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12.18: news.psy/the state of psychiatry on scifri.com:

. the most painful part of the job being the intake or
triage psychiatrist at a major city's mental hospital
was rooting out malingerers (sharks)
Malingering is a medical term that refers to exaggerating
the symptoms of mental or physical disorders
for a variety of "secondary gain" motives,
which may include financial compensation (often tied to fraud);
avoiding school, work or military service;
obtaining drugs; getting lighter criminal sentences;
or simply to attract attention or sympathy.
Legally, it is often referred to as fabricated mental illness
or feigned madness .
-- very common as homelessness or struggles increase .
very bad for patients ? is that a tele'bullying thing?
or just the fact they need to be tight with services?

. one assistant caller noticed that m'illness was catchy,
. when m'ill are packed together they can feed off each other's illnesses
(not a shark-specific problem);
the ref' was to why the doctor needed a break ?
. in her last interview she said she had to break because
of taking care of small children;
at the time I first heard that,
I got the idea her problem was that
she would have this tele'relation with patients
that seemed to follow her to her children's relationship .
. she did have to admit her profession was an ill bunch:
they always have m'ill in self or close relative .

. mdma (ecstasy) may help talk therapy,
and as 1st-line defense in schiz'ic crisis .
. pot and shrooms, too, may have medical potential,
but she points out that the laws affecting rec'drugs
are also inhibiting scientific experimentation
that could disprove these drugs have no medical value .
. the laws are definitely more a fear of the supernatural-religious
than any scientific-medical basis .

. pot could help schiz'ia?
that does mesh well with other data:
things that help a symptom
will tend to cause that symptom during withdrawal .
. often schiz'ic onset occurs shortly after
making a commitment to avoid one's prior life
as are situations of trying to change social class
(esp'ly from a lower to a higher status) .

. what's the best way to get into psych'?
psy.D takes 7yrs, but md with psychopharm specialty takes only 4 .
. another way is medical assistant .