adrenal fatigue

2.1: news.health/hormonics/adrenal fatigue:
Chris Kresser`adrenal fatigue:
. adrenal fatigue means high cortisol;
recovering from adrenal fatigue requires more than
just taking supplements and making diet changes;
stress management may include "a qigong routine,
guided mindfulness-based stress reduction practice,
and guided meditation practice".
see the 14-day 4-part program at 14four.me:
(the 4 parts include moving like your ancestors,
reboot your diet, manage your stress,
and get restorative sleep).

. adrenal fatigue syndrome, also known as adrenal stress,
should not be confused with Cushing's disease
which is causing high cortisol by
increased secretion of ACTH in the anterior pituitary gland;
. adrenal fatigue involves a psychological reason for
high cortisol or cortisol dysregulation .
. high cortisol matters because
it is suppressing the immune function,
causing metabolic disorder (hypertension,
high blood sugar, insulin resistance)
and may result in bone loss .
Cortisol counteracts DHEA and melatonin .
. cortisol suppresses the growth of new brain cells;
Cortisol binds to brain cell receptors
and causes them to admit more over-exciting calcium .
( cortisol has also shown to cause
hippocampal excitotoxicity [Dr. Cash])
. when cortisol is always too low,
then there is too much immune system inflammation.

3.1: lef.org advice:
. excess cortisol due to old age,
is somewhat due to falling DHEA and melatonin levels,
and may also be related to falling sex hormones .
. lef.org's list of supplements for reducing cortisol
doesn't mention arginine + lysine,
perhaps because arginine is controversial
("... if you have had a recent heart attack")