builtin-shoes as toe-clips

4.16: gear/trike/builtin-shoes as toe-clips:
. Idea: combine powergrips with a heel cup
that has most of the outer half removed;they fit together
... but moot if building a shell for the trike
that is complete with a floor?
still, even if saved from catastrophe of
slipping out of pedals and breaking a leg
as your foot is dragged under the trike,
slipping onto a shell's floor
is still an annoying interruption of pedaling;
and, the new idea would mean
never having to customize shoe soles again
(not easy hacking through hard rubber!)
the easiest way to do this idea
is to replace the powergrips idea
with a set of built-in shoes:
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reuse some old shoes:
. try it first without
attaching it to the pedals;
use shears to cut out the
outer side of the shoes,
then if you can enter them, try it again
while attached to pedals .
. if that doesn't work,
try some laceless shoes
meant to be slipped into .
. one way to do this is with sandals
that have the heel strap reinforced .
. some Pakistani shoes are
also designed like a slip-in,
but with much ventilation
like a sandal .
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attaching to pedals:
. drill holes in shoe to wire it to the pedal,
(in front of, and behind, the ball of the foot )
or use a pair of flat-head machine screws
that go through a slotted plate under the pedals,
and are then held in place by nuts .
. or, looking at sandals, it's easy to see
that the easiest way to attach them to pedals,
is to imagine where the outline of the
powergrips strap would go on them,
then punch 4 holes in the leather wall
near where the strap reaches the sole on either side,
use a square staple through each pair of holes,
and then curl the ends around to form loops .
. the loops can then anchor either wire or rope
that is connecting to the pedals .
[4.17: use the powergrips to anchor the shoes:
. use the staples idea
to attach the shoes to the powergrips .]