fungal feet rising with free-diet elderly

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heavy skin or nail growth can be fungal infection:

Dr. Leonard Vekkos, a podiatrist
toenails seem to thicken as we get older?
The most common issue is the development of a fungus infection
called onychomycosis.
. diabetes or other medical conditions
create an immuno-compromised state
or a decreased circulation to the toenails .
Q. what fungus treatments are available?
A. The thickness caused by fungus can cause skin infections
that can lead to serious problems.
In general, many fungal infections can be treated by
debridement (trimming and cleaning) in order to relieve discomfort.

news.health/foot care to avoid fungal infection:
Here are 4 simple, yet powerful, tips to keep in mind:
    Don’t share your nail file [need Dog Nail Clippers?]
    Wear the right shoe size [Fergie Captive Women's Boots]
    Don’t go barefoot [Perimeter GTX Boots]
    Hydrate your cuticles with oils, like oil of oregano