provide an economical dual watcher
where even if one is busy in the bathroom
the other could still be watching children .
. it may not be politically feasable to demand
that nuclear families always double up;
but, at least in the case of licensed day care
we could have a rule that
2 responders be present;
one adult, and the other at least able to complete
some first responder course .
. 24 Feb 2011:
3 children killed, 4 injured by smoke in day care:
. lone operator at Jackie's Child Care, Tata, 22,
had also lived at the 4-bedroom since April 2009
(2810 Crest Park Lane Dr, Houston, TX, Earth
-- near South Eldridge Parkway and Richmond ).
. the fire started in the kitchen
while she was in the bathroom,
though Tata and investigators have no idea how .
. Vera Thompkins, a pastor who has
known Jessica Rene Tata for many years,
said Tata's daily activities for the children include
Beginner's Bible, The not only feeding and crayons,
but also a Bible study;
the pastor also said "(I didn't have
a good feeling about that house
— I really didn't),
perhaps indicating a belief that
faulty wiring
might have been the fire starter .

. Texas regulations allow
no more than 6 preschoolers (under 18 months of age)
(12 children total) to be day-cared in any 24-hour period;
whereas 7 preschoolers were found there;
(ages 18 months to 3 years).
When Panic Attacks: The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life. Tata, with memory fogged by panic,
wasn't sure of the current attendance;
and was worried there were 9 preschoolers
to be accounted for;
but, 2 of them hadn't shown up that day .
. the day care was licensed just last March;
inspectors had held things up for a week
because owners were unaware
that regulations required a fire extinguisher,
and a carbon monoxide detector .
First Alert CO615 Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display
. the Feb. 24 inspection records
show that both deficiencies were corrected;
though, inspectors visually verified only the fire extinguisher;
the same was not said
of the carbon monoxide detector
(the only 2nd watcher in this case).

. forced outside of the fire by smoke,
Tata was yelling frantically,
"My kids, my kids, pray for them!"
. perhaps the 2nd watcher in the sky
is urging us to get serious about some automation .
 (Luke 18:19)
Noah's Ark (Picture Yearling Book)


usa's chocolate-boxed high-tech education

2.8: pol/edu/gump's chocolate-boxed:
. even while college grad's cry about unemployment,
the high tech industry (this time biotech)
is again complaining they have shortages
of "(qualified) applicants .
doesn't it seem like a waste to have
everyone piling on spendy college attempts
Stress Wienerjust so these wieners can take the cream
and send the rest home to be dishwashers?

. much of what industry needs
just takes persistent parenting
(ie, with village backup)
rather than specialized schooling .
. if the kids started earlier,
they would have eno' of a background
that industry could easily train them .

. the way to rapidly evolve tech workers
is to support free high-level edu:
# do more with kids earlier:
much of the problem is just motivating kids .
. make motivation cheap:
use any welfare cases as teacher assistants .
. require people imprisoned for drug offenses
(the ones that can read)
to be manning online help centers for tutoring kids .
# free internet:
. put all the college textbooks online
in a place that grabs the attention of kids; [2.23:
this is already happening in wiki's;
now all we have to do is
replace most of the expensive teacher-time
with a free internet edu-portal workstation for every child .]
# volunteering:
. find other ways to allow people to
show how hard they can study
without paying for colleges .
. one can show off papers offered;
wiki contributions, blogs, etc .

[2.23: title: derived from [forrest gump].movie`qoute
"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're gonna get."


fig-leafers and web 0.1

2.18: relig/fig-leafers/the web 0.1 of sociology:
. in the context of sociology or religion,
web 0.1 is the policy of information hiding:
anything that shouldn't be doable
shouldn't be mentionable (webbable) either;
. that strategy does have a valid psychological impact:
it is a constant reminder that some acts are so bad
you can't even think about them!
-- and it even has no side-affects,
if your dogs don't talk much anyway .

. it's meant to complement a traditional
representative form of gov':
one that lets elders do all the policy negotiations;
this is efficient because elders are
less tempted by the mere mention of unmentionables;
. it also enhances political security
by practicing the principle of least privilege:
ie, give subordinates only those powers that are
absolutely essential to doing their assigned function .

. web 0.1 is the real frontline
in the liberal vs conservative debate;
when they argue about biblical interpretation issues
(eg, creationism vs evolution):
it is about defending the fundamentalist's right to
practice the principle of least privilege .
. the term "(fig-leafer) is referring to the
Genesis story (3:7):
"( Then the eyes of both of them were opened,
and they realized that they were naked.
So they sewed fig leaves together
to make themselves loincloths. )
. "(fig-leafing) has previously described the idea
that worshipping privacy rights
is the original sin that spawns all others;
ie, we could insure proper childcare by
insisting on non-private (communal) parenting;
but we'd lose all our church members!
instead we lose many children
to devils both secret and bold .
. as the Great Rabbi noted (Luke 18:16-17):
without spending our whole life guided
-- starting from early childhood --
we cannot enter the Kingdom of God at all!
. he then mentions that no men are good; (Luke 18:19)
so, why are we maximizing our trust of them?
because, privacy -- our fig leaf --
is the root of all evil .
(life's not all bad;
as some of the bible's prophets remind us,
the devil and god are really the same
(it just depends on
which end of the holy gun you're on!);
for instance, all the hurts that men cause
will only insure that men also devlope
the war technology that will secure our
eternal survival in this physical universe
-- where new stars are being born eternally:
all we have to do is travel to empty space,
and by the time we get there
we'll have a fresh solar system waiting for us!
then our robots can charge up,
and grow some living brains
on a computer's stimulation matrix
allowing us to live inside a
dream synthesizer .)

. web 0.1 can actually be seen as
a variation of fig-leafing;
because, both privacy rights and unmentionables
are relying on information hiding
in order to secure domains of authority;
and, coincidentally, they are both
instruments of a religious military machine
whose economics are too overwhelmed with
out-breeding the enemy
to properly fund a careful debriefing
of what's been going on here,
and why it has to keep going on that way .
. privacy and information supression
are both part of an authoritarian hierarching
that will minimize authority conflicts,
and maximize group cohesion .

. the term "(occult) (hidden) is used by fig-leafers
ironicaly, to identify those who reveal the hidden .
(we usually think of occults as doing evil secretly;
but they are given that name by secret-keepers
for devilishly not keeping things secret!)
. for instance, prayer is an acceptable way
to interact with the supernatural;
other ways are secret (forbidden and unmentionable),
and therefore the domain of "(occults).

. the practice of denying women education
has sometimes been seen as fig-leafing;
but I'm betting it's really a combination of
30% protecting girls from unwed pregnancy,
and 70% an exciting atmosphere of sexual slavery .
. as an aside,
it's often assumed that islamic polygamy
is really about sexually enslaving women;
in fact, polygamy was the idea of the Prophet's wife
seen as a way to get the crude masses
to care for widows
-- the many widows made by perpetual wars
(so you might say it's more about enslaving
militant christians).]