recovering from brain atrophy

5.14: co.lef.org/med/apm/recovering from brain atrophy:
G Satyanarayanan
Can cognitive problems caused by
antipsychotic like risperidone
(ADHD, slow processing speed, low working memory)
and lithium(dyslexia, restlessness,
immediate and long term memory loss)
be reversed?
I was taking these medications for 4 years.
Now I 've stopped them
still now side-effects of those drugs not gone
so that I can say I have become normal
wrt those cognitive parameters.
Is cognitive problems caused by antipsychotic
like risperidone and lithium reversible?
What duration of such medications
beyond which such side effects
are not reversible- 2/4/6 years?
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. Satyanarayanan asks about brain repair
after being on long-term anti-psychotics .
. these medications work by inhibiting dopamine function,
and atrophying the brain cells that make dopamine .
. the key is to find dopamine enhancers,
and anything that "(exacerbates schizophrenia)
and then anything that promotes neurite growth .
. I'm combining mct, blueberry extract,
and LE fishoil with DMAE for neurite growth .
. yohimbine extract promotes dopamine use,
and L-dopa (Mucuna Pruriens extract)
promotes dopamine production .
. you may have a lot of research ahead of you:
beware high blood pressure, etc .
. if I think of anything else for attention deficit,
I'll be putting them on my
performance enhancers list .