evidence JC didn't die on the cross

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Jon Stewart's usa gov and christians:
Justin Bale 12:56 PM 
"(the american gov has the same approach to
reading the constitution
that christians have to reading the bible)

-- jon stewart
co.g'+#Kelline Pickett: 7:40 PM:
earlier in this stream I commented on
what my view of this post
about Jon Stewart sounds like to me.
I will comment again for you.
He's making a comparison statement
of the American Government to all Christians.
That can be considered a matter of his opinion.
However, his statement is based on an assumption
that all Christians don't read their Bibles.
To make an assumption like this,
one would have to know every single Christian personally. 
Philip Torrance Apr 28, 2012
"( the american gov has the same approach
to reading the constitution
that christians have to reading the bible
. I don't think you have to know any christians
to make that statement;
if you just listen to what anyone in christianity
is supposed to believe,
you know they are pretty selective
in their reading of the bible .
. a careful reading of the bible
should convince one that Christ didn't even die,
let alone get raised from the dead;
meanwhile, a christian is defined as
one who believes Christ rose from the dead;
therefore, a "christian" must be
one who is not reading their bible .
+1 your comment by Vladimir Sumarov.

ℛichard Mead Apr 28, 2012
Oh that definitely piqued my curiosity, +Philip Torrance
- would you be so kind as to give some supporting detail
showing how the Bible has convinced you that
Christ didn't die, and didn't rise?
Caleb GriffithsYesterday 4:19 AM
+Philip Torrance
well you have obviously never read the bible.
That was the stupidest thing I've read so far.
Coming from someone who has
read it cover to cover over a dozen times.
4:23 AM
Just because someone reads the bible occasionally
does not make them a Christian.
Just like going to McDonalds occasionally
does not make you fat.
You have to live it or it does nothing.
Philip Torrance:
+Caleb GriffithsYesterday 4:19 AM, 4:23 AM
. well, we don't really know how stupid I was
until I give you the biblical quotes,
and explain how I interpreted them .
. you can read the bible hundreds of times,
and of course really live it,
but if you don't have a justifiable interpretation
you are just living in a dream .
+ℛichard Mead Apr 28, 2012
some supporting detail showing how the Bible
has convinced me that Christ didn't die,
and didn't rise:
Jesus was crucified at nine in the morning,
and died at three in the afternoon,
or just six hours after the crucifixion.
Pilate was surprised to hear that
Jesus had died so soon (Mk 15:44).
The average time of suffering before death by crucifixion
is stated to be about 2-4 days,
and there were reported cases
where the victims lived for as long as 9 days.
The body is taken down from the cross and immediately
handed over to a close disciple (Joseph of Arimathea),
who transports Jesus' body to a
close-by roomy secure burial chamber.

. in that same chapter, the context is:
42 And when it was evening,
because it was the time of getting ready,
that is, the day before the Sabbath,
43 There came Joseph of Arimathaea,
a responsible man in high honour,
who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God;
and he went in to Pilate without fear,
and made a request for the body of Jesus.
44 And Pilate was surprised that he was dead;
and, sending for the captain,
he put a question to see if he had been dead for long.
45 And when he had news of it from the captain,
he let Joseph have the body.
. my interpretation, but not my original idea,
is that something to do with Jewish custom
precluded letting the crucified labor on the Sabbath,
and a very wealthy Jew simply bribed the captain,
to put the body to rest before the sabbath .

. perhaps the captain did not need to be bribed;
did he not stab jesus
in an attempt to ensure his death?
I understand that the routine for that occasion
was to hack the legs until they were broken .
. whether hacking was a routine or not,
many people have survived stab wounds .
. of course, since it's likely he never died,
there's no reason then
to assume he had risen from the dead
except by concerned "witnesses"
who wanted to keep him hidden .