#Jesus all the good are gods

2016.12.10: 12.13: 2017.3.28:
relig/jc/all the good are gods:
Jesus said "you call me good ?
nobody is good but the god";
when I first heard that it seemed obvious
he was detecting sarcasm;
"you call me good as if that is in question.
ok, nobody is good but the god
and we both agree I'm not the god."
. but a radio preacher pointed out otherwise:
Jesus did indeed believe he was the god;
because he was faithful to the will of the god;
in fact, in defending this Jesus said:
do the scriptures not say
to those whom the word of the god came,
they are all gods?
. any faithful Judaist follows, and upholds,
the word or will of the god;
so they would be considered gods:
representations of the good god.
. so you could still say he detected sarcasm
but his response was this:
"you question I'm good but what is good?,
only the word of our god is good;
we agree on this."
. all good people are the good god:
emotions come from the gods;
and, when we have emotional reasons
for doing the will of the good god
we are driven by the good god:
we are the same as the good god,
because we are the hands of that god.


manganese toxicity #adhd

3.25: web.health/manganese toxicity:
. someone mentioned that modern life might be
exposing us to toxic levels of manganese;
and a source of that is leaching from stainless steel;
I use a stainless steel pan to boil bones in acidic water.
how do I know if I have manganese toxicity?


healthier people tend to be more optimistic

3.24: news.health/healthier people tend to be more optimistic:
. the more optimistic people tend to also be healthier;
so, it is conjectured that being optimistic
can be learned and can enhance health.
. it could be that optimism creates less stress,
and stress can be a source of disease?
. there are studies of visualization
showing that you can get better sports performance
by visualizing what it is you want to do;
so, perhaps learned optimism could involve
visualization of better health?
. optimism might be the opposite of depression;
and depression is an inflammatory disease,
that seems to coexist with many other
inflammation-related diseases
(cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc).
. ways of learning optimism might involve
learning to mentally control inflammation.


high usa #vet #suicides are part of high #elder suicides

2016.12.7: web.psy/suicide
/usa vet suicides are mostly among elders and normal rates for elders:
. the most notable thing about the suicides among vets
is that they happen during old age
(average age was 60);
there is the same problem for non-vets,
high rates of suicide among elders;
suggesting it's not from service-caused pain.
. guy's who appreciated being in top physical shape
are finding themselves with low hormones
and thus many physical and sexual problems.


2016.12.5: web.psy/gremlin:
. when hearing ventilation systems or motors
it sounds like there are voices from them.
. this reminded me of reports from air service during the war
when the voices of gremlins could often be heard
due to sound of motors and winds.
. it is true that during survival extremes
people may tend to hallucinate,
but gremlin noises may also come from
a bored mind finding patterns in random sounds
like when seeing animals or faces in clouds.