check your nitrogen footprint too #GlobalWarming

5.29: news.pol/energy/global warming/
check your nitrogen footprint too:

(we need to watch out for both our
carbon and nitrogen footprints ...)
my response:
. do you want to reduce suicides,
get more wind energy,
and feel more satisfied?
eat more meat, and dump more
nitrous oxide into the atmosphere!
. sure there will be more global warming,
but you have so much wind energy,
you can afford to live underground,
where the weather won't bother you !

news.pol/energy/hydrogen economy by 2020
and living in the deep sea:

world future society reports:
. new advances in fuel cells may enable us to
live deep under the sea .
. Hydrogen Economy will seriously begin to
supersede the Oil Economy by about 2020 .
your nitrogen footprint is huge:

. visit n-print.org .
The detrimental impacts result because
a large fraction of the N used in
food and biofuel production,
and all of the N used in non-biofuel
(i.e. non-agricultural) energy production,
are lost to the environment.
Of the N used to produce food,
about 80% is lost before consumption,
and the remainder is lost after
consumption as human waste .
this reactive nitrogen is causing
a cascade of environmental changes:
smog, acid rain, forest dieback,
coastal ‘dead zones’, biodiversity loss,
stratospheric ozone depletion
and an enhanced greenhouse effect .
your nitro-footprint downsized:
. Sustainable farms use practices that
reduce their amount of fertilizer runoff
(manure or petroleum-based)
A protein-heavy diet is nitrogen-intensive,
Consider both vegetable and animal protein:
good for both your health and for the environment.
. chicken production is less N-intensive
than beef production.
In the US, about 30% of food is wasted .
. eat less meat .
Meat consumption in the developed world
needs to be cut 50 percent per person by 2050,
and industrial and agricultural emissions
need to be cut in half
to meet the IPCC's* aggressive strategy to
reduce the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide.
*: (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
. more nitro-news .