think wild alaskan salmon is safe?

5.19: web.health/omega-3/wild salmon:
. in the industries own research
they are happy to give numbers
until the issue of dioxins and pcb's comes up,
for these xenoestrogenic carcinogens,
they claim there is no proof of a problem!
. xenoestrogens are tricky to prove
because such endocrine disruptors
cause cancer in subtle ways,
not seen except in the overall high level
of unexplained cancers .
. and the smallest doses of endocrine disruptors like dioxin
are the worst offenders when it comes to causing cancers .

. wild salmon often has double the dioxin levels of
molecularly distilled fish oil, and {4 .. 8} times the pcb's .
. EPA* suggests limiting alaskan wild salmon to
2..5 meals per month (depending on the species)
-- which is not a lot of omega-3 .
*: [Fig. 5. Consumption advisories (in meals per month)
based on USEPA cumulative carcinogenic risk assessment methods
for total DDT, dieldrin, total chlordane, heptachlor epoxide, lindane,
hexachlorobenzene, toxaphene, PCBs, and dioxins/furans
for farmed salmon (red), wild salmon (green), ... ]

. if you want the guaranteed purest fishoil,
make sure it's 3rd-party tested for dioxins .
. the testing used by most pure brands (ifosprogram.com)
has PCB Levels Less Than 50% of CRN Standard
and Dioxin and Furan Levels Less Than 50% of WHO Standard .
. here's the test limits
and lef.org's fish oil recent test results:
-- ppb = parts per billion(nano) --
-- ppt = parts per trillion(pico) --
pcb = 0.2226 ppb < 45 ppb
dioxins and furans = 0.739 ppt < 1 ppt
dioxin-like pcb's = 0.081 < 3/2 ppt
heavy metals are also tested:
each of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium < 0.1ppm .

dioxins & furans in wild salmon are 0.2 ... 2 pg/g*
*:[p = pico = 1/trillionth = ppt]
Total PCB's in wild Alaskan are 3.9 - 8.1 ng/g .

alaskan salmon industry says dioxins not a threat:
Adverse health effects from PCBs and dioxins
have occurred almost exclusively in
industrial workers and children of
mothers exposed to levels
100 to 1000 times above background
[ToxFAQs for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs):
Questions and answers about dioxins: ]

Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
considers PCBs and dioxins probable carcinogens,
the agency concluded that
there was “no clear indication of
increased disease in the general population
attributable to dioxin-like compounds .”
[EPA. Exposure and health assessment for
2,3,7,8-tetrachloroodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)
and related compounds. 2000. Washington, DC, USA:
NCEA Office of Research and Development, EPA.]

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