what it means to believe in the devil

4.20: relig/christian/what it means to believe in the devil:
Penn Jillette said:
"( . people often confuse athiests with satanists,
but, christians are closer to being satanists,
because athiests don't even believe in satan,
while some christians believe they are satan !).
. earlier today[4.20] I heard a psychologist say
(about race relations):
"( until you can admit you have a problem,
the problem can't ever go away ).
. any christians who say they are satan
must be referring to the fact that
it's much easier to be fooled by the devil when
you don't believe it has influence over you .
. if you know it is there, you search:
"( gee, this idea seems to have such good intentions,
but you know HE'll is paved with good intentions!
how am I being used even now? ).