the state of psychiatry on scifri.com

12.18: news.psy/the state of psychiatry on scifri.com:

. the most painful part of the job being the intake or
triage psychiatrist at a major city's mental hospital
was rooting out malingerers (sharks)
Malingering is a medical term that refers to exaggerating
the symptoms of mental or physical disorders
for a variety of "secondary gain" motives,
which may include financial compensation (often tied to fraud);
avoiding school, work or military service;
obtaining drugs; getting lighter criminal sentences;
or simply to attract attention or sympathy.
Legally, it is often referred to as fabricated mental illness
or feigned madness .
-- very common as homelessness or struggles increase .
very bad for patients ? is that a tele'bullying thing?
or just the fact they need to be tight with services?

. one assistant caller noticed that m'illness was catchy,
. when m'ill are packed together they can feed off each other's illnesses
(not a shark-specific problem);
the ref' was to why the doctor needed a break ?
. in her last interview she said she had to break because
of taking care of small children;
at the time I first heard that,
I got the idea her problem was that
she would have this tele'relation with patients
that seemed to follow her to her children's relationship .
. she did have to admit her profession was an ill bunch:
they always have m'ill in self or close relative .

. mdma (ecstasy) may help talk therapy,
and as 1st-line defense in schiz'ic crisis .
. pot and shrooms, too, may have medical potential,
but she points out that the laws affecting rec'drugs
are also inhibiting scientific experimentation
that could disprove these drugs have no medical value .
. the laws are definitely more a fear of the supernatural-religious
than any scientific-medical basis .

. pot could help schiz'ia?
that does mesh well with other data:
things that help a symptom
will tend to cause that symptom during withdrawal .
. often schiz'ic onset occurs shortly after
making a commitment to avoid one's prior life
as are situations of trying to change social class
(esp'ly from a lower to a higher status) .

. what's the best way to get into psych'?
psy.D takes 7yrs, but md with psychopharm specialty takes only 4 .
. another way is medical assistant .

the final prophet

12.20: relig/Islam/the final prophet:
. think it funny for a prophet to claim
he's been told he'll be the final prophet?
after all,
the bible that the prophet respects does record a string of them!
. perhaps the main point was that
the new world really needs only one message:
it seems obvious the first big new message (given by christ)
was that real promises of justice are not mocked;
and then when "(Christians) turn this message
into a cultish military machine
then the final message (given by Islam's Prophet)
is to guide us in the meaning the new message .
. Christ's main concern was not about whether Christ is a god!
rather, it was about getting real justice:
not abusing women, borrowers, or the poor
(children, possessed, mutilated, diseased,
prostituting, tax collecting, ...) .

the statutory rape birth

12.20: rn.relig/christianity/virgin birth:
. skeptics point out that virgin means young girl,
but preacher counters:
the way the term was used then,
young girl implied virgin, as in too young for marriage .
. my counter to the preacher's point
was that the skeptic still has the same result:
virgin implied too young for legal
rather than succeeding at staying legal .
. that, of course, would still be a minor point,
since the glaring delusion of christianity
is to think that something is so just because there are
some authentic writings of people believing it was so .
. who are these believers?
can we cross-examine them now? conveniently not!
. but, of course,
that is a minor point to the central issue:
christian's have a lot of material
that would prove existence of the supernatural,
and of psychological solution to many of our problems;
why are they insisting on fundamentalist
concrete interpretations of the bible
when the symbolic ones are just as useful ?
. why are they making an issue about
god being in the form of man?
. the catholic vision of a one-world religion is
commendable as an approach to world-wide peace,
but tacking on every sort of superstition
just to make everyone feel at home
is hardly doing justice to christ's intended message .

the twisted revelation you were warned about

legumes that are lectin-compatible with your blood type

12.30: web.health/legumes that are lectin-compatible with your blood type:
. mercola keeps referencing the diets that are specific to blood type,
but the theory is honked as a scam by many:
. I found a brief on it:
. The new blood on the [evolutionary] block,
Type AB combines most of the strengths and weaknesses
of both Type A and Type B.
Chicken and corn has lectins that may render Type Bs
even more susceptible to slow-grow nerve-damaging viruses .
. the lectins of some beans interfere with insulin production:
lentils, garbanzos, pintos and black-eyed peas .

drip-feeding protein along with glucose

12.5: news.health/hormonics/drip-feeding protein along with glucose:
. the addition of essential amino acids to the low-calorie diet
restored egg-laying capacity; but, it also reduced lifespan in the flies.
. adding just the essential amino acid methionine
restored egg-laying without reducing lifespan .
Previously, other researchers had found that reducing methionine
in a normal diet could extend lifespan.
ÒThere's a sort of asymmetry in the relationshipÓ
between methionine levels and calorie counts, Piper says.
ÒWhen food is low, lots of methionine is OK.
When food is high, reducing methionine can lengthen lifespan.Ó
But other researchers who study aging and calorie restriction
aren't so sure that balancing amino acids will have the same effect
in humans and other mammals.
. it really is calorie content that matters for lengthening lifespan .
. previous findings about human response to protein
was that cutting protein could reduce levels of IGF-1, involved in aging
(SN: 10/25/08, p. 17).
. it would be a nearly impossible to experimentally find
the correct amino acid balance for humans,
but human cell investigations are hopeful .

constitutions promoting consensus

12.13: pol/constitution/promoting consensus:
[. we should divide states not only by the constitution one prefers,
but also by issues, so that the states that want a war on
{drugs, christians supporting israel} can themselves pay for such wars;
. this would be a virtual tax state,
whereas the constitutional state would require city-wide approval,
and gated communities would esp'ly be constitution-specific
while cities could have charters that define the range of permitted constitutions .
. the fed constitution would basically say how states define constitution;
with no laws at all .
. what did become fed law -- without constitutional backing --
would simply be the things people could obviously alll agree on,
like the infrastructure projects:
roads, phone, net, finance, and homeland(only) defense .
. that still leaves open
bizarre diff's like slavery and abortion .
. if the fed was designed around negotiation rather than majority
we could have pulled a plan for actually
paying for the slaves we freed .
. abortion is much more subtle and difficult:
there's also a lot of confusion about privacy
the root of most evils -- which both sides cling to .
. we could admit that doctors are not juries,
and every baby deserves a trial by jury;
women deserve a right to health,
and babies deserve euthanasias free from pain .

jury duty in the age of internet

rn.pol/jury for misdemeaner is a waste:
. one writer laments how expensive the jury system,
being used even for petty misdemeaners ?
. we need to get all people involved by internet
for easier access to many opinions of those interested in jury duty .
. doing it by internet would let people stay home,
and interact in the process they way they wanted to .
. many people don't listen well,
and they need to have a recording they can replay,
or have it transcribed to text for reading .
. they have some unbelievable fairness rules,
vaguely recall they said not to write any notes down,
as it was important to memorize all the reams of junk they throw at you
and not let notes bias against what you might hear later .
. the jury system I saw reminded of sports
continuing to use umpires when we now have video
. and what kind of justice is served with circumstancial evidence?
this place is planet of the apes .

dietary supplement selection

12.3: ideas from various sources

Many people with an adequate intake of folic acid and vitamins B-6 and B-12
still have high homocysteine levels.
Those individuals need to take trimethyglycine (TMG)

Anyone at risk for a heart attack should also carry at least
two regular aspirin tablets with them at all times.
should be chewed up at the first sign of a heart attack.
-- bad aspirin begins to smell like vinegar.

In some people, supplements of L-carnitine or acetyl-L-carnitine
(about 1000 to 2000 mg. per day) will significantly increase HDL levels.

. taking more than about 1000 mg. (1 gram) of niacin or inositol hexanicotinate
per day should have liver enzymes checked
250 mg. of gugulipid and 250 mg. of inositol hexanicotinate * 4

. protect respiratory system by keeping it moist
. drinking plenty of water and using a [/]mucolytic agent:
such as N-Acetyl-Cysteine (500-1500 mg. daily)
or guaifenesin (500-1500 mg. daily), or both.
. antihistamines are anti-cholinergic when their sideaffects include
sedation, impairing memory, judgement and reaction time.

arginine's growth hormone release is enhanced by choline and B5 (calcium pantothenate)
The choline can be in the form of any available form of choline or DMAE
it's reduced by other amino acids or significant amounts of insulin .
. conversely, it has insulin-blocking effects. [causes insulin resistance?
gh can do that too depending on the route getting at it]
. hgh-raising potency is reduced by age early 50s,
[suggesting the need for both low insulin and high insulin sensitivity ]
. usual dose is 1200 mg of L-arginine pyrogluamate and 1200 mg of lysine


Flush-free niacin (if you're talking the hexanicotinate) will lower cholesterol.
Don't take it for anything else,
and don't take more than 500 mg a day
without a doctor following your liver enzymes
"Steve Harris, M.D"
Newsgroups: alt.brain,alt.health,alt.human-brain,sci.life-extension,sci.med, sci.med.nutrition
Subject: Re: Niacin and blood flow
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001

CLA also supports response to allergies & joint inflammation
and healthy blood glucose and insulin levels
while improving energy expenditure
Our >77% CLA safflower concentrate gels
contain about 37% each of c9, t11 & t10, c12 isomers,
shown to be most effective for fat control and immune stimulation.
3-4 grams per day is typical for fat loss.
100 capsules, 750mg of CLA, $11.50. Code 732.1
-- about the same in chick feed .
PANTETHINE is overpriced as cure for metabolic disorder symptoms .

forms of mg
the anti-inflammatory endpoint represents the true cellular absorption
that you really care about. Here, the orderings are mostly reversed,
with orotate the best, but chloride close.
Organic Mg salts were slightly more available than inorganic Mg salts.
Mg gluconate exhibited the highest Mg bioavailability of the ten Mg salts studied.
Urinary 26Mg excretion varied from 0.20 mg to 0.33 mg,
and feeding with the organic pidolate, citrate, gluconate and aspartate salts
resulted in higher urinary 26Mg excretion than with inorganic salts.
Ultimately, 26Mg retention was higher in the rats receiving the organic salts
such as gluconate, lactate and aspartate than in those receiving the inorganic salts.

Orotic acid helps to fixate Magnesium-ions in the cell and so stabilises ATP-levels,
this makes it cardioprotective.

Magnesium taurate
Both have sedative effects, and are neuroprotective
and causes no gastrointestinal upset.
. magnesium glycinate is a cheap option too though .

mag orotate great, but the cancer risk was never fully resolved
mag glycinates (albion) reliable

Orotic acid, first discovered in ruminant milk, is an intermediate in the
pyrimidine biosynthesis pathway of animal cells.
Its synthesis is initiated by the formation of carbamoyl phosphate (CP)
in the cytoplasm, with ammonia derived from glutamine.

Magnesium Miracle, page 245, "Magnesium taurate does not have a laxative effect
and is the recommended form of magnesium for people with heart problems."

12.4: news.health/spir:
. not only were radionucleides reduced by 50%,
but the spirulina also had the effect of normalizing allergic sensitivities.[xx]
. 5 grams spirulina per day in study of 270 children of Chernobyl
12.18: health/tmg/sweetener:
. a sweetener that is good for heart (homocysteine control) .

the good doctors at Health 2.0

Pulmonologist & Intensivist at Novant Health:
Speaking as a physician, I see many attempts to engage via email in particular.
Others attempt via discussions such as on Sermo.
The reality is that physicians time is increasingly at a premium.
Given the concern today with undue influence on physicians,
I don't see many engaging with outside entities.
I think those in groups really tend to
turn inward to their own colleagues.
We cannot continue in a vacuum from the outside world.
While medicine (and healthcare in general) is not a free-market economy,
we can still and in fact must benefit from the outside world.
We have begun to see the drift of six sigma/TPS/lean methodologies into the market
but physicians are generally a cautious bunch and are, as individuals,
slow to adopt to these changes. I am also not convinced that the C-suite inhabitants
in all Healthcare organizations have yet grasped this 'new reality

Time is at a premium; many don't use smartphones (distraction),
don't give out cellphone #s to patients
and (dirty little secret) use pagers/faxes to filter calls.
(I speak with my brother's colleagues--mainly psychiatrists--
and that is how they manage patient calls which aren't urgent.)
In the older group,
many avoid email and being online till they retire!
It is not just the 50+.
I am a little surprised at the responses so far.
We use social media in our practice daily.
We do no communicate personal health information this way
but use it as a way to spread information and for brand building.
It also creates a feeling of access for our patients.
We also use a practice portal
which gives patients full access to their chart.
The portal also has a feature that allows secure messaging
(HIPAA compliant Email). We have patients emailing the docs, nurses,
scheduling appts online, requesting refills etc.
None of our doctors would say this impacts thier ability to work
or takes too much time. It is much more efficient to communicate this way.
Think about how fast a nurse can contact a patient
with lab results, explanation and direct them to pick up the medication
which was sent electronically to their designated pharmacy.
This is much faster than playing phone tag.
Patients are very respectful with online communication in our practice.
Most questions are directed to nursing staff first.
From a doctors perspective,
this form of communication allows me to handle simple questions quickly and easily.
It also generates more productive appointments.
I have heard nothing but praise from our patients
since we integrated this into our practice.
I invite all of you to join the weekly discussion
on topics like this on Twitter.
There is a group that meets on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Central.
The easiest way to join in is to go to tweetchat.com
and log in to the room #HCSM (health communication and social media)
It is a very good group. I have learned alot from them.

rotating bed

12.31: gear/rotating bed:
. the bed is a cage with foam fit all around
with hole for face .
. it provides movement to avoid bed sores .
. the pivot points for head-to-foot axis rotation
are at adjustable heights like so:
change the angle of the head-to-foot from horz'al
by having 2 pulleys at foot and head,
so the bed is held at either end
by a single chain that is held by both pulleys
such that lowering the foot of bed
will in turn raise the head of the bed .
. the rotation engine can use it's own weight
for the torque to slowly rotate the cage;
it hangs like a balast from one end,
and as it cranks on the bed,
it either has to raise itself or turn the cage .

no-sweat insect barriers

12.14: gear/clothing/sweatless

. the best idea for insect-proof cool clothing
is to have a mechanical venting system
one that is activated by your own body motion
and enforced by valves that ensure ouside air is bellowed in
to replace all the sweaty air .
. find a nylon net <>
-- nxn gives the size of holes in 1/16 inch .
. then,
interleave several layers in various directions
to make a very thick, light matting
with a high MVT – moisture vapour transfer .
. have the netting be of various guage,
so that the inner net is wide
sandwiched by successively finer net .
. the best mesh is some sort of soft tubing;
the tubing is comfortable to lay on,
but when you get up, it fluffs up,
and creates large spaces that are arranged like smoke stacks .
. they also put distance between shell and skin
to be breezy while still keeping a distance from
flying stingers, biters, suckers and injectors .
. one way to create this fluff is with sewn pleats:
ie, fold fabric over, sew 1/4 inch from edge,
fold over again, ...
sewing consecutive loops from a mesh fabric .
. at a certain loop size, they will always bounce back
at least eno' to stop mosquito's and get just a bit of air .
. the design needs to have ruffles backed by something that won't stretch,
otherwise, the weight of bending joints would mash the ruffles down .
. the only time they can be mashed
is when something over the flattened area is pushing down from the top,
so the cause is also acting as a substitute barrier .

. eVent highly rated as sweatproof too?
this might be good for bugs!
. the usa dealer is here (eVent fabrics) $400-size products!!!

-- nxn gives the size of holes in 1/16 inch .
see samples first too:

60" Wide 100% Polyester / $ 5.95
~ 3.0 Ounces per Square Yard
Mesh openings size is 1/16" x 1/16".
Shipping Now to ... Canada [plus other contries]

60" Wide 100% Nylon /$ 6.25
~ 2.0 Ounces per Square Yard
Mesh openings size is 1/16" x 2/16".

50" Wide 100% Polyester /6.25
~ 3.0 Ounces per Square Yard
Mesh openings size is 2/16" x 3/16".

50" Wide 100% Polyester / $5.25
~ 3.0 Ounces per Square Yard
Mesh openings size is 1/4" x 1/4".

Orange - 54" Wide 100% Polyester / $5.25
~ 2.0 Ounces per Square Yard
Mesh openings size is 3/16" x 3/16
Neon Yellow - 60" Wide 100% Polyester /6.25
~ 2.0 Ounces per Square Yard
Mesh openings size is 3/16" x 3/16"

~ 2.0 Ounces per Square Yard
Mesh openings size is 1/4" x 3/8".
50" Wide 100% Polyester / $5.25

Rab Vapour Rise
stuff is a less insulated and more breathable solution
"This was best in test in 2007 and it's still hard to beat if you want an all-round jacket."
Trail Magazine 'Best in Test' multi-activity jackets, November 2008

Latok Alpine jacket
Designed as an Alpine climbing jacket the Latok Alpine has a helmet compatible hood, single weatherproof front zip, 2 outer pockets...and very little else! This is the perfect balance between protection and weight saving for lightweight mountaineering. Using eVent® 3 layer fabric and designed to be fit for purpose, it is understandably a very respected garment by mountaineers around the world.

"the first waterproof shell we've tried that's so breathable it doesn't need pit zips...the wire brimmed hood kept water off our faces without impairing range of vision...in five months of testing, we didn't notice any loss of breathability or significant durability issues." Most breathable award, Backpacker Magazine

Designed as an Alpine climbing jacket the Latok Alpine has a helmet compatible hood, single weatherproof front zip, 2 outer pockets...and very little else! This is the perfect balance between protection and weight saving for lightweight mountaineering. Using eVent® 3 layer fabric and designed to be fit for purpose, it is understandably a very respected garment by mountaineers around the world.

"the first waterproof shell we've tried that's so breathable it doesn't need pit zips...the wire brimmed hood kept water off our faces without impairing range of vision...in five months of testing, we didn't notice any loss of breathability or significant durability issues." Most breathable award, Backpacker Magazine
. from eVent's site
an online $ite

. The concept is simple -- thicker fibers on the exterior fabric utilize a more open weave so that air flows directly onto the rider.
quite popular, and after riding in them summer, we can see why. They do offer cooling of the sort that even well vented jackets can not.
Other companies are jumping into the flow-through field to meet the demand.
matching Air-Flo pants are available for $140, in black only.

JOE ROCKET PHOENIX 2.0 JACKET $140 (lightweight)
Since it started the trend a few years ago,
Joe Rocket's Phoenix mesh jacket has become a top seller,
and the next-generation Phoenix 2.0 continues that tradition .
. one with a tighter weave for less roll-risk uses
DuPont's Cordura in 500 Denier.

Frog Toggs, DriDucks, etc. (propore) jackets.
I consider them an ultralight staple.
There is a cost, though, in terms of durability.
Be very careful with them
(it is really easy to tear them with a branch or with a pole, etc.)
. light weight eVENT like the Integral Designs Thru-Hiker
if you have money ($260
) and want the most breathable option for a reasonable weight (~12oz)
2) Something made from Propore like the DriDucks
if you don't need something that really durable
and want to save cash ($20) for something that is
more breathable than most WPB jackets.
Weight is around 6oz though not as compact as some of the ultralight nylon jackets.

Dropstopper suit (pretty much the same thing as driducks) purchased from Gossamer Gear.
I love this suit- it weighs in (size XL top and bottom)at 11.3 oz., is cheap, and breathes pretty well. As far as everybody knocking the durability, mine has been fine. Not tough enough for bushwhacking/alpine climbing, but perfect for general backpacking/thru hiking.
I've had it for 3 years now, still no problems/tears. I also use it as my wind shell/mosquito protection.

There are a couple Golite ponchos for $42.50 and $50.00 from Harpers Ferry and I have had good luck with them.
GoLite Gamut Jacket. Very lightweight and comfortable while offering you their Trinity fabric at a very good price point. You can find it for anywhere from $50-100 on their dealer's websites right now.
The cheapest way to get an eVENT jacket today is check out a Pearl Izumi outlet store.. they will sometimes have one of their eVENT jackets on special.
Microporous polypropylene WPB nonwoven fabric (Propore):
Propore is the cheapest water proof breathable material available today.
In it's lightest form it is also more breathable than any material except for eVENT.
. warm weather?
a light Propore jacket in warm weather
seems less insulating than a 40 denier eVENT shell

Propore product wt dura price
Frogg Toggs Pro Action 16 oz ++ < $40
Rainshield O2 Rainwear 10 oz + < $40
DriDucks Micropore 12 oz + > $30
-- Typical weights of hooded full zip jacket and pants, size L.
-- Frogg Toggs are made from a heavier 3-layer PP nonwoven fabric.
Other products are 2-layer .

soft shells (nylon or polyester shells bonded to pile):
Pertex 4 Ripstop with 'Teclite' micro-pile lining
. This shirt is the high activity or mild weather alternative to the DP Shirts,
where less insulation and maximum wicking is required.
Used extensively in milder weather by mountain bikers and cyclists, climbers, and hill walkers.
The unique lining is an ultra lightweight
fast wicking hydrophobic micro-pile,
which gets rid of internal moisture very rapidly,
and although very light the Pertex is surprisingly tough and windproof.

Your base layer should provide minimal actual insulation (being low density and thickness), with the ideal being a string vest
(look at Brynje underwear).
shelled micro pile jacket - something like a Marmot DriClime, Mountain Hardwear Tempest or Buffalo Techlite
. the one that truly represents what soft shell should be about
is the shelled micro pile jacket.
This type of top has been around now for over a decade,
with Marmot being the first company
to introduce such a piece with their Driclime pullover.
The heart of this clothing is its polyester micro pile interior
which is, considering its weight, high volume
but low density and hydrophobic,

If climbing in hot conditions you may want to either carry, or wear
underneath your top, a very thin base layer,
as this gives you something to wear when it's roasting.
This clothing is a perfect high performance base layer
to be worn under a thicker soft shell
as its warmth is equivalently double the weight in fleece
due to its ability to create this stable core microclimate.

. by far the best are Powerstretch models
(TNF, Mountain Hardwear, Extremities etc),
both as stand-alone gloves and as liners
(most fitted liners in expensive gloves are poor).
. how amazing Powerstretch is,
and on the hands it provides the perfect next-to-skin layer,
keeping your hands warm when wet,
wicking moisture and drying faster .
. a good wrist-over is made of Powerstrech fabric
. for elsewhere, use a good quality pile based fleece
(Polartec Thermal pro)
and an ultra light highly breathable over shirt
(Pertex equilibrium),
. head gear is usually a thin R1 balaclava (Patagonia)
that I can use as both a hat
and a neck gaiter (you can stick it around your neck
until you want to pull it up over your head),
a very thick fleece/wool Peruvian style hat,
and a windstopper face mask balaclava (Mountain Hardwear)
that can be worn over the top of my R1,
covering all my face except my mouth and eyes
(for the really bad storms or fierce cold).

. base layer is a lighter weight Merino wool clothing
and better still the merino polyester mix’s
which don’t get as heavy when wet and dry fast
(plus they still don’t stink!).
. ultimate in active base layers on the market
is Brynje polypropylene mesh underwear from Norway
. a thin merino is a good over base layer .

Brynje SuperThermo underwear
Brynje SuperThermo longs and shirt
mesh-sewn in 100% polypropylene meraklon

BRYNJE healthwear Super Micro net
A new high performance base layer underwear
from Brynje that is knitted from a fine Meraklon yarn
that will not absorb moisture.

leave message:
usa dollars for Super Micro net?
A new lightweight line of high performance base layer underwear from Brynje
that is knitted from a fine Meraklon yarn

never mind google is now:

The current, third generation of Brynje Super Thermo base layers, combine the performance advantages of synthetic yarns with the proven Brynje knit fabrics. The Super Thermo net garments are knitted using a hybrid Meraklon polypropylene yarn called Isolfil which does not absorb water and is excellent in controlling odour.

. In the US you can order Brynje from
Reliable Racing Supply.
. the polypro like mesh gets stiff and less effective.
Odor problem like poly and CoolMax.
Solution to the odor is washing using Holy Cow (available at your ACE hardware).
Old Brynje smells fresh and new Brynje stays smelling fresh.
. synth? best for hot weather is pure merino wool
esp'ly from Icebreaker, and MEC
Icrebreaker 140 merino $70.00 per T-shirt,
Merino wool thin layers under top synthetic LIGHT vests/jackets
and eVENT shells are just the BEST system .

$50 Brynje One Piece Suit

Net undergarments have been used off and on since WWII.
It was popularized by Collin Fletcher (The Complete Walker)
The idea was that worn under a windproof layer,
the net trapped air and provided insulation.
Allowed to breathe, it would provide evaporative cooling.
Warming and cooling in one garment... Kalu, Kalay.
Unfortunately, the original cotton net had all the disadvantages of cotton.
In addition, the net would emboss your shoulders under the pack straps
leaving you with a neat pattern of blood blisters, bruises and abrasions.
The solution was to make the shoulder and yoke from regular jersey knit.
I've still got one of those. I think they stopped making them around 1975.
Brynje makes cotton and polypro mesh underwear.
Their claim that the polypro products won't absorb water is probably accurate.
I don't have any of their stuff,
so I can't say if the mesh is deep enough to do the jobs of both warming and cooling.
The opinion current with the older products was that
the mesh should be at least 3/32 of an inch deep
and preferably closer to 1/16" to function properly.

. several cycling brands sell mesh underwear ....
Actually I´m using a shirt from nalini (an italian brand)

I have a vest top from Craft that's versatile.
Assos, Nalini, Campy, other also make nice one's.
Brynje mesh and Craft
Also at Wiggy's out of Colorado has the old fishnet stuff, not a micro mesh.
wore the Brynje mesh under Schoeller Extreme outer layers

The superthermo top under a very thin but tightly woven shirt (nylon, or cotton/poly)
is perfect for summer....the mosquitoes cannot seem to get through the thickness
and any movement vents well.
The mesh keeps the shirt from getting stuck in sweat
especially under my pack.
String underwear is really top end stuff. Too bad it is so hard to find,
and too bad so many folks have been fooled into believing
that plastic underwear is somehow high tech....I consider it almost useless
compared to net and thin merino wool.

"string vest" in a hiking book by Colin Fletcher.
Fletcher was in the Royal Marines in WWII
and he mentions how these vests were made from fishing twine
and were worn by the military as a way to keep warm
. norwegians use them too, it´s supposed to keep air layer between body and clothes,
for thermoregulation reasons
and also to prevent mosquitos to reach the skin...
. this one looks cool:
but for me, issued polypro underwear works just fine .

Russia this kind of underwear (made by Splav, SPOSN and others)
- often called "Telohranitel" ("bodyguard") has long sleeves
(full set consist of shirt, pants and hood, sometimes a scarf).
Newer versions have inserts, made of common flat fabric instead of net.
It is used also to protect skin from moscittos,
because insects can bite through your clothes
and thick net underwear dont let sting to touch you.
This inderwear is not popular because of few reasons:
Made of cotton, its heavy when dry and f heavy when wet...
It rubs skin, expecially shoulders where backpack suspensers located.

"Finn Svala". polypropylene does feel a bit cheap.
I have also read in the "Erä" magazine that polypropylene underwear
starts to stink bad when it's used for a longer time.
These pants are 3/4 length, they can also be had full length.

mesh underwear, made by SPOSN (not sure if they sell it now):
The Sherpa (centre) proved to be the top vest
[vest means underwear in the vest area]
The British military did trials on string vests some time back.
Some companies have been kicking the concept around for use under body armour/flak vests.
A company called Vent-L-Lite makes a mesh vest to wear over your uniform
yet under body armour to allow for better airflow.
Another version is Protective Products International Mesh Cooling Vest
sold by sourceonetactical.com
. Interesting, this version is restricted to military/police.
Both companies mention their vests are being used in Iraq
and there apparently have been trials on them by the military .

in the Archives area they mention favorably fishnet/mesh undergarments
13-10-2007, 23:18
If its good enough for Rab, its good enough for me:)


Another fashion/sport trend doing the rounds, string vests were 'must have kit' 40 years ago:rolleyes:
13-10-2007, 23:22
Picture should have been this size?

String vests, a blast from the past, used them 40 years ago, so whats new really?

I wear Brynje now only for training (running in cold weather or rain)
prefer wool otherwise.
I dont like the feeling of synthetics after days of wearing.
And the smell is not as bad as Polartec but still ...

21-12-2007, 14:15
What are now called String Vests are more or less just like white fishnet tights.
The first ones I had were real ex-army ones from an Ex Army store bought in the 50's
I had two and they were ( what they are called.) Knitted or otherwise made from really thick cotton twine with the holes about 3/4 of an inch square and so coarse that they
held your shirt or other clothing about a 1/4 or more away from your skin, which really gave the air room to circulate. The only problem was that the string was so thick that it cut into you at the waist if you were wearing a belt, and was very uncomfortable under rucksac straps , and actually left a deep pattern on your skin ( indented ) for about an hour after you had taken them off. They were really effective, and I never found the fine woven material ones very good at all. When mine eventually shrunk too much . I ripped them out and used the twine as parcel string. It was thick enough to just be able to snap it
with a good tug if you were lucky.
How the Troops managed to wear them and carry heavy packs on yomps I don't know,
They must have been really hard men. Your skin itched for ages after you took them off,
where the pressure points were. I have thought of getting a big roll of Butchers No4
Cotton twine and getting my wife to crochet one again just for old times sake.
They were O.K. if you were not using a Ruck-sac or wearing a tight belt.

wifi is fragile on fujitsu lifebook or my clumsy security

12.2: addn/xpw`wifi [laptop(walkable) with xp]

[12.13: summary:
. the router's underside has the name of website to reach router controls;
if you forgot your password, then use the router's reset button .
. mac(acct#user).firefox`bookmarks provided a pass .
. the first section -- basic -- is how it connects to your isp .
. the 2nd one sets the lan security parameters:
the ssid is case sensitive,
wasn't sure if xp/dos was needing all-cap's,
so that's why the name is all-cap's .
ADDNET -- not addnet -- ssid
. some security modes are easier to use than others from xp;
here's one that allowed an ad-hoc password:
WPA-PSK [TKIP] -- wpa personal ... key

12.2: mis.addn/xpw`wifi:
. xp wifi is broken again? I am disabled with grief .

12.4: proj.addn/xpw`wifi/not good:
. annoyed xp wifi down? try restore, and then don't open vmware .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/lost comm depite restore,

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/reconfirm pass with change:

. working from mac, re-study how to get into router, ...
router wants to update self? ok .

. update xpw by ethernet:
wireless settings/
( ssid ADDNET
-- case sensitive (this was the problem; it was capitalized on xp,
and since xp might prefer cap's, make that the way for all)
, sec option: WPA-PSK [TKIP]
) .
. change the pass for net before applying change via net interface?
sit perplexed for a minute .
. I didn't forget old pass; just get wifi back with old pass,
then make new pass effective .

proj.addn/mac`wifi/comm illusive:
. liftoff:xp has addnet as (ADDNET) ?

12.5: Troubleshooter report...
Report date: Saturday, December 05, 2009
Name: Driver installation test
Description: This test is to check the radio driver installation.
The radio's registry keys are OK.
Nic name. . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5006X Wireless Network Adapter
Driver name . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5006X Wireless Network Adapter (Microsoft's Packet Scheduler)
Driver path . . . . . . . : C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\ar5211.sys
Driver version. . . . . . :
Active Profile Name . . : Default
Test Done: The radio driver has been installed.
Name: Card insertion test
Description: This test is to check the radio insertion.
Test Done: The radio has been inserted.
Name: Card enable test
Description: This test is to check if the radio/driver is enabled.
Test Done: The radio has been enabled.
Name: Radio test
Description: This test is to check if the radio is turned on.
Test Done: Your radio is turned on.
Name: Association test
Description: This test is to check your client adapter's association to an access point.
Link Status . . . . . . . : Associated
AP Name . . . . . . . . . : unavailable
AP IP Address . . . . . . : unavailable
Test Done: Test passed
Name: Authentication test
Description: This test is to check authentication.
Test bypassed: Authentication test bypassed, because authentication is not in use.
Name: Network test
Description: This test is to check your network settings.
Your IP address:
Test Failure: You have not configured your computer to use the client adapter.
Solution: Your IP address: Try to renew the IP address.
Test completed.

12.6: proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss: xpw off, repower wifi wo mac .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss/hardware utility:
. try the Atheros wifi card client utility;
instead of xp still not getting through,
try fujitsu click me to get hope from fujitsu updates .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss/always-on mode:
. re do so the user acct will stop auto'offing,
-- again being close to the wifi router helped,
and either the screensaver mode or moving away from router
was what put it back into no wifi .
. says the connection is good, but maybe there's a sw schiz'ia .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/comm loss only far from router:
. unplugging ethercable network
connections added a section
internet gateway that helped wireless keep on going
to take over for ethernet loss .

12.7: web.addn/xpw`wifi/usb wifi adapter:
. the first idea I had was something like a wireless repeater
[without knowing that term at the time]
but the main finds were all usb wifi cards .

todo.web.addn/xpw`wifi/usb wifi adapter: [done]
. look at how external wifi cards work
for adding large dishes to what connects to etherport
and has optional antenae selection,
maybe does usb .

12.8: web.addn/xpw`wifi/replacement options:
12.9: summary:
. xp seems naturally connected to ethernet,
so the modular thing to do is get an ethernet-to-wifi box
(aka: Wireless Ethernet Bridge, AP client mode);
but, there were few of these, and the reviews were spotty,
leading me to research ethernet vs usb .
. usb is the only way to expand my notebook pc;
I also tried to find usb enclosures that would hold expansion cards;
but not easy to find if there are any .
. there are many powerful antennae options;
but the problem with wifi is getting a smart unit
that knows what to do with the jumble of signals from reflections .
. there were so many horror stories about big name brands (linksys/cisco, netgear)
having terrible loopholes in their spec's and support .
. there were many reports of quality variation requiring returns
which lead me to check the offerings of a local provider (bestbuy.com) .
. finally, found one unit with consistent reviews (Belkin`Wireless-N+ USB 2.0 Adapter#F5D8055),
and then found the same response from another site's reviews (newegg.com) .

So far, unlike previous USB adaptors I've tried,
this one doesn't seem to run too hot.
. this is the one .
ominous shadow over ethernet bridges:

"(most ethernet bridges generally are expensive
as there aren't a whole lot on the market.)
AirborneDirect Wireless Ethernet Bridge (Ethernet to 802.11b)
enables plug-and-play wireless LAN connectivity
for any device equipped with a standard Ethernet port.
-- very few reviews, and nothing in stock .

. great when it does work .

. the wifi->ether bridge mode is called AP client mode . (what I want)
. repeater = wifi-wifi .
. access point means AP server: get ether and provide wifi .
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is intended to simplify the process of securing a wireless network. All Wi-Fi certified equipment should be WPS enabled. If the two devices have WPS push buttons, then it would just be a case of pushing the buttons and the network would be secured. If the device to be connected via WPS did not have a WPS push button, then the access point can also utilise the WPS PIN method, in which a PIN would be entered on both the access point's config pages, and the other device's config page too.
. can make a wired Ethernet-enabled device a part of your wireless network.
It's optimized for streaming video to almost eliminate dropped frames.
It's ideal for wirelessly sharing music, photos, movies, and other files around the home.
Wireless Compatibility
Since the Bridge is based on dual-band Wireless-N,
it works with any device supporting Wi-Fi standards,
and is compatible with Wireless-G, -A, and -B.
Connect digital video recorders, set-top boxes or computers to your Wireless-N network.
The WET610N is a replacement for the WGA600N
and works with most game consoles (XBox, PS2) that have an available Ethernet port.
Windows, Mac and Linux
The Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge works on any platform
and under any operating system.
Since there's no drivers to load, setup is a snap
configure the network settings through your PC's web browser,
then plug it into your device and go.
Simple Setup
To protect your data and privacy,
all wireless transmissions can be encrypted with industrial-strength
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security.
Wi-Fi Protected Setup(tm) helps make secure connections pushbutton simple.
Linksys by Cisco Certified Refurbished Product
Refurbished product are mostly customer returns that meet original factory specifications.
These products have been fully tested, upgraded to latest firmware,
and certified by Cisco-Linksys technicians via Linksys ISO certification procedures.
other offerings that fell through:

it can only act as a bridge or repeater
in conjunction with another WG602v2 or a WG302 (and you still can't do WPA).
Also, the product ships with a bright yellow note saying it's incompatible with the MA101.
I've used several other Netgear products.
If you're looking for something attractive, simple, and built well, Netgear's great.
But if you actually know a thing or two about wireless networking
you might be disappointed in Netgear due to
limited configurability, expandability, compatibility, interoperability, and performance.
Cisco WET200 Wireless-G Business Ethernet Bridge
Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander

. what's wrong with ethernet? is it going out of fashion?
better go with usb and cord .

. movable yagi ant' may be just what you need to catch faint wifi,
but too often the problem is about the drivers not being smart .

. gets hot .


. SSID (service set identifier) .

A repeater must receive and retransmit each frame on the same RF channel,
which effectively doubles the number of frames that are sent.

. converts a wired Ethernet device for use on a wireless computer network.
. True network bridge devices like the WET54G (Linksys WET54G Wireless Ethernet Bridge)
do not require device driver software installation .
Instead, network settings for the WET54G can be made through
a browser-based administrative interface.

PoE (Power over Ethernet):
. Like USB adapters, wireless Ethernet bridges can draw their power from
the main cable connected to the host device.
. Ethernet bridges require a specialized Power over Ethernet (PoE) converter
to make this work, however,
whereas this functionality is automatic with USB.
Without a PoE add-on,
wireless Ethernet bridges need a separate power cord.

MESH-mini is designed to work as anaccess point or as a repeater
and is perfect for building andextending wireless local area networks.
It is compatible with alldevices working on 802.11a or 802.11 b/g modes.
The dual radio architecture separates Mesh Set traffic (also called Service Set)
from the edge access traffic (also called uplink and downlink),
increasing capacity compared to single radio mesh architectures.
The first wireless network interface (operating on 5 GHz frequency)
is dedicated for mesh backbone connectivity
while theother wireless interface (operating on 2.4 GHZ frequency)
forms a single radio 802.11 access point for wireless access service provisioning.
MESH-mini is driven by WILI-MESH, which is a secure, QoS capable, portable
Linux based OSI layer 2 wireless mesh networking software platform,
which targets enterprise, campus, as well as WISP networks,
covering significant areas with wireless internet access.
It has all the latest features including the ability to form self-healing
and self-configuring mesh architecture,
as well as the ability to interface with independent
monitoring and configuration software systems.
12.9: aq.gear/newegg.com/order:
BELKIN F5D8055 USB 2.0 Wireless N+ USB Adapter (Black) - Retail /70
-- Item #: N82E16833314040

12.11: bk"wifi,
check for driver updates,
Wireless N+ USB Adapter Model: F5D8055 Version: v2000

12.12: proj.addn/xpw`wifi/connection made with no pass
. trouble? try reset:
didn't help? use mac to chg no pass:
. how am I changing the netgear pass?
mac`acct#addn.firefox has the pass to netgear,
notice logon then has the model#WGT624v4
got connect,
but not only did I change wifi to simple no-pass mode,
but also connected router by ethernet .
. like with internal wifi card, it works for a while but not later,
so next test is to see if a connection persists when in back room .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/connection made while far from router:
. got it working in my room, so then it's not a reflection complexity,
nor is being buzzed by any other gear .
. checking belkin.com site for troubleshooting tips,
they suggest doing things through ms`xp's network connection utilities,
including a detailed recipe for turning on zero config .
. now for the restart test,
this fails in user acct .
.. however, going back into admin acct,
things are auto'ly connecting -- using just belkin`utility .
. then once the connection is made from going into admn acct,
then switching to user.acct, it was still connected .

proj.addn/xpw`wifi/connection with pass made far from router:
. chg pass,
used mac#addn.firefox to chg wifi pass,
. redo the connection parameters in xpw#admn.belkin`utility,
logout and then login again,
connection is made!
. set utility in admn.acct,
logout, login, switch to user.acct .

12.14: mis.addn/xpw`wifi/down again:
. I haven't used xpw in a while;
why is it in the admn.acct?
I think the last thing I was doing was
trying to reformat a drive with disk tools,
and it said it was having trouble letting me into admn
while I still logged into user.acct .
. the wifi stopped working ?
try reconnecting: no?
restart both wifi and xpw: no?
delete connection and reenter: no?
go into belkin wifi utility and set
[let xp wifi utility handle it]: ok .

odd characters moving mac files to pc

12.20: mis.addn/mac/odd characters show up moving to pc:
. used editor to fix bad apostrophe's for entire 2009 log *.txt
by replacing [large O with ~ over-head] with "(') .
. looking at the results, it appears that
[large O with ^ over-head] is sometimes paired with
[large O with ~ over-head], as if they're in the habit of using a right-side quote
in place of an apostrophe .
. I never noticed these on the mac, apparently because mac was
graphing them correctly, or translating to something non-std (atleast for pc world) .

pc antivirus with avg

12.4: proj.addn/xpw/security/avg:
. look at avg free antivirus:
has download time cutoff issues;
... but softpedia.com points out that's just ms`ie: try firefox
[later I'd learn that you download a downloader]


Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus
A file change monitor. Used with BlackICE Defender.
can monitor a given file for changes.
Monitoring can detect file size changes or simply file writes,
both with minimal impact on system resources (no polling is performed).
The primary use of this utility is for monitoring
changes in the log file of a personal firewall program
and being able to spawn a separate application
when changes are detected,
but the tool can be applied to any number of other uses.

12.17: mis.addn/xpw/busy overnight with script:
. xpw is very busy with fan blaring
after seamonkey has found a script that won't quit?
and yesterday it kept thrashing?
re-login to flush things .

. get more fields in view that might be related to thrashing,
and give some idea if some app has a mem leak .

12.18: mis.xpw/Exploit Rogue scanner attacker:
. agv complains accessed file is infected:
threat name:Exploit Rogue scanner (type 961),
. it wouldn't let me close the popup alert,
I used the close button, but after I did that it started scanning
until I closed the parent window .
. anyway,
there's the reason I don't have my password.file on this!
you have to be smarter than foggy headded about
whether all your browsers on every system have noscript
and whatever else ... .
. don't I have noscript on seamonkey?
maybe that was just mac, do it now .
. seamonkey did not record where it was coming
from with that rogue page .
[... not sure how I lost it; found history page later]

12.19: mis.addn/xpw/low v.mem with much page faulting:
. why is mem furiously page flipping right now?
I must have a virus;
see what is doing mem io and kill it: file explore? close;
seamonkey? kill process tree .
41: restart,
on the way out it said my v'mem was low,
so maybe things were just flipping because of a leak,
and the wild disk activity was gc
which it might do when it sees I have done much in a while
(mostly staring at the editor ) .

mis.addn/xpw.seamonkey/confused about history:

. I did find history
and the link was found with the bad redirect:

How complexity rules our lives - CultureLab - New Scientist
computer security
. trying the newscientist.com site again,
and this time the redirect was to
I again got another avg alert, again for
Threat name: Exploit Rogue scanner (type 992),
and it said threat was blocked .

. so then I searched the site for the original page:
seems to have something to do with
new-count.cn counting how many times you been there?
going to it again didn't result in a new redirect .

. can't find any mention of the site;
whois claims it's available .
. might be some trick in the spelling of the name
or in some other way affects the say browser records the link ?

cell texting spam costs

11.16: proj.gear/cell/how to control text msg's?:

Here are some ways to block mobile phone spam,
also known as SMS spam or m-spam.
They're not perfect, but they might hold you over until
spam-blocking technology catches up with mobile phones.
# Dispute your cell phone bill. If spammers continue to get through,
you may be able to convince the carrier to
drop the charges associated with those messages.
You have a better chance at this if you call as soon as your receive the spam.[3]

to block text messages from up to ten telephone numbers or email addresses; you can also change preferences on your handset
(VirginXL or VirginXtras > Messaging > Messaging Management).

* Registering your phone on the National Do Not Call Registry
only prevents phone calls, not text messages.
* Do not respond to text message spam,
because usually the first time is random numbers being tested for responses.
If you do respond to a spam message,
you may inadvertently sign yourself up for additional spam messages
as many times spammers can
and will sell your digits to other spammers.
Don't take their bait.
Report problems. File a complaint with the FCC by filling out online form 1088.

you can also register your cell number
to block telemarketers from sending communications of any type to your cell account.

Step Two: Make Sure Your Information is Correct
Please check your phone number(s) and email address below. If they are correct, click Register to continue. To make a correction, click Change.
Your email address MUST be correct to process your registration.

You have submitted your phone number(s) for registration in the National Do Not Call Registry. You will receive an email from Register@donotcall.gov. To complete your registration, you must open the email and click on the link provided.
Important: If you do not click on the link in the email within 72 hours, your phone number will not be registered.
Troubleshooting: If you don't get a "Registration Complete" message after clicking on the link, or the link does not work, use your "copy" and "paste" functions to insert the entire link in the email into the "Address" line on your Web browser. Copy and paste the entire link - it's long. Do not re-type it.
This browser window does not need to remain open to complete the registration process.
Register@donotcall.gov/National Do Not Call Registry - OPEN AND CLICK on Link to Complete Your Registration:
Click on the link to complete your request to register your phone number with the last four digits 5159 on the National Do Not Call Registry.
Important: You must respond to this email by clicking the link within 72 hours for your registration to be successful.
Important: After you click on the link, print the web page and keep it for your records.
Troubleshooting: If you don't get a "Registration Complete" message after clicking on the link, or the link does not work, use your "copy" and "paste" functions to insert the entire link in the email into the "Address" line on your Web browser. Copy and paste the entire link - it's long. Do not re-type it.
You have registered the following telephone number in the National Do Not Call Registry:
(520) 982-5159
Please print a copy of this page for your records.

1. You may file a complaint if you received an unwanted call
after your number was on the National Registry for 31 days.
2. You may also file a complaint if you received a call that used
a recorded message instead of a live person
(whether or not your number was on the Registry).
*Reminder: Even if your number is registered,
companies with which you do business may continue to call you.
So may charities, political organizations, and telephone surveyors.
for more information about the companies
that may continue to call the numbers on the Registry.
Click on Privacy and Security to learn how the information you provide is used.

I recently received about 5 spam text messages in the span of a couple of days
and do not have a text plan.
I had registered my cell number on the Do Not Call list
and could not find any info at the Do Not Call website
about the law applying to text messages, so I called the FTC.
being registered applied to spam texts? no.
I hope that more people call the FTC and complain about spam texts
and with any luck the law will change to include them.
As other people have mentioned, spam email and phone calls, to land lines,
don't cost anything, but text messages do.
The practice of sending spam texts to cell phones
is costing people money and the law should protect us from it.
If you are receiving unwanted text messages ("spam"),
contact the source and unsubscribe or remove your mobile phone number from the service.
You will not be charged for Virgin Mobile service alerts.
You have the ability to block text messages
from up to ten telephone numbers or email addresses
by visiting the Messaging Settings page on the Virgin Mobile website
(www.virginmobileusa.com). You may edit your preferences at any time.
Unsolicited Messages
If you intentionally send spam from your Virgin Mobile phone,
we may terminate your service without further notice.

co.phone/vmobile/wrong plan!: 2min: cell: non-contract phone oh!

figuring out I have the No Annual Contract:

. they did disable my ability to accept (or give) text msg's?
woo hoo! I've always been a big fan of vm,
and I'll really be rededicating those efforts -- that was great!
. ok thank for [...] because we are giving good advice .... to you .

. I can get on the site after it's been upgraded,
in any case they did recognize my number and pass by phone;
. amazed they were able to disable txt msg'ing:
that was eerily easy ... wouldn't have expected that .

hand warmer for keyboarding in the cold

11.17: proj.gear/hand.warmer for fast fingers:

. keyboard house needs a wire frame made from one wire for stiffness
that comes in 2 parts for adjustable its like 2 tables with on upside down
and legs of them are bound at a distance of your choosing .
. the top table slanted on either side .
. the joists are twist-arounds,
and they hold up the heat pad which is covered by the reflectix .

. to control height add loops end of table legs
to connect them by string so that the string can keep the endpoints
at a fixed distance without having to rely on the frictional force
created by binding the legs together with a winding .

11.21: gear/hand.warmer/redesign for boundary problem:
. the box for kybd has a boundary problem:
sometimes the hands like to travel straight from home keys
over to control keys
and that means the sides have to be clear of any box struts
atleast up to the delete key on the right side .
. instead of the peak sloping to the sides,
it would be more heat and space efficient to slope front and back;
the slope allows the heat pad on the roof to cover more of the arms .
. this also allows a bar from side to side
at both the rear and front
that help stability a bit .
the rear bar is part of the bottom table,
the front bar is part of the top table;
except the table model needs adjusting
because the top`struct has to overhang forward,
while the bottom`struct has to recede .
. one simple wire design is
start from front corner;
mov back horz'ly until past the kybd's delete key;
rise for height of roof`slope`bottom;
mov horz'ly to rear of tray
mov horz'ly to center of kybd;
do same for other side (in reverse order
and so wire is all one piece) .
. the front-back horz gives the top an anchor for
a top that is a horz rectangle
with 2 other rectangles for back and front sides of roof .
the roof hangs with peak over knuckles when fingertips are
numbers row (makes a tight fit for little-used function row) .

11.28: gear/hand.warmer/composite cardboard with metal joints:
. to save on wire, just use it for the joints
bound to scrap wood (or rolled cardboard) .

12.1: proj.gear/kybd.box/heatpad frame:
. make a c-shape when viewed from side
so that to change height,
have chg in depth of c
. then when feels right add reinforce as needed .

12.2: proj.gear/messed wire can be reused:
. mess wire ? can reuse as staples:

. 11*2 wide, 8deep at bottom
7" high center for 2" high over peak,
7+3 on to make the c-shape for the back .
wire version:
. final design was an extruded-Y shape with the bottom of y bent L-shaped
to form the let, and the top of the Y acted as joists to lay heatpad across .
extruding means the top of left fork of one Y connected with left fork of other,
and likewise for right forks .
y`bot: 8in,
y`top: 7in .
(2*8+2*7+11+13)*2 = 9.0ft of wire
. after building;
seems ok for heat pad,
but what about sleeping bag? way too heavy .
. the whole lid needs to slide into a box;
then can nix the heat pad .
. found during log that the fingers need a lot of space for shift-combo's
as the main fingers lift as part of landing the pinky on the shift key .
. the mac needs to be higher than the kybd with the box around it .

proj.gear/kybd.box/cardboard version:
. to make the box,
find one of any length that is right in the other dimensions,
and then add the extrusion with sealing tape .
. needed to be a bit wider than kybd`platform,
this was exactly the width of a box I found,
but a minor distraction was the grey-board quality of that cardboard:
the tape didn't stick well .

Shlomo Sand on Zionism

. Mixing respected scholarship with dubious theories,
the author, Shlomo Sand, a professor at Tel Aviv University,
frames the narrative as a startling exposure of suppressed historical facts.
The translated version of his polemic has sparked a new wave of coverage in Britain
and has provoked spirited debates online and in seminar rooms.
Professor Sand, a scholar of modern France, not Jewish history,
candidly states his aim is to undercut the Jews' claims to the land of Israel
by demonstrating that they do not constitute
"(a people), with a shared racial or biological past.
Consider, for instance, Professor Sand's assertion that
Palestinian Arab villagers are descended from the original Jewish farmers.

Since Professor Sand's mission is to discredit Jews'
historical claims to the territory,
he is keen to show that their ancestry lines
do not lead back to ancient Palestine.
He resurrects a theory first raised by 19th-century historians,
that the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe,
to whom 90 percent of American Jews trace their roots,
are descended from the Khazars,
a Turkic people who apparently converted to Judaism
and created an empire in the Caucasus in the eighth century.

Professor Sand accuses Zionist historians from the 19th century onward
-- the very same scholars on whose work he bases his case --
of hiding the truth and creating a myth of shared roots
to strengthen their nationalist agenda.
He explains that he has uncovered no new information,
but has organized the knowledge in a clarifying way .

any low-crime societies?

11.24: web.pol/any low crime societies?:

. very cool site with rich set of views:
click a country to see all the variables per country .

yun, ilhong, American Society of Criminology, 2009-10-26
Confucianism serves as the origin of reintegrative shaming
as well as low crime rates in East Asia, including Japan.
It also shows how Confucianism relates to
communitarianism, interdependence, and social dynamics that affect crime rates.
Finally, it suggests a strong moral education, both formal and informal,
as a potential way to decrease high crime rates in the United States.

lessons from usa-brit independence revolution

11.10: pol/lessons from usa-brit independence revolution:
. I noticed how anti-communism is rooted in
the independence revolution .
. if your subjects could run away,
would they?
during the dawn of America,
britain should have pushed only for
what it really needed:
. the important thing in the european wars
over control of the new world
was that one superpower should not be able to
use america's vast wealth as a weapon against
another superpower .
. they could have achieved that
not by enslaving the colonists
but instead by insuring that no other euro'power
could enslave them either .
. the war on communism could be seen as having this stance:
. dictatorship is slavery,
and communism is the most alien dictatorship,
if we can root out the slavery of dictatorship,
forces of democracy will at least choose to
sacrifice themselves in a fight against
anything that is alien to our own democratic values . ]

communism and capitalism can complement each other

11.10: pol/communism and capitalism can complement each other:
. use plug-in architectures to both insure separation of power
-- a great american value --
and find the most efficient place for capitalists
within a communistic framework;
eg, finding and motivating employees
is always a cutting edge technology;
so make employment agencies a capitalistic module,
but make them open-book servants to
the separate branches of
directorship and quality assurance .
. the way this would differ critically from the current system
is that corporations have privacy rights like people do;
and under a communistic system,
there would be outsiders who both documented
who initiated the fresh productive ideas,
and also watched for
the rot that occurs in dark places . ]

what health plan were nearly half holding out for?

11.8: co.pol/{newspapers}/what plan were nearly half holding out for?:
. it's hopeful to see the House majority could agree on some bill;
but what were nearly half of the them holding out for?
maybe if the planners would start from first principles:
we are paying so much for religiously-mandated charity care;
how can we have gone this long without mandated health insurance ?!
. to make it affordable,
there should be right-to-die plans excluding your choice of conditions:
I do want full coverage for accident recovery;
I do not want treatments for cancer or obesity-related disorders .
. insurance providers would drool at deals like that!
. I was so grateful they compromised on deal-breaking abortion issues,
lets see some more vision like that:
sane first, and democratic only if they're sure they can pull it off .
. see Michael Moore's Sicko movie again .
. republicans make the dem's look like Death panels and Liberals;
ha! weren't they tossed after outraging seniors
by telling them that the cheap Canadian meds were unsafe?
. lets see less regulation of seniors,
and more leashes on pharmaceutical and insurance co's .

Healthcare X PRIZE

American health care system requires fundamental transformation
to meet the needs of the nation.
An Initial Prize Design for a proposed $10+ Million Healthcare X PRIZE
was announced on April 14, 2009 by the X PRIZE Foundation, WellPoint, Inc.
and the WellPoint Foundation.
This first-of-its kind competition will focus on
reinventing the health care system in a bold, measurable and scientific fashion
to catalyze dramatic improvements in health and health care value
in the United States.
The Grand Challenge for the Healthcare X PRIZE is to create
an optimal health paradigm that empowers and engages individuals and
communities in a way that dramatically improves health value.
The proposed prize is designed to improve health value by more than 50 percent
in a 10,000 person community during a three year trial.
In order to effectively compete for this prize,
teams will need to fundamentally change health financing, care delivery,
and create new incentives that will result in
achieving the required improvements in health value
for both individuals and communities.

finance regulation lessons from Islam

11.6: pol/finance regulation/lessons from islam:
. another muslim-unique rule is no money from lending .
. this could mean that all customers have to pre-pay,
or that all markets should be in stocks not bonds,
where you use your savings to buy co.ownership in a money-maker .
. a usaa fin.mgt and depression historian
pointed out how deflation works:
demand falls off massively in a fin system that borrows a lot;
it involves doing production in huge batches
or for very expensive items .
. mass production can be very cheap
but if the masses don't buy the product
then the business is scrambling to pay for the loan,
because money is rented, so time is money .
. this forces unfair sales prices just to pay off the loan .