Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)

5.30: co.apt/pol/Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.):
diane rheme's show, Rep. John Lewis:
. his every response was a flowery
"(that's none of your business) .

. when he showed concern for a lack of voting,
diane asked what he would do about
making it easier to get 3rd parties voted in;
and he scoffed at that as
not even representing us well!
. if we had instant-runoff voting,
then we could show our support for other parties,
without having to worry about the spoiler affect .

. and after saying that,
he called us a democracy?!
. other leaders are quick to remind us
it certainly is not a democracy!
it's a constitutional republic .
. I've never seen a referendum at the federal level;
and if there was one,
much of drug law would be in the toilet .

. he also did nothing to defend himself against
a caller who was wondering how he could
be for love and obama,
when obama lied about the repub's,
saying they wanted to poison our environs,
and throw grandma over a cliff .

here's how I would have defended obama:
. do the repub's not support small gov'?
does that not skimp on regulations
and also skimp on using tax money to
transition us to less toxic forms of energy
-- away from coal and oil ?

. but I didn't know about that grandma comment;
what was it refering to?
. apparently a progressive group was asking
if america was beautiful without medicare .
. the fox news commentary of that
was pointing out that repub's simply
agreed with obamacare's death panels:
they wanted to cap the growth in medicare spending
not put an end to medicare .

. but wasn't there some republican talk about
privatizing our entire medical insurance?
. anyway, it's not clear to me that Obama
personally would say such a thing .

. I think his problem is being brain damaged
(he was hit hard during a civil rights march);
the best he can do is
gracefully evade complicated questions ...

[6.23: are you kidding?!:
. Rep. Lewis was simply using the same tactics
that Obama would use against massive contention .
. Obama certainly isn't brain damaged,
but a highlight of his speaking tour for ObamaCare
was spending hours saying nothing !
. they think they are being honest, like this:
"( I understand that you see
nothing in this bill for you;
but, if you are well-read on the subject
you know that it does improve things
for the majority ).
. another reason to say nothing
is when you're convinced the questions being asked
are merely rhetorical,
and anything you say will merely be used against you .
. I've noticed Obama getting a lot of heat just for being
the first hiafric to tower over euro's .
. maybe a hiafric congressman has had to deal with
the same treatment, incessantly .]