politicalCompass.org`@addn is near @BernieSanders

11.15: proj.pol/politicalCompass.org`@addn is near @BernieSanders:
. I took a test from politicalCompass.org
that measures your position within
a political space of 2 dimensions:
an economic scale going from Left to Right
(from communism aka state-controlled economy
to neoliberalism aka liberated capitalism)
and a social control scale going from
libertarianism aka anarchy to authoritarianism.
following are the questions they asked me,
and my detailed response.
. the test allows only 4 responses:
strongly or mildly agree or disagree.
. they claim my location is shared by Bernie Sanders;
moderate anarcho-syndicalism (libertarian socialism);
although I'm sure we have some major differences,
such as my belief in childrens' rights to
parents without genetic diseases (eugenics).
. my Political Compass out of -10...+10:
Economic Left/Right: -5.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.13