ms dev survey

1.10: ms`survey for dev'ers using vc++ express:

How did you arrive at the MSDN Web site today?
Via a link from a non-Microsoft Web site or newsletter

Which of the following best describes
the primary task you were trying to accomplish
with your visit to the MSDN Web site today?
download sdk

Please tell us in your own words
what specific information or resources you were looking for
during your visit to the MSDN Web site today.
. an openware said I could compile its code
using your free visual c++ express sdk .

most true of your visit to the MSDN Web site today?
I found what I was looking for

level of knowledge and skills related to the product
or technology you are researching today.
When do you plan to use the information you were looking for today?
In the next month

What is your preferred way of finding information on the Web
for the primary task you are performing today (download)?
I rely on search wherever possible.
I will quickly search again if a search result doesn't have what I'm looking for.
x I usually rely on search initially,
but when I click on a search result
I will often try navigating from there before searching again.
I rely on navigation wherever possible.
I think of search as a last resort when navigation is not helpful.

Please indicate which, if any, of the following methods
you used to look for information or resources
on the MSDN Web site today.
Site navigation (i.e., using links in the menu(s) or tabs on this site)
Links within the site content or articles
Search tool on the site

Satisfaction with the Web Site
Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following features of the MSDN Web site.
The ability to easily find the information that I am looking for
Accuracy of the information on the Web site
Depth of information included on the Web site
The organization of information on the Web site
Loading speed of the Web site compared to other sites
Up-to-date content
Links within the site content or articles
Search tool on the site
Site navigation (i.e., using links in the menu(s) or tabs on this site)

Overall, how satisfied are you with the MSDN Web site?
What changes would you like to see to improve your
experience with the MSDN Web site? (Please be specific.)
. there are a lot of product choices;
please be immediately specific (all on one page)
as to intended target, price,
what you get for paying more,
or what you don't get
for using free tools .

Thinking about the resources currently provided by the MSDN Web site
(including documentation, articles, forums, blogs, code samples, downloads, training, etc.),
please rate your agreement with the MSDN Web site
ability to provide resources that...
Help me get the most out of my Microsoft products
Improve my skills
Help me evaluate new products
Are easy to find
Help me connect to the IT community
Help me do my job better
Help me make the case for investing in Microsoft products
Help me solve technical problems

Please indicate your level of agreement with
each statement as it applies to the MSDN Web site.
Visitors can find and interact with
peers and experts on the site
Visitors can contribute their own content to the site
(e.g., comments, articles, samples, uploads, etc.)

Please tell us how likely you will be
to recommend the MSDN Web site to a friend or colleague.

How long have you been programming, either for school, work or non-work purposes?
4-6 years

Now, we would like to ask you a few questions about
Microsoft as a company.

Please tell us how your visit to the MSDN Web site today
influenced your satisfaction with Microsoft Corporation.

Considering everything you know or have heard about Microsoft,
its products, its service and support organization,
how satisfied are you with Microsoft as a company?
[considering their research on security, singularity, .net,
what they could do if not held up by backward compat
and demand to giving dev's full stupid control .]

The last few questions are for classification purposes only.
Which of the following categories
best describes you?
Developer: Designs or customizes software applications or Web sites;
writes or tests computer code; or manages a software development process.

your primary purpose for visiting the MSDN Web site today?
Personal use

Thinking about your average weekly activities,
which one of the following best describes your primary role at work?
Testing software - this could include testing projects and software that you or others have written.
x Architecting software applications - architecting applications, creating the guiding technology design for your organization, systems for speed, efficiency, scalability, load, network security, or the hardware and network infrastructure layer for your organization.
Designing - designing the overall look and feel or user interface for software application for Web sites, may include serving as the overall producer or creative manager of design efforts for applications and/or Web sites.
Develop software applications, rich internet applications and/or Web sites or Web applications - creating applications for any computer platform; may also include using a database management software program, writing macros, creating software or applications using a programming language or tool, or writing production code.
Other software or development activities - this may include activities relate to managing software development projects, database design, assessing business needs.

What is the approximate number of personal computers,
including laptops, in your organization at all locations?
1 - 4 PCs
What is the approximate number of professional developers,
in your organization at all locations?
1 (self-employed)
What country/region do you live in?

Thank you for taking this survey.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
This survey was conducted for Microsoft by comScore,
a marketing research firm commissioned by Microsoft to conduct this survey.

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