1.27: web,news.addn/Apple`iPad:
. anything calling itself a tablet or pad
must include a sunlight-readable (reflective) screen,
and it must be a normally programmable device;
the apple`ipad is none of these things .
. it has the same app'store sdk model as iphone:
you test your app only on a simulator
until paying the fee .
. furthermore, in every way
this is just a bigger version of iphone:
no multitasking (a security feature against unintended ipc),
strict limits on web programming (eg, no flash app's);
and, it still doesn't come with built-in sd card reader
although it does have a camera card/usb reader .
. it has an ibooks app (an itunes app for books)
to sell books formatted in Epub
which anyone can publish with an openware editor Sigil .
. of course, if all you want to do is publish,
it shines at being a secure html wifi reader .