credit to debt ratio

5.12: pol/credit to debt ratio:
. credit to debt ratio has nothing to do with your
level of student loan debt,
or how much of a student loan you have piled up;
rather it has everything to do with
your relationship to credit cards,
although this too can be unfair
since you can get hit just for closing accounts
without having an open account with an active history .
. I think the person who was fired for a credit report
might have some serious credit card bills
rather than seeking out more sane, responsible places
to get a full-coverage student loan from .
. this person appears to be assuming that
it's ok to steal from a credit card company
in the event of unemployment after school;
this puts the person's ethics into question .
. would you hire such a person to do your accounting?
they could be desperate eno' to
use the accounting job for their own gain,
such as taking bribes for looking the other way .