duelers allowed to Stand Their Ground? #Trayvon

5.17: look how beat up he looks!
. I can't believe the media is
still ignoring the obvious:
if you maliciously provoke an attack
by following a guy in the dark,
filling him with fear,
and then popping off with "(what are doing here?!)
when you're not even the police;
you better not get close enough
for a punch in the nose!
. this was a good case for Stand Your Ground
but unfortunately,
Trayvon didn't have a gun, Mr.Zimmerman!

4.16: pol/purges/trayvon/
profiling is hardly the main issue:

. on the diane rheme show,
it was argued that Trayvon's treatment
involved profiling ?
but it was far worse than that!
now, granted, profiling is an invasion of
constitutionally protected privacy,
but Trayvon's case was a horrific instance of
vigilantism by random peer punishment
-- a form of premeditated murder!
. just profiling is not murder
if you don't mix it with Stand Your Ground
in the Middle of the Public Grounds lunacy!

4.20: pol/purges/Trayvon/
standing your ground law encourages dueling:

. the problem with stand your ground
if you're trying to defend Zimmerman with it,
is that the same law was
also defending Trayvon's response:
. don't take "(what are you doing here)
from a stranger in the night;
stand your ground, Trayvon!
. and as Trayvon stood his ground,
he finds a hole in this law:
. when we take the law into our own hands,
we sometimes find the criminal can out-gun us !
. poor, Trayvon, live & learn, my friend;
but at least you tried to stand your ground,
we'll remember you were proud,
a true american .
. anyway, you can see from this,
that the law as it now stands
is actually promoting armed duels in the street !
(back in the day,
the duel was the way 2 men resolved high-stakes disputes:
they would agree on walking away from eachother,
and on a certain count, both would turn around
to shoot their opponent ).
. the quickest draw wins, Trayvon .