evidence JC didn't die on the cross

4.30: co.g'+/relig/christianity/the swoon theory:

Jon Stewart's usa gov and christians:
Justin Bale 12:56 PM 
"(the american gov has the same approach to
reading the constitution
that christians have to reading the bible)

-- jon stewart
co.g'+#Kelline Pickett: 7:40 PM:
earlier in this stream I commented on
what my view of this post
about Jon Stewart sounds like to me.
I will comment again for you.
He's making a comparison statement
of the American Government to all Christians.
That can be considered a matter of his opinion.
However, his statement is based on an assumption
that all Christians don't read their Bibles.
To make an assumption like this,
one would have to know every single Christian personally. 
Philip Torrance Apr 28, 2012
"( the american gov has the same approach
to reading the constitution
that christians have to reading the bible
. I don't think you have to know any christians
to make that statement;
if you just listen to what anyone in christianity
is supposed to believe,
you know they are pretty selective
in their reading of the bible .
. a careful reading of the bible
should convince one that Christ didn't even die,
let alone get raised from the dead;
meanwhile, a christian is defined as
one who believes Christ rose from the dead;
therefore, a "christian" must be
one who is not reading their bible .
+1 your comment by Vladimir Sumarov.

ℛichard Mead Apr 28, 2012
Oh that definitely piqued my curiosity, +Philip Torrance
- would you be so kind as to give some supporting detail
showing how the Bible has convinced you that
Christ didn't die, and didn't rise?
Caleb GriffithsYesterday 4:19 AM
+Philip Torrance
well you have obviously never read the bible.
That was the stupidest thing I've read so far.
Coming from someone who has
read it cover to cover over a dozen times.
4:23 AM
Just because someone reads the bible occasionally
does not make them a Christian.
Just like going to McDonalds occasionally
does not make you fat.
You have to live it or it does nothing.
Philip Torrance:
+Caleb GriffithsYesterday 4:19 AM, 4:23 AM
. well, we don't really know how stupid I was
until I give you the biblical quotes,
and explain how I interpreted them .
. you can read the bible hundreds of times,
and of course really live it,
but if you don't have a justifiable interpretation
you are just living in a dream .
+ℛichard Mead Apr 28, 2012
some supporting detail showing how the Bible
has convinced me that Christ didn't die,
and didn't rise:
Jesus was crucified at nine in the morning,
and died at three in the afternoon,
or just six hours after the crucifixion.
Pilate was surprised to hear that
Jesus had died so soon (Mk 15:44).
The average time of suffering before death by crucifixion
is stated to be about 2-4 days,
and there were reported cases
where the victims lived for as long as 9 days.
The body is taken down from the cross and immediately
handed over to a close disciple (Joseph of Arimathea),
who transports Jesus' body to a
close-by roomy secure burial chamber.

. in that same chapter, the context is:
42 And when it was evening,
because it was the time of getting ready,
that is, the day before the Sabbath,
43 There came Joseph of Arimathaea,
a responsible man in high honour,
who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God;
and he went in to Pilate without fear,
and made a request for the body of Jesus.
44 And Pilate was surprised that he was dead;
and, sending for the captain,
he put a question to see if he had been dead for long.
45 And when he had news of it from the captain,
he let Joseph have the body.
. my interpretation, but not my original idea,
is that something to do with Jewish custom
precluded letting the crucified labor on the Sabbath,
and a very wealthy Jew simply bribed the captain,
to put the body to rest before the sabbath .

. perhaps the captain did not need to be bribed;
did he not stab jesus
in an attempt to ensure his death?
I understand that the routine for that occasion
was to hack the legs until they were broken .
. whether hacking was a routine or not,
many people have survived stab wounds .
. of course, since it's likely he never died,
there's no reason then
to assume he had risen from the dead
except by concerned "witnesses"
who wanted to keep him hidden .

what it means to believe in the devil

4.20: relig/christian/what it means to believe in the devil:
Penn Jillette said:
"( . people often confuse athiests with satanists,
but, christians are closer to being satanists,
because athiests don't even believe in satan,
while some christians believe they are satan !).
. earlier today[4.20] I heard a psychologist say
(about race relations):
"( until you can admit you have a problem,
the problem can't ever go away ).
. any christians who say they are satan
must be referring to the fact that
it's much easier to be fooled by the devil when
you don't believe it has influence over you .
. if you know it is there, you search:
"( gee, this idea seems to have such good intentions,
but you know HE'll is paved with good intentions!
how am I being used even now? ).

the choking game

4.16: psy/the choking game:
. the news recently said that kids are dying from
losing at playing the choking game;
. as kids, we had a game of hyperventilating
and then holding our breath
while getting another to squeeze us until we felt limp;
that would cause intense dreams on demand .
. later in life I discovered by myself,
something like the choking game, but safer:
with just 2 fingers, you can, by tilting your head back,
find all the arteries in your neck
and completely cut off your brain's oxygen .
. when you do that, getting near passing out
is extremely relaxing .
. it even works while standing or walking
always without falling down, let alone dying!
. I would do that often when obsessed with negativity,
and I wondered if head-banging behaviour
might also be for avoiding negative thoughts;
but I think in their case it was that
the same conditions that cause mental slowness
also create insulin resistance and restlessness
that can be relieved by direct brain stimulation .


plastic first praised as indestructable abused_as_disposable

4.30: news.pol/trash/
plastic praised as indestructable abused as disposable:

. it was said on Fresh Air, that an LA suburb
has a problem with gulls showering them with dump waste .
. when the dump was first started,
there were no houses in the area;
but the dump has grown that much?
perhaps they can't believe that suburban sprawl
would try to compete with dump space .

. the Puente Hills landfill near Los Angeles,
has so much trash
that its natural gas emissions can generate
enough electricity to power 70,000 homes,"
. the author of Garbology stated that
methane gas is not very efficient;
the way to get energy from garbage
is to burn it
using europe's new stack scrubbers;
but the old scrubbers are so notorious
that nobody in the usa trusts them any more .
. plus we found other ways to unload it:
the chinese will recycle our paper
but this very inefficient too because
they are using fuel to ship tons of garbage to china
and then ship tons of paper products right back .
. Terry Gross was perplexed, and quipped:
"( if everyone is happy,
what is there to this Garbology book?!),

. I thought most of this was just another
side attack of the overpopulation issue
but I was truly impressed when it was pointed out
that plastic was originally praised as the
make-anything substance that would last forever,
and then it's most common use becomes
one-night-stand tossable containers!

. the plastic never really decomposes either,
it simply gets smaller (and absorbing more toxins)
until it is eaten by marine life .

think wild alaskan salmon is safe?

5.19: web.health/omega-3/wild salmon:
. in the industries own research
they are happy to give numbers
until the issue of dioxins and pcb's comes up,
for these xenoestrogenic carcinogens,
they claim there is no proof of a problem!
. xenoestrogens are tricky to prove
because such endocrine disruptors
cause cancer in subtle ways,
not seen except in the overall high level
of unexplained cancers .
. and the smallest doses of endocrine disruptors like dioxin
are the worst offenders when it comes to causing cancers .

. wild salmon often has double the dioxin levels of
molecularly distilled fish oil, and {4 .. 8} times the pcb's .
. EPA* suggests limiting alaskan wild salmon to
2..5 meals per month (depending on the species)
-- which is not a lot of omega-3 .
*: [Fig. 5. Consumption advisories (in meals per month)
based on USEPA cumulative carcinogenic risk assessment methods
for total DDT, dieldrin, total chlordane, heptachlor epoxide, lindane,
hexachlorobenzene, toxaphene, PCBs, and dioxins/furans
for farmed salmon (red), wild salmon (green), ... ]

. if you want the guaranteed purest fishoil,
make sure it's 3rd-party tested for dioxins .
. the testing used by most pure brands (ifosprogram.com)
has PCB Levels Less Than 50% of CRN Standard
and Dioxin and Furan Levels Less Than 50% of WHO Standard .
. here's the test limits
and lef.org's fish oil recent test results:
-- ppb = parts per billion(nano) --
-- ppt = parts per trillion(pico) --
pcb = 0.2226 ppb < 45 ppb
dioxins and furans = 0.739 ppt < 1 ppt
dioxin-like pcb's = 0.081 < 3/2 ppt
heavy metals are also tested:
each of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium < 0.1ppm .

dioxins & furans in wild salmon are 0.2 ... 2 pg/g*
*:[p = pico = 1/trillionth = ppt]
Total PCB's in wild Alaskan are 3.9 - 8.1 ng/g .


smart drugs summary

Picamilon is said to be a nootropic (smart drug)
but the only truth to that I found was that
standard smart drugs (stimulants) make you anxious
and Picamilon was good at relieving
very high levels of anxiety .

. dopamine enhancers are nootropic:
Mucuna pruriens, 40% L-Dopa. 75 grams powder.
Yohimbe, 8% Yohimbine! Powder, 40 Grams .

. bht can help with sleep, always a smart idea;
but don't forget your vitamin k supp's;
because, bht deactivates your vitamin k,
and that can melt your bones, and calcify your arteries .
. see also my amazon list of performance enhancers .


evidence miracles are a political stunt

4.20: relig/jc/evidence miracles are a political stunt:
. notice Jesus Christ's peers, the other rabbis,
didn't take his miracles seriously?
they were eyewitnesses at the time,
yet their response was sarcastic:
accusing him of working too hard on the lord's day of rest .
. this disbelief by high-ranking witnesses
lends weight to the theory that
JC's miraculous cures were actually a political stunt
for spotlighting that most of these "(lame) beggars
were only faking physical disabilities
because the disabilities they actually did have
were caused by being unlovable social outcasts
due either to mental illness, sexual orientation issues,
or other behaviors resulting in a bad reputation .

duelers allowed to Stand Their Ground? #Trayvon

5.17: look how beat up he looks!
. I can't believe the media is
still ignoring the obvious:
if you maliciously provoke an attack
by following a guy in the dark,
filling him with fear,
and then popping off with "(what are doing here?!)
when you're not even the police;
you better not get close enough
for a punch in the nose!
. this was a good case for Stand Your Ground
but unfortunately,
Trayvon didn't have a gun, Mr.Zimmerman!

4.16: pol/purges/trayvon/
profiling is hardly the main issue:

. on the diane rheme show,
it was argued that Trayvon's treatment
involved profiling ?
but it was far worse than that!
now, granted, profiling is an invasion of
constitutionally protected privacy,
but Trayvon's case was a horrific instance of
vigilantism by random peer punishment
-- a form of premeditated murder!
. just profiling is not murder
if you don't mix it with Stand Your Ground
in the Middle of the Public Grounds lunacy!

4.20: pol/purges/Trayvon/
standing your ground law encourages dueling:

. the problem with stand your ground
if you're trying to defend Zimmerman with it,
is that the same law was
also defending Trayvon's response:
. don't take "(what are you doing here)
from a stranger in the night;
stand your ground, Trayvon!
. and as Trayvon stood his ground,
he finds a hole in this law:
. when we take the law into our own hands,
we sometimes find the criminal can out-gun us !
. poor, Trayvon, live & learn, my friend;
but at least you tried to stand your ground,
we'll remember you were proud,
a true american .
. anyway, you can see from this,
that the law as it now stands
is actually promoting armed duels in the street !
(back in the day,
the duel was the way 2 men resolved high-stakes disputes:
they would agree on walking away from eachother,
and on a certain count, both would turn around
to shoot their opponent ).
. the quickest draw wins, Trayvon .

obama's silverspoon speech

4.19: pol/purges/reaganomics/obama's silverspoon speech:
co.g'+#Dan Gillmor/3:48 PM  -  Public
Amazingly, the White House is denying that
Obama's "silver spoon" crack
had anything to do with Romney.
I think that wins the
"political lie of the day" award.
a comment against romney?
but even without romney in the picture,
if he meant what he claimed to mean
he'd still have a very appropriate
and hard-hitting point:
are we going to give other people's kids
a hand up or not?
if republicans are serving only the elite
no way are they going for free job training. .
. unfortunately for obama,
both parties are sending jobs overseas
so why are democrats worried about aid for job training?
. now what would make sense for obama to say is
"(my constituents are the 99% not the elite,
so I want to make the elite pay welfare
on the condition you guys will stop breeding .
. then we're right-sized for the new economy! )
4.20: co.g'+#David Jones/6:53 AM
This campaign is going to be a slugfest
between the "have's" and "have nots".
4.20: co.g'+#Joshua Megnauth:6:03 PM
+Nick Uva
Judging from Activision's business practises,
I'd say that you're probably correct.
Perhaps the election should
pit the parties against each other in a video game
since the actual politics
take a backseat to everything else.

sportsification of politics

4.13: co.apt/pol/purges/reaganomics/
sportsification of politics:

(I heard someone lamenting the Bush deficits,
and I thought their reason was so gamy;
we certainly are credit worthy eno' to receive
any amount of debt;
so let's get to the real problem here!)

. they are not even trying to be reasonable;
this is just sportsification of politics;
the main game lately has been to
keep the liberals away from
redistributing the wealthy's money .
. the repub's might say they want the chinese to
stop manipulating their currency
because it worsens the trade deficit,
but did you notice how the chinese were
doing that currency manipulation?
they are buying dollars with their savings,
which means that whenever the fed's need a loan,
the chinese are right there giving us that loan!
. yet the during the previous decade
it was a republican presidency saying to us,
that we didn't need to pay our taxes,
we'll just borrow from the Chinese!
. don't worry about funding the War on Terroism,
the Chinese are happy manipulating their currency,
thank god .]

[4.15: remember how this started:
. if you're a capitalist looking the world's opportunities,
everything about american employees is overpriced .
. it's not just the labor unions
demanding an equal place at the table;
every single citizen is part of virtual labor union
that is heavily taxing employers
to pay for pensions (social security)
and senior medical care (medicare).
. then if they are competitively expected to
subsidize employee heath insurance,
then they are also subsidizing medicaid
-- tax payers and employers split the bill on that one .
. if, on the other hand,
they can get their employees from out of country,
either by exporting jobs, or importing workers,
then they can pass on that healthcare tab
to other countries who are
not so confused about living standards .
. how are americans acting confused?
they keep defending their right to expand the population,
and they also demand that capitalists or the fed
should be finding them jobs that pay more and more
in order to cover increases in cost of living
that are due primarily to their own population growth .

anti-solar sees environmentalists depopulating

4.7: co.pol/energy/the dirt on solar doesn't include wind:
Robert Llewellyn 4:37 PM today:
[!] (a cartoon about solar failing because big energy co's
don't own anything that could let it corner the market )
Nathan Buth:
-  Solar energy being clean is a lie at the moment.
To make solar cells more toxic chemicals are released than even coal.
Plus the size of the area and the amount of cells
to even be equivalent to other energy sources is ridiculous.
Nuclear is the cleanest and most efficient way at the moment.
By the way the comic should say for the solar part
we own the silicon... XD
@Nathan Buth, so who needs solar cells:
wind power alone could supply all our needs;
got some dirt on wind mills?
Mike Rees:
-  It's worth noting that wind turbines are currently 60% subsidised,
and have 75% fossil fuel backup generation.
They're not clean and they're not cost effective.
@Mike Rees
. it may be true that wind turbines are currently
60% subsidised, and have 75% fossil fuel backup generation;
but that's not wind's problem:
instead of subsidising green energy
we could sin-tax fossil fuels
to make them pay for all the cancer they cause;
and then we could use ethanol or other biofuels
for a less toxic backup generation .
. therefore, clean and price-competitive .
Sheila Nagig 8:18 PM
  I think micro-hydro is being overlooked. Wind and sun are great,
but water actually makes a lot of sense in terms of facilitating
a relatively easy transition to sustainable energy.
We already have hundreds if not thousands of defunct water mills
rotting away out there. Rig them to generate power
and decentralize the grid a little bit
by having river communities power themselves.
+1 [@] (show approval)
. later, I would realize
we weren't thinking of the same thing at all, really;
I had in mind some coastal tidal turbine plans
which could stay of of sight, unlike windmills;
and they would be so powerful and remote
they don't really help without being part of a grid .

. the hate directed at solar is really about
seeing environmentalists are trying to
control population by
making it more expensive to live .]


AAP guidelines update #ADHD #med #childcare

4.19: news.med/adhd/AAP guidelines update:

. did you think it was only psychiatrists
who medicated mental illness?
the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)
started doing so in 2000 .
. back then they were telling all pediatricians
to screen ages 6..12 for adhd
(attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder).
. this was actually a prayed-for improvement;
because, before the diagnosis of adhd,
parents would seek help from psychiatrists,
who would put their kid on anti-aggression drugs
-- the same endocrine-disrupting major tranquilizers
that are given to seriously ill schizophrenics .

In 2011, the AAP updated these guidelines,
now recommending that primary care physicians,
screen ages 4 through 18 for ADHD .
. here's how the adhd stimulants fit in the treatment plan:
"( For preschool-age children,
behavioral interventions are considered first-line therapy.
If resources are unavailable, physicians should
carefully weigh the risks of drug therapy at an early age
with those associated with delayed diagnosis and treatment.

For children aged 6 to 11,
there's combination medication and behavioral therapy .
Evidence for use of stimulants in this age group is strong.
For older children, treatment should begin with medication.
Behavioral therapy may be prescribed,
but data on it in this age group
are not as strong as in younger patients.
Medication for ADHD should be titrated to achieve
maximal benefits with minimal adverse events.
) .
. one problem the "(minimal adverse events) criteria
is that the some of the most notable adverse events
come later;
according to Dr.Breggin,
the use of stimulants will inhibit growth;
and, in households where diet is not conservative,
it can lead to hypertension, and enlarged heart .
. stimulants may increase the risk of
other psychiatric disorders (ocd,
schizophrenia-like disorders,
depression, suicidal ideations).

caveats to prunes preventing osteoporosis #health #osteo

4.5: health/prunes
5.3, 5.4: summary:
. prunes (dried plums) have a dramatic effect on bone growth,
primarily by  [my inference]
increasing parathyroid hormone (PTH)
but prunes also raise IGF-I (insulin-like growth factors)
which increases the risk of cancer .
. plums also have a special sugar, sorbitol,
that enhances calcium absorption
or increases bone metabolism;
but, plums also have a high infammatory index,
due to the sheer quantity of their total sugars;
the plum's sorbitol may reduce bone resorption,
but this is better done with xylitol .
. other ways dried plums can help bones
is their generous serving of boron and vitamin K; [5.9:
but again, there are better sources:
while boron is required by plums,
it seems likely that the prune's boron levels
would depend on how much is in the soil;
therefore, supplements would be a safer bet .
. by far the best sources of vitamin K
are the dark green leafies .]

. a better strategy for bone growth
is to make sure your diet is avoiding growth inhibitors:
bones need IGF sensitivity,
which in turn needs both load-bearing exercise
and proper insulin sensitivity (that entails
a low-glycemic, low-cortisol diet).

. cortisol is raised by low blood sugar
(the usual reason sugar gets low is when a diet has
too many simple sugars and grains,
and then the insulin response over-reacts
which swings sugar from too high to too low).
. cortisol is also caused by chronic stress, or lack of sleep .

. lowering cortisol is the most dramatic way to
increase insulin sensitivity,
which is critical to bone growth because,
if your cell's can't hear the insulin calling,
they are also deaf to the other growth factors
(also known as anabolics); these include
GH (growth hormone),
IGF (insulin-like growth hormone),
and PTH(parathyroid hormone).
. along with using a low-glycemic diet,
cortisol can be further lowered by supplements:
the combination of arginine and lysine .

. other ways to increase insulin sensitivity include
load-bearing exercise and supplements:
magnesium, alph lipoic acid, L-carnitine, taurine, L-arginine,
chromium, coenzyme Q10, silymarin, Inula racemosa ... .

. perhaps there could be safety by cycling the IGF?
the usual diet should be low-glycemic,
and include herbs that lower IGF;
but every couple days,
take your prunes before and after bone training
(weightlifting or squats, pushups, etc).]

. the usual form of vitamin D
promotes bone resorption,
which is good for healthy bone turn-over,
but the needed rebuilding after resorption
will only happen if one is not resistant to anabolics .


link between alz and sugar may be cholesterol

4.13: news.health/alz/
 link between alz and sugar may be cholesterol:
4.13, 4.17: summary:
. when alzheimers was reported to be a clumping of protein
and related to diabetes,
I had assumed it was a glycation problem,
but here is evidence that cholesterol is implicated
by way of reducing leptin levels
which apparently is what prevents the formation of amyloid-β
and the occurrence of phosphorylated tau .
. the way it all ties together is that
cholesterol is elevated by sugary diet,
and a sugary diet is a leading cause of diabetes
(see the theory and results of an epi'study).

Crossfit Training Guide

4.18: health/Crossfit Training Guide:

. the CrossFit Training Guide:
an open source online community
using competition to encourage greater gains .

I was surprised to hear that Olympic Weightlifting
had the unique ability to develop
an athletes’ explosive power,
but I could definitely agree with the other parts:
control of external objects,
and mastery of critical motor recruitment patterns;
as for increasing maximum oxygen uptake,
I had no idea that Olympic lifts
are the only lifts shown to do that .

best diet for heart recovery

4.12: co.health/ask.lef.org/best diet for heart health:
What is the best diet for a 
recovering heart attack patient?
(legume, paleo, zone, heart,)
Transpower (3/5/2012)/Try the Paleolithic Diet:
lean meat (skinless turkey and chicken, low-fat beef),
fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
High protein, low carb, low fat.[/quote]
. concerning the Paleo diet,
beware lumping together legumes with grains;
Paleo experts love to point out how toxic soy is,
but black turtle beans are not nearly as toxic,
and they have equally high quality protein .
. beans are a great way to control the rate of
both glucose and protein;
and, according to Dr.Darmadi-Blackberry,
(Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2004;13(2):217-20)
Legumes are the most important dietary predictor
of survival in older people of various ethnicities.
. I get half my protein from red or black beans,
and half from LE whey and few eggs;
mixed with olive oil, and rosemary .
. along with plenty of greens, cruciferous veg,
tomato sauce, boiled yam,
selenium, magnesium, seaweed, and LE fish oil,
I consider that diet consistent with a Zone diet
-- a less-toxic version of the Soy Zone .
. listen to paleo's discuss beans:
. here's the science of bean prep:
. I'm not too fussy about bean prep myself;
I bring the beans to a boil, and then let sit overnight;
toss the water and vitamix-puree
with oil and rosemary herb;
pressure cook for 30min at 210F
(see my cooking gear).
"Futuro Pressure Cooker"   "Auto Sensor Induction Cooktop"

convert recumbent trike to electric

4.16: gear/trike`helmet/
head-mounted electric traffic signaling:

. having a light mounted on top of
recumbent triker's helmet
can offer the same lights a motorcycle has;
it plugs into a socket on the body
that lets you give signals by button,
without needing a hole in body of velomobile
for arm to give signals .

4.21: news.gear/trike/MagicPie Kit:
Easily Convert Trike into Electric:

builtin-shoes as toe-clips

4.16: gear/trike/builtin-shoes as toe-clips:
. Idea: combine powergrips with a heel cup
that has most of the outer half removed;they fit together
... but moot if building a shell for the trike
that is complete with a floor?
still, even if saved from catastrophe of
slipping out of pedals and breaking a leg
as your foot is dragged under the trike,
slipping onto a shell's floor
is still an annoying interruption of pedaling;
and, the new idea would mean

sealed bearings not easy to remove

4.1: news.gear/trike/sealed bearings not easy to remove:
. bearings actually quite easy to install if you do it yourself.
Just make sure you use a socket that just fits inside the hub
to seat the new bearing.
Pushing on any part of the bearing but the outside race
will distort the bearing and cause it to have
a very short lifespan.
Look carefully for the bearing # on the race.
Likely it is a 6001RS 12x28x8. 10 about $15.
Email ICE and they'll send you a video
on how to replace them.
I used the old bearings once removed
and the axle bolts to
force the new bearings to seat in the hubs.
Alternatively is to have them changed at a dealer.
I chose to change the 4 bearings for the front wheels
with ceramic hybrid bearings
of the 6001 series. [$35, $15 /each]
ICE ceramic bearings cost about $15 each.
Driving the old bearings out is pretty simple
from the "outside" of the hub.
. used the Ice method for driving out the old bearings;
After half an hour of trying and making no progress
I took the wheel to my LBS;
They said how hard it was get the bearings out
- they had to make a tool specially to get behind the casing.

learning to tighten spokes on cheap wheels

4.13: proj.gear/bike#walmart/tighten spokes on both wheels:
. I have a great new Park Tool SW-42 Four Sided-Spoke
Wrench for Nipples of 1.36 Inch/ $8.40

. the front was easy, give each a 1/4 turn
and things were still ok;
but the rear had some seemingly loose ones,
and when trying to bring those to
the same tension as the others,
I got the rim so twisted it wouldn't turn!
so I had to completely loosen all of them and start over .