duelling romney - obama funnies

5.3: sci.pol/obama/
romney can win because he's sarcasm:

. romney can win because he's sarcasm:
"( proud capitalism is canibalizing your job ),
and people will then feel silly being jealous of 1% image .

5.4: pos.pol/obama/
romney has a chance with delegates voting:
. now I'm sure romney is electable because
the group he's making his case to is not us
but the delegates .

5.7: co.apt/obama/controling us with czars!:
. obama is controling us with czars!
that's what dem's always do, they invented the first czar,
for the drug war;
but also the alcohol prohibition, ... who did that?
the women, when they got to vote,
** it got right there in the constitution **
-- talk about a super czar .

5.8:  co.apt/pol/obama/from the socialists, with love:
. recall someone recently saying
that usa youth on the euro tourist circuit
were feeling a lot more loved at europe's hostels
after it was seen that usa had voted for Obama .
. but love can be tough:
the amsterdam coffee shops
no longer cater to foreign tourists,
they're only to keep local youth off the street .
6.23: web:
(23% of tourists visited those coffeeshops).

5.9: web.pol/obama/obama's real father:

. real father rumors are hitting the fan;
is this why he's out for gay marriage now?
. the story I got from the radio was that
obama's real father, Frank,
and a friend, the kenyan, agreed to agree
for some reason,
that the kenyan would say he was the father,
perhaps so he could have access to
usa as married to citizen ?
he never said, or I was radio surfing elsewhere .
frank was married with many children
and was struggling to maintain that marriage,
so perhaps this move was part of that struggle .

obama's real fatherBirtherism 2.0: Obama’s ‘Real’ Father
April 30, 2012 at 11:04 am Ed Brayton
. taking birtherism to a new level,
in “Dreams from My Real Father:
A Story of Reds and Deception ”
(see trailer, and intro)
Joel Gilbert is arguing that
not only wasn’t Obama born in the USA
but that Barack Obama Sr.
isn’t even his real father.
And who is his real father? A communist!
Gilbert rejects the official story
that the Kenyan-born Barack Obama
was the president’s father.
Instead, he argues, Frank Marshall Davis,
the radical poet and journalist
who was a card-carrying member
of the Communist Party USA,
was the real, biological -- and ideological --
father of Barack Obama.
the real father is Frank Marshall Davis?
Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation
claims that Davis was a political influence on Obama .
A rebuttal released by Obama's presidential campaign,
titled Unfit for Publication,
confirmed that "Frank" was Frank Marshall Davis,
but disputes claims about the nature of their relationship.
5.11: co.apt/pol/obama/romney is funny:
. funny story to find romney forcing a haircut;
you'd think they'd use an eagle scout ...
as if my audience:
. phil, that is an eagle scout:
you find a long-hair, you cut his hair off!
as self:
. just saying, you'd think they'd find a match who
wouldn't squawk underneath the presidential lights !
it worked for me
5.22: co.apt/pol/obama/
it worked for colin powell
. Colin Powell's new book is
"(it worked for me);
suppose that was about
him looking like Obama?
. Powell was the one
who was asked to say:
"( there's weapons of mass destruction
-- just kidding! ).
. Obama was told to say these kiddings:
"( g'tmo is closing down,
israel will be told no more wars for
defending arrogant settlers ).