raw egg virus might cause cancer

5.11: news.health/raw egg virus might cause cancer:
Michael Greger, M.D.:
the risk for cancers of the blood and bone marrow,
such as non-Hodgkins lymphoma, various leukemias,
and myeloma (more details in my 2 min. video
EPIC Findings on Lymphoma).
Chicken consumption appeared the most hazardous,
associated with up to triple the cancer rates
for every 50 grams of daily poultry consumption
—that’s just a quarter of a chicken breast worth!
Why was there so much more lymphoma and leukemia risk
among those eating just a small serving of chicken a day?
As detailed in my 2 min. video
Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics?,
the association between poultry and cancer
may be explained by the presence of
drugs, industrial carcinogens such as dioxins,
and/or the presence of oncogenic (cancer-causing) viruses.
In Poultry and [human] Cancer
I present the largest study to date
on poultry workers and cancer mortality,
which found a whopping 8-fold increased risk of
dying from penile cancer compared to controls,
a finding thought due to chicken virus exposure,
raising broader food safety concerns.
If chickens can be infected with
viruses linked to cancer in consumers,
then what about eggs?

These cancer-causing viruses found in chicken and eggs
are utterly destroyed by proper cooking,
so the primary risk of infection
would presumably be associated with
such as when mixing cake batter,
handling raw poultry, or even just
touching meat or shopping carts .
-- #oops that's my #raw #egg #diet, falling on my face!
6.5: yea but
you're already cancer-fried by touching shopping carts?!
don't forget your high-dose selenium!
and your hormonic(low-insulin), low-glycemic diet!!