Defense sees cloud computing as insecure

news.cyb/sec/Defense sees cloud computing as insecure:
3.17: 3.29: summary:
. I'm interested in cloud computing primarily because
that is promoted by Google's Chrome OS platform;
however, what makes that platform most secure
is not so much that it relies on cloud computing,
but because it strictly controls the firmware
and this avoids advanced persistent malware .
. the usa's DoD (Dept of Defense) is moving to cloud computing
(saving money by outsourcing to private industry
instead of using DoD's own servers)
but they are not putting all their data there;
because, some of it is too sensitive .
. what they are hoping for
is that they can get private industry
to set up their servers on DoD property,
where physical access to the servers
can be monitored by the DoD .
. another issue is that top secret communications
are done on a network that is separate from
the public's internet .


Pharmaceutical opportunities in_Latin_America_and_Africa

3.4, 3.7, 3.15, 3.16: pol/healthcare/
Pharmaceutical opportunities in Latin America and Africa
Which countries in Latin America and Africa
have the greatest need for Pharmaceutical products
especially difficult to get drugs, [specialty pharmaceuticals]
such as, cancer medications?
Which agencies and individuals in those governments
handle the financing of these medications?
Which NGO's [non-governmental organisations]
are fulfilling that need?
a key resource is the eligibility list
of the Global Fund for AIDS;
many needy governments appear to be
working with the Global Fund .
. wwIII will likely climax before Fall 2016,
and that will dramatically change the market:
there will be a global government in place after that,
in order to control the new Tesla beam weapons;
and a global government might tend to
distribute pharmaceuticals more fairly .


anti-fertility vaccines

2.1: web.pol/gemini/anti-fertility vaccines:
. what were some saying about
vaccines as a method of depopulation ?
how was that supposed to work?!
there have been some half-baked attempts
to finger vaccines as immune damaging,
but there is also talk of "anti-fertility vaccines"
designed to cause infertility,
as a safer, cheaper form of contraception .


adrenal fatigue

2.1: news.health/hormonics/adrenal fatigue:
Chris Kresser`adrenal fatigue:
. adrenal fatigue means high cortisol;
recovering from adrenal fatigue requires more than
just taking supplements and making diet changes;
stress management may include "a qigong routine,
guided mindfulness-based stress reduction practice,
and guided meditation practice".
see the 14-day 4-part program at 14four.me:
(the 4 parts include moving like your ancestors,
reboot your diet, manage your stress,
and get restorative sleep).

immune response to mammalian meat and milk #cancer

2.1: 3.1: web.health/cancer/immune response to mammalian meat and milk:
. eaters of mammalian meat seem more prone to cancer [pnas 2014]
than eaters of other types of animal protein;
a sugar called Neu5Gc, is found in most mammals
but not in humans; and,
humans often have high levels of Neu5Gc-specific antibodies
(perhaps developing inflammation when they eat it)
[Nat Biotechnol. 2010];
scientists wondered if humans are troubled by
eating a foreign sugar such as Neu5Gc
so they engineered mice to not make that sugar
in order to have them better model human reactions;
and, when the new mice were then fed the Neu5Gc,
they were more prone to spontaneous cancers. [ucsd.edu]