GOP (Get OverPopulation)

[6.22: summary:
. the highlight of this post was the realization that
GOP had the same initials as Get OverPopulation;
but the main theme is overpopulation's causes,
and ideas for humane solutions .
. inflation and unemployment together
are symptoms of overpopulation relative to
the labor needs of capitalism .
. when the GOP says "(we don't have the money)
they mean they don't need our labor;
and, all of their cost-cutting measures
are attempts to get overpopulation
by making us feel like we can't afford children .
. they don't feel like they're being heard though,
because they are the party of church values,
but they keep reminding us of family values
and hope we get the hint:
if your family doesn't have a job for your children
your family should at least have a spare bedroom .
. most of all they talk about reaganomics,
but you must know there are no more jobs
because they Get OverPaid too!
. not only are those jobs not coming back,
we are just a few years from intelligent automation;
so as we have more people needing a free lunch,
shouldn't we pay people to stop reproducing? ]

5.14:  co.fb#michael moore/pol/purges/overpopulation/
students losing welfare:
One thing I'm sure of:
college students will not take this abuse much longer.
The rumblings are everywhere.
Student Loans Weighing Down a Generation With Heavy Debt
Nearly everyone pursuing a bachelor’s degree
is borrowing money,
and as prices soar,
a college degree often comes with
an unprecedented financial burden.
. you can blame [it] on capitalism for the moment,
but eventually you'll be forced to blame it [on] overpopulation;
I think if we paid people to stop reproducing,
that would be a sustainable wealth-promoting welfare state .
Plutocrats Deserve Public Scorn ...by Carl Gibson
The only way to get the GOP
(Guardians Of Plutocracy) out of office
is to vilify them in public and shame their supporters.
. GOP might also mean Get OverPopulation
5.14: co.fb#george/pol/purges/overpopulation/
MSNBC reporter is going OFF!:
Right On!!
Unbelievable Rant on MSNBC!
Reporter CRACKS & Spews TRUTH!

Occupy Wall Street Anonymous LOOK!
This MSNBC reporter is going OFF! Political Panic is an understatement
---omg god love his heart --his message,
a rare moment of clarity from the mass media,...
[. vid says a bought congress is
extracting wealth from usa
via trans-party financial, trading, & taxing systems;
the Integrated Money Party
is fully corrupt and defrauding us .]

. in the long-term view,
another source of wealth extraction
will be continued population expansion
even as the economy needs fewer workers .
. not to mention throwing modern healthcare
at every problem made by the modern diet .
5.29: co.apt/pol/purges/overpopulation/
determines the quality and number of jobs:
. jobs are so easy to create and each costs abortions;
[ the deaths caused by our freedoms include:]
police, punks[young criminals], and innocent bystanders
. you're out of a job because you're too expensive;
why is that?
. our style of freedom may promote brain drain
that brings all the brains and talent to us,
but the freedom of maximized privacy
is very expensive .]

5.19: co.fb#pop'connection/pol/purges/overpopulation/
like"Study cites birth control deficiency/like:
Study cites birth control deficiency .
"Imagine how low the rate of unintended pregnancy would drop
if all women could access and afford a long-acting,
highly effective method of contraception like an IUD or implant.
Since cost is a huge deterrent,
covering these methods as preventive medicine
with no copay would really help. "
5.30: pol/purges/overpop/good will towards all men:
. good will towards all men
would devastate the economy,
causing catastrophic inflation
as the demand exceeded even the possible supply .
. but the reason is overpopulation;
and the cause of that is private parenting;
privacy rights are stealing our jobs,
and eroding our standard of living .]

5.31: news.pol/purges/overpopulation/
so what global overpop is a myth:

The Zeitgeist Movement is about sustainability:
. they argue that we are just horribly inefficient;
ie, we don't have a problem yet .

. some who are calling overpop a myth
try to back up that claim by pointing out that
there is no global overpopulation?
. the fact that there is obviously
regional overpopulation
should tell you that all you have to do
to realize global overpop,
is to simply redistribute the wealth
and people will overpopulate whatever is given to them .
. there is defacto overpopulation
in any place where
people don't want to redistribute wealth
but they do want to minimize employment .
. the fact that the poor are breeding poverty
is proof that man tends to overpopulate .
. if you were to give the poor a free lunch,
they would outbreed the limits of the lunch supply .
. overpopulation =
your only birth control method is
having resource limits preventing fertility
or child survival .

5.7: news.pol/purges/overpopulation/
overpop causes nationalist sentiments:
"(...nationalist sentiments
on both the far left and right)
. overpopulation or unemployment
typically causes nationalist sentiments
on both the far left and right .
. but "(left) is simply the "(Other) basket,
not just liberals, it includes radical;
ie, completely new designs ...
well actually, it's a simple antonym:
Right means conservative,
traditional and resistant to change .
Nationalism is code for
"(against globalized capitalists or immigrants) .

5.23: co.apt/pol/purges/overpopulation/
how does communism get so bad?
how come we're not much better?:
. how is it a democratic idea like communism
can always turn out so dictatorial:
free speech? what people want is change,
and most of the time the change people want
is to have more autonomy
which doesn't fit communism .
. so you see the same thing in our #ows,
you have the freedom to voice your protest,
but what you really wanted is change,
so you are going to act up until you get maced;
the dictators of communism are figuring
you may as well mace them for speaking
because you know what they want;
it's still not different from our system:
when you want what you can't have,
you get maced .
. we have so much freedom in america,
just don't do drugs or get obscene;
and guess what?
we still have more people in prison
than communist russia does!

it's not what freedoms you allow,
it's how important were the things you outlawed .
. communism according to prison size,
is no more freedom-busting than we are .
[. you could say that we smartly
free up wealth creation,
but you can see that our strength
only protects wealth creation:
we do nothing to prevent the bulk of america
from looking like some 3rd world cesspool .
. we need to use drug freedoms and many other carrots
to control breeding,
but they're just wealth creators,
not problem solvers .]