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"( . and the first thing you should do is click on the radio icon
and tell'em mark sent you . )
. but they act as if you know what you're signing up for;
in fact I had no idea until they asked for my credit card,
and found this cheap way to do stamps from home
is suitable only for businesses who do mass mailings,
because the service is $16 per month
-- heck, I haven't used that much postage in 10 years!

business mail 101 (usps.com)
Postage Meter
A postage meter prints postage directly onto your mailpieces
(or onto a meter tape, which you apply to your mailpiece).
Postage meters are a very convenient way to
pay for postage and track postage costs
for your business or organization.
Some mailers use metered postage because
they believe that it adds a more personal touch.
A postage meter is also great to have
around the office for all of your mailing needs
—you can send out any class of mail (except Periodicals)
in any quantity at any price with the same postage meter.
Postage meters come in all sizes. Very large mailers have
big, specialized meters that fold, insert, weigh,
and meter postage onto envelopes.
Some meters are small and require each mailpiece
to be hand-fed. That can take time.
A meter manufacturer can help you decide
which meter is right for your mailing needs.
If you already have a postage meter
and you’re starting to do bulk business mailings,
using your meter could be a smart choice.
Although you can use the same postage meter
for all of your mail,
you must apply for a permit
to use the meter for bulk mailings.
Also, there are special markings required for bulk mailings
that can be applied with your meter stamp.
That saves you an extra step.

Postage meters and PC Postage products
are collectively identified as “postage evidencing systems.”
A postage evidencing system is a
device or system of components
a customer uses to print evidence that
postage required for mailing has been paid.
Postage evidencing systems print indicia,
such as meter imprints or information-based indicia (IBI),
to indicate postage payment.
Mailers print indicia directly on a mailpiece
or on a label that is affixed to a mailpiece.

USPS-authorized Meter Providers

PC Postage providers:

Customers must enter into an agreement with the USPS
for authorization to use postage evidencing systems.
By entering into the agreement,
the customer accepts responsibility for
control and use of the system
and agrees to abide by all rules
and regulations governing its use.
The value of the indicia on each mailpiece
must be the exact amount due
for the applicable price category and
associated criteria such as weight, shape, and zone
or another amount permitted by mailing standards
to qualify for worksharing or volume discounts.
Refunds for overpayment are considered
only under standards in 604.9.0.
stamps.com welcome
$110 value
$55 in postage coupons
free digi scale $50
$5 supples kit
4-wek trial
Why do you need my credit card information?
Your credit card is required by the USPS
to set up your USPS postage account.
Your credit card will not be charged
unless you buy additional postage or Stamps.com products,
or if you continue past the NO-RISK 4-week trial period.
If you continue past the trial,
Stamps.com service fees are only $15.99 per month,
and you can cancel anytime.
No long term contract is required.
Is my credit card information safe?
Yes. We use the highest level SSL encryption technology
to secure all of our commerce transactions.
    NO-RISK Trial (4 Weeks)
    $5 Instant FREE Postage to use during your trial
    $50 in Postage Coupons
    FREE 5lb Digital Scale
    FREE Supplies Kit ($5 Value)
    $15.99 per month for service

    Use the service for 4 weeks with no upfront costs!
If the service isn't right for you,
cancel your account during the trial period
and you will not be charged any service fees.
If you continue past the trial,
you will be charged service fees for the first month.
$5 Instant FREE Postage to use during your trial
    Upon sign-up, we will put $5 in free postage
into your account to use during your trial.
$50 in Postage Coupons
    After you complete your trial period,
you will receive a Supplies Kit in the mail
which will include $50 in free postage coupons.
The first $10 postage coupon
is redeemable 30 days after sign-up,
the second is redeemable 60 days after sign-up,
the third is redeemable after 90 days,
the fourth is redeemable after 120 days,
and the fifth is redeemable after 150 days.
FREE 5lb Digital Scale
    As a new Stamps.com customer you will receive
a FREE 5 lb. Digital Scale.
The scale is a $50 value
and is yours to keep with no additional obligation.
Just pay for tax and shipping and handling.
FREE Supplies Kit ($5 Value)
    You will receive a Supplies Kit in the mail
which includes a Welcome Guide
and free postage labels.
Remember, you don’t have to
wait for the kit to arrive
in order to use the service.
Immediately after sign-up,
you can start printing postage
directly on envelopes and printing shipping labels
on 8.5” x 11” plain paper!

$15.99 per month for service
    Stamps.com's service fees are $15.99 per month.
Service fees are billed at the end of
each monthly billing cycle.
There are no long-term leases,
so you may cancel at any time.
Stamps.com is a service that allows you to print
official United States Postal Service® postage
directly from your PC and printer.
Our services are available for a small monthly fee,
there are no taxes or additional fees
besides the cost of actual postage printed.
No special hardware is needed.
Once your mail or package is ready to go,
simply hand it to your mail carrier.

How does Stamps.com work?
Our software connects you via the Internet
to your Stamps.com Postage Account.
You simply put your letter or package on the Stamps.com scale, select the service and USPS® mail class you want and press print. Once printed, simply affix your postage to your letter or package and give it to your mail carrier or drop it in the nearest mailbox. When you print postage, the postage amount will be deducted from your account.
There's never any additional taxes or fees.

What makes Stamps.com better than a postage meter?
With Stamps.com there are no long-term commitments, hidden fees, proprietary ink costs or reset fees to worry about.And you will pay less for Priority or Express Mail with Stamps.com than you will with a meter.
Just download the software
and print only the postage you need.