sewing machine refurbished with manual operation (2009)

5.26: gear/sewing.machine/repair:
. I could go a bit faster on the trike's shell
if I had the sewing machine;
what's wrong with it?
. the variable-voltage socket got shattered,
so the motor needs to be directly tied into the pedal,
or the the pedal needs a new socket .
. some of the chrome add-on's are missing:
there needs to be a vert'rod that the spool of thread sits on;
and more urgently, there is a screw-in place setting"thumb nut
that adjusts the length and direction of the step .
. without that, it tends to take huge steps .
. they couldn't be found so now the options are order new parts
(806) 744-6774
. they don't sell any replacement parts online
but feet, thread, and needles:
. the thumb nut could not be found online .

replacing the missing feed regulator thumb nut:
. one way to improvise is to make a crutch stick;
something that holds up the bolt to a typical level .
. the way I finally tried was
a cord lock that can vari-size a loop
that holds in place the feed regulator bolt .
. the cord is hanging from
my replacement for the spool pin:
a paint brush handle that fits snugly into a hole on top .

5.28: bk"operation routine:
. how to install the needle?
. needle's recess is on the right side,
thread from the left .
. bobbin's thread is coming over the top at you .

5.28: replacing broken parts:
. if it doesn't work mech'ly, no use fixing motor;
so, find parts and test it .

5.28: testing:
. gave it a wax-lube,
and removed the motor to get at all oil points
-- now it is very easy to rotate?
gives me the idea it might be better to just
run it without the motor!
. finish 2 parts rotating it by hand .

5.30: proj.gear/sewing.mach'/ergo.handle:
. I prefer the greater control I have from hand-turning the sewing machine,
but pushing the wheel made my fingers stiff,
so today I had the idea to reuse a bike pedal
as a turning handle .
. a good pedal to reuse is from the junker mtn bike
(it had been in an accident and the pedal was chewed up) .
. this bike had one of the cheaper pedal systems
where the cranks and the axle they rotate
are all one piece .
. I removed the bearings hoping to find some
easiest place to hack off a crank;
but it turned out I could have left the bearings in place .
. the pedal was made of plastic
and was hacked into a round handle .
. the sewing machine's rotator was drilled in 2 places,
which were then threaded with craft wire
to be twisted tight around the crank .