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. the best way to protect from lightning is to
get off the grid, and then to protect your own system,
use a lot of lightning rods at all the high points .

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. whole property lightning protection .
. whole house surge protection .
. the joule factor is how fast it triggers the protection .
expect to pay $500 ? [... half that is for the installation,
and don't forget you need to check it after storms,
and replace the parts that lightning has fried .]
lightning arrestors

Residential Hardwire Surge Suppression
-- Whole-house surge protection for your entire home.
SurgeArrest Panelmount SPDs are equipped with
fuses and thermal disconnects that react quickly
to protect against dangerous high and low
current wiring faults
as well as other catastrophic surge events.
These panelmount SPDs are passive,
and continue to allow power through to your home or building
if any of the surge components are damaged.
the $250 part (installation extra):
Part Number SDSB1175C
Product Description
Transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS).
Hybrid technology thermal-fuse metal oxide varistor
and gas discharge tube (GDT) design.
Ride-through sustained overvoltage up to 240 volt AC,
suitable for connection to power systems
whose available short-circuit capacity
does not exceed 25,000 amp
symmetrical short-circuit current
when protected by the recommended
branch circuit protective devices.
Flush (Type 1 housing only) or surface mounting installation.
Provides AC line protection for the whole house
and protects four telephone lines
and up to two coaxial lines
with Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) technology.
All modes protected (L - L, L - N, L - G, N - G).
It is designed for use on single-phase, three-wire,
120/240 volt AC, 50/60 Hz electrical service.
The LEDs on the face of the AC module
indicate the operational status of the AC protection.
If the LEDs for each line are on,
the device is fully operational.
If either of the LEDs go off,
the AC module should be replaced.
Design allows for field replacement of components.
UL Listed, C-UL Listed for use in Canada.

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Whole House Surge Protector 

. you need a surge arrestor where there is lightning
Surge arrester
A surge arrester is a protective device
that connects the conductor of an electrical system
with the ground to prevent overvoltages on equipment.
A lightning arrester is also known as a voltage-surge arrester.
A valve arrester limits the magnitude of
current that can surge through the circuit
Each surge protector should be plugged into an outlet
NOT another surge protector or another portable power strip.
This can cause overloading.
[so, the entire reason is overloading?
why does a protector's warranty become void if you do so? ]
     In the event of a large surge or spike (lightning strike),
the surge protector will have to be replaced.
Use only surge protectors that have
an internal circuit breaker.
This will prevent a fire if the surge protector is
overloaded or shorted.

Consider having a surge arrestor installed at
the fuse box or electrical panel
for complete house protection.
This is especially good to have for
homes in areas with lots of lightning.
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