Romney as born-again State's Rights disciple

5.21: co.apt/pol/to repub's
mormon romney is born-again state's rights:

. some other christians call mormonism a cult;
and the reason for that could be that
by fabricating their own 3rd bible,
mormonism may be suggesting that
the christian's interpretation of the bible
is a fabrication -- "(they may as well have
written a whole new book! let us do the same .)
. so perhaps,
by using mormon romney as a candidate,
the repub's intend to communicate
that they are the political landscape's
new and vibrant moral fiber .
[ or they could be trying to attract
people from 3rd parties?...
most likely his mormonism is an accident,
what they meant to communicate about him
is his conversion from being a democrat
to being a small-gov state-rights republican
so the main message is:
we don't have to agree with our candidate,
we just need to find someone that likes
state's rights, and love them for it .
6.23: 5.21:
. another important message is change:
Bush converted from drunk to christian;
Obama converted from druggy to christian;
and now that christian conversions seem played,
Romney represents the Tea Party conversion
from Democrat-funded tax-and-spend liberal
to Integrated Money Party -funded
maximal freedom for Big Money conservative .]