the first ever Food Revolution Day

5.19: co.fb#applegatefarms/health/
the first ever Food Revolution Day:
A day to spread awareness and knowledge
about healthy eating!
Are any of you joining or hosting an event?
see vid.
. thanks for supporting Food Revolution Day .
. the important thing with meat is
certifying no grains were fed,
unless the animal is a natural grain eater
(eg, grasshoppers, crickets, other insects)
. I would also want an annual sanity test
that included 3rd-party dioxin testing;
if the animal is sitting high on the food chain
(from being fish entrails for instance)
then this may show up in a dioxin test .
. for economics, I would start by
feeding organic grain to grasshoppers or crickets
and then try feeding pressure-cooked beans and insects
to the chickens for meat and eggs .
. not sure if grass-eating animals will eat insects,
but if they'll eat mouldy grain out of a trough
they might eat anything!
. until then, the only animal product I can trust is
whey protein isolate and eggland's organic best eggs .
(I actually have to do without organic eggland's in my area
but eggs are very important brain food
and low-sat'fats = low-grain fed .)