famous corrupt Russian propagandist dies by "heart attack"

11.7: news.pol/purges/murder/
famous corrupt Russian propagandist dies by "heart attack":
. when a famously corrupt Russian propagandist
dies by "heart attack":
I wondered if the state of Russia
might assassinate officials who discredit the state,
as this is the 2nd time he's been unseated by Russia
for what appears to be ethical failures.
. there may be classified directed energy weapons
that can cause a heart attack
"using the Venus ECCM technique
– i.e., warping of its wavefront –
to destroy the body’s control of its heartbeat."
[Tom Bearden 2007]


progesterone creams for men

11.4: web.cook/progesterone/fewest ingredients:
. I need a progesterone cream for men;
many of the creams for women come added with
herbs meant to enhance estrogen function.
progesterone is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor,
that lowers DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels;
it may also counteract the growing xenoestrogens problem
(although estrogen dominance is a controversial idea).

Tucson Botanical Gardens`Nature Connects Art with LEGO Bricks

12.11: psy/art/Tucson Botanical Gardens`Nature Connects Art with LEGO Bricks
I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens with family;
we saw the Nature Connects Art with LEGO Bricks
and then Luminaria Nights 2015.
. the train set is lit up nice, looks good on video
(Tucson Botanical Gardens`Luminaria Nights 2015).
. there were more than 5 different acts all playing at the same time;
an orchestra, several singing groups,
including one in a foreign language:
Mzekala and friends (Balkan vocals and drums).
. here are some of the LEGO constructions:


Ishmaelites (#circumcised non-#semitic) #wwIII

11.16..17: web,news.pol/purges/wwIII/finale-time clues/
Ishmaelites (circumcised non-semitic):
Ishmael represented the circumcised non-semitics;
circumcised Christians and Islam are globalized religions,
far beyond control by semitic peoples.
. in the end times it is said that Ishmael
will be ruling over the world;
and when Ishmael falls,
Judaism's Messianic age will rise.
. who would circumcised Christians and Muslims fall to?
the uncircumcised: liberals or Russia-China.
. Russia has a lot of Christians
but they are mostly uncircumcised.
. usa has a lot of circumcised Christians
but they are dominated by uncircumcised liberals.
. after WWIII they agree to a global government
that gives control of the Temple mount to Judaists.


#Islam claimed #Jesus was prophet of #Judaism

11.14...16: relig/islam/claimed Jesus was prophet of Judaism:
. the Final Prophet who founded Islam
sees himself as the prophet of JudeoChristians;
and his main message was to clarify who Jesus was:
Judaists needed to know Jesus was their prophet;
and Christians needed to know Jesus was not god.

. Jesus is to be honored for defending the Golden rule
protesting the treatment of prophets, sinners and the poor;
his sacrifice was essential to being a doomsday prophet
and king of the Islamic and Christian empires,
-- these empires were key players in the Unifying War
that would result in the Messianic age (Fall 2016).


low money velocity indicates deflation coming

10.21: news.pol/purges/depression/
low money velocity indicates deflation coming:
Harry S. Dent 2013:
. every 60 to 80 years, Inflation becomes deflation.
[money velocity has recently fallen hard]
The last time we saw money velocity drop like a rock
was between 1919 and 1929.
It was during the three years (1930 ..1933)
in which money velocity went negative
that many market bubbles catastrophically popped;
and debt deleveraged at breakneck speeds…
creating deflation, not inflation,
even with record low interest rates
and Fed stimulus to fight the great Depression.
see recent money velocity:
[economicgreenfield.com 2015/01]
. velocity of M1 supply was in a bubble that has now popped,
still quite a bit higher than the 1960's;
Velocity of MZM and M2 is well below the 1960's.


consolidated elections nov 3 2015 #Tucson city, #Pima county, AZ #vote

10.17: proj.gov/vote/consolidated elections nov 3 2015 Tucson city, Pima county, AZ:
prop 201: no
. should we stop replacing police with red light or speed cameras?
we should make sure cameras are used fairly, not abolished
because police have better things to do.
. anyone who is angry about automated law enforcement
thinks the laws are unnecessary,
and needs to get the laws changed,
or is thinking police are overlooking them
(enforcing the law only for certain types or races),
or is worried that the automated tickets are unfair;
eg, one problem is when entering an intersection
and then getting stopped by a pedestrian
so that you are still in the intersection when the light is red,
and bad judges aren't forgiving your case;
so, the solution is to get good judges,
not abolish automated law enforcement.


9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

everything you wanted to know about 9/11 ... except what Dr.Judy Wood noticed.


#gmo academics is not compromised

9.9: news.pol/healthcare/gmo/academics is not compromised:
gmwatch.org folta-affair-exposed-in-the-new-york-times
Folta was revealed by Freedom of Information requests
to have accepted $25,000 from Monsanto,
even though he had repeatedly denied having any Monsanto funding.

There is no evidence that academic work was compromised,
but emails show
how academics have shifted from researchers to
actors in lobbying and corporate public relations campaigns.


National Academy of Sciences` postmarketing surveillance of #GMO foods

8.29: news.pol/healthcare/gmo
/National Academy of Sciences` postmarketing surveillance of GMO foods:
The New England Journal of Medicine 2015:
by Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., and Charles Benbrook, Ph.D.
[cornucopia.org 2015]

[Genetically modified (GM) policy is ignoring the science.]
. unlike traditional selective breeding,
genetic engineering vastly expands the range of traits
that can be moved into plants.
Foods produced from GM crops have become ubiquitous.
And unlike regulatory bodies in 64 other countries,
the usa's FDA does not require labeling of GM foods.

. the argument that [gm foods are equivalent to non-gmo]
misses the point that GM crops are now
the most heavily treated with herbicides
and that two of these herbicides may pose risks of cancer.


Rupert Sheldrake Rediscovering God

8.5: web.relig/Rupert Sheldrake/Rediscovering God
Rediscovering God with Rupert Sheldrake
at Hollyhock [a place he likes to vist]
(this is a partial transcript [with comments]).


Rupert Sheldrake The Extended Mind

8.5: web.psy/Rupert Sheldrake/The Extended Mind:
GoogleTechTalks`Rupert Sheldrake`
The Extended Mind[the mind beyond the brain]:
Recent Experimental Evidence
Rupert Sheldrake at GoogleTechTalks!
(partial transcript [and comments])


many safe products now part of #cancer conspiracy

7.25: news.health/cancer/
many safe products now part of cancer conspiracy:
. many chemicals in our environment
are not classed as carcinogens because
they are not by themselves mutagens;
but many chemicals deemed to be safe
can conspire to contribute to cancer risk.


brain-eating infection in rivers and lakes

7.24: news.health/brain-eating infection in rivers and lakes:
Naegleria fowleri are brain-eating amebae
that enter the brain through the nose.
. there is always a low level of risk whenever they enter
warm freshwater lakes, rivers, and hot springs
(for example, when swimming, diving, or waterskiing),
particularly in southern-tier states.
. drinking infected water is not a problem [cdc].


curcumin for #parkinsons

7.21: news.med/parkinsons/curcumin:

. curcumin is found in turmeric spice;
curcumin can reduce the progress of Parkinson's
by inhibiting the misfolding and bunching up
of the brain cell protein alpha-synuclein.
. curcumin can reduce ROS (stressful oxygen radicals)
that are associated with Parkinson's.
. alpha-synuclein toxicity can cause apoptosis (cell suicide),
and curcumin can protect cells against that
[BMC Neurosci. 2010].

other things curcumin can do for the brain:
. Curcumin can chelate metals that cause
oxidative damage to lipids, proteins, and DNA.
. it can inhibit inflammation (stongly associated
with brain cell death in Parkinson's)
and, stimulate beneficial microglial phagocytosis
[immune cells in brain eat unwanted material]
to clear amyloid out of brain.

. removing amyloid might reduce the formation of
the α-synuclein amyloid fibrils found in Parkinson's;
because, the α-synuclein tends to form aggregates
when seeded by other aggregates (amyloids)
[J Biological Chemistry 2005].

. curcumin extracts are poorly absorbed;
perhaps the most potent curcumin formula
is Relentless Improvement's Curcumin
unless you're allergic to Polyvinyl pyrrolidone.

lucidamide for #parkinsons

7.19..22: news.med/parkinsons/lucidamide:
7.22: summary:
. noöpept (available as lucidamide)
has been shown in nerve cells in a dish
to save them from death due to the addition of
the alpha-synuclein that is associated with
cell damage in Parkinson's .
. while this alone hardly warrants use in humans,
noopept is known to be safe for humans,
and is used for enhanced memory and less anxiety.


ae911truth.org important rebuttal to Dr.Wood #911truther

7.19: news.pol/911truther/ae911truth.org
/important rebuttal to Dr.Wood:
. ae911truth.org has a lot of clout; because,
it includes many professionals who
dispute the official 9/11 story;
so their rebuttal to Dr.Wood
is an important one;
and shown to be in error.

#911truther Eric Larsen Ph.D

7.19: news.pol/911truther/Eric Larsen Ph.D/

Eric Larsen,
Emeritus professor at John Jay
College of Criminal Justice, CUNY,
founding Publisher and Editor of
The Oliver Arts & Open Press.
. author of The Skull of Yorick:
The Emptiness of American Thinking
at a Time of Grave Peril
—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11.
. he gives a review for Dr.Judy Wood's
Where Did the Towers Go?
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11

global warming theory is disputed by some scientists

7.19: news.phy/geo/global warming theory is disputed by some scientists:
. I think the point of the global warming theory,
is that even though there is insufficient data to support it,
there's a chance the theory is correct,
and if we don't act now before the data is in,
we will find it is too late to act.
. many of the following scientists are skeptics,
but one argument I don't hear from them,
is that severe global warming has happened
many times in the past [geology.utah.gov]
and thus it's due to something beyond our control.


some flu #vaccines don't contain mercury

7.12: news.med/flu vaccine/beware thimerosal:
. some flu vaccines still contain thimerosal
delivering about 25 micrograms of ethylmercury.
It is known that as little a 0.5 micromole
[114.825 micrograms]* of ethylmercury
[ 5 years of thimerosal-flu vaccines ]
can produce a 50% inhibition of the
brain's most important protective system
against excitotoxicity.


water purification

web.aq.care/water purification:
7.11: summary:
. we should store water for emergencies;
boiling is the simplest way to purify water;
but to store tap water in sealed containers,
you can keep it fresh with chlorine dioxide,
(not to be confused with chlorine bleach).
. if there's a chance the water has
protozoa protected by the dormant cyst form
such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium,
only boiling or a submicron filter can remove them
but you don't usually find them in tap water .


#Judaism The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering)

7.3: news.relig/judaism/The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering):
. just as the Israelites built wealth in Egypt,
the current exile has spread Jewish talent
into all the world
in order to build far more wealth
than what could be had from
being confined to the Promised land .
. there will be the final war by Fall 2016
that determines the global leader,
and under that leadership,
the Jewish people will take full control of Israel,
and build the 3rd Temple .


Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths

5.28: web.health/Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths:
7.1: summary:
Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths
have been reduced substantially;
but there is still danger from
letting kids sleep in car seats .
. there is a crib device that simulates a car ride,
so no need to use car rides to promote sleep .


low melatonin may cause #obesity

5.14: news.health/low melatonin may cause obesity:
. there are 2 types of body fat:
white used for energy storage,
and brown for generating heat .
. sedentary people on high-calorie diets
can still remain thin because calories are
being burned for generating heat
by activation of their brown fat .
. being exposed to shorter periods of darkness
due to increasing use of artificial lights
may cause reduced levels of melatonin,
and may result in reduced activity of brown fat
resulting in an increased risk of obesity .
. melatonin also has other metabolic effects
that contribute to prevention of obesity .
The reduction in melatonin production,
as during aging, shift-work
or illuminated environments during the night,
induces insulin resistance, glucose intolerance,
and metabolic circadian disorganization
leading to obesity.

#Jesus as #global king #wwIII

6.29: summary:
. there is a good chance usa will win wwIII,
and it could still fulfill the prophesy
that the god of gods becomes universally recognized .
. whoever becomes the global king,
they will be in power because of Israel and Jesus;
and, that makes Jesus and Israel the global king,
fitting the title "the {only, first} son of the god".


Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns #wwIII

6.26: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns:
. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn uses a study of
the Shemitah and the Jubilee,
to pinpoint the climax of wwIII .
. here is an edited transcript of his
Prophecy in the News Jun 8, 2015:


false teachers vs the gospel

6.18: news.relig/christian/false teachers vs the gospel:
. a study of the gospel
finds some problems with Paul's theology .


#NSA owns #linux even without #monolithic arch

2.19: cyb/sec/#NSA owns #linux even without #monolithic arch:
. I once thought the creator of linux
must be part of the NSA's conspiracy to
put vulnerabilities in open source:
he spurned the idea of a securable microkernel,
promoting instead the efficiency of a monolithic OS
written in the C programming language
which is notoriously difficult to secure .
. but if you look at all the other vulnerabilities
(such as USB support, and firmware rewritability),
a microkernel written in a safe language
would not have really mattered much .
. just look at what Chrome OS did with linux:
it removed many of the other vulnerabilities
and the linux core remains a survivor .


#encryption export controls #Logjam

5.27: news.cyb/sec/encryption export controls/Logjam:
The new attack has been dubbed Logjam,
( the name is a pun on the "discrete log"
math operation used to break the weak keys.
But the name is also an allusion to the fact that
these '90s-era export ciphers are part of an
immense amount of technical debt
that's built up in our crypto protocols,"
"There's just too much dead wood that's accumulated over the years."
The weakness is the result of export restrictions
the US government mandated in the 1990s
to enable less secure encryption for foreigners
so the FBI and NSA could eavesdrop on them .


solar cycles affecting economy

2.16: web.pol/solar cycles affecting economy:
economyandmarkets`The Power of the Cycle:
Do sunspot cycles affect the stock markets?
. the sunspot cycle is reputed be 11 years;
but over the last hundred years,
the real average of this cycle is 10.3 years.
. months of research into sunspot cycles
has shown that 88% of the major crashes,
came in the down cycle,
and most of the rest came close on either side.
The worst crashes come around
the first 2.5 years after a peak;
and, the cycle peaked February 2014;
so the greatest crash should happen
between mid-2015 and late 2016.
[ consider too the 7-year shemitah cycle:
the next one is sept 2015 .]

manage bermuda grass with chickens

2.15: co.nextdoor.com/apt`yard/manage bermuda grass with chickens:
Arthur Thomson:
Dan we had Bermuda grass, then we got about 10 chickens,
now no more Bermuda grass, just lots of fresh eggs.

drug use #childcare

2.15: co.nextdoor.com/Crime & Safety
/health/childcare/drug use in the neighborhood:
"This is not the first time that I have witnessed
students openly smoking dope on the street and sidewalk."
-- JH
. we see from how much society uses drugs
that the ethics of drug use is debatable;
but what is not up for debate
is that childhood is an efficient time to learn
and also an urgent time to learn
(the ignorant get hurt!)
so I thought we should pay kids to learn;
and insist that be their only source of income .
. teach kids not only what is hurting kids
(suicide, car accidents, teenage pregnancy)
but how health choices cost you later .
. when you develope academic skills
you learn to love yourself and are less prone to
letting social troubles lead you to suicide .
. we pay you more for higher grades
because we value your life .

rodeo is getting more dangerous #childcare

2.15: news.health/rodeo is getting more dangerous:
kids in rodeo:
"Cody Custer ... won the 1992 Professional
Rodeo Cowboys Association World Championship,
... He says 11-year-olds are now getting on
the kinds of bulls he rode in college."

The New Yorker mag`Bilger 12.10:
. bulls are being bred to be buckier than before;
only the steers (castrated) are safe to ride now;
at "futurities" bulls get rode by dummies .
. the more aggressive bulls sometimes gore each other;
often this starts when they try to hump each other .

anti-semitism from Islamic panic #wwIII

2.15: co.fb/pol/purges/wwIII/anti-semitism from Islamic panic:
. much of anti-semitism is really anti-zionism,
and the realization that WWIII is inevitable .

regulated #capitalism is #communism

2.15: co.apt/pol/gemini/regulated capitalism is communism:
. talk radio is saying we should beware communism
because it would regulate capitalism;
let me remind us that privacy is the root of all evil;
absolute power brings absolute evil,
and privacy is the key to absolute power;
the most powerful should have the least privacy;
because the whole point of privacy invasion
is to know what is going on to regulate it .
. to the extent that we regulate capitalism
for environmental or consumer protection
we are communistic; and, that degree of communism
is nothing to be afraid of .


extra snow can be from global warming

2.15: co.fb/phy/geo/extra snow can be from global warming:
. there are 2 sources of devastating climate change:
man-made, and geomagnetic pole reversal .


are vitamin E supplements needed?

2.14: web.health/diet/are vitamin E supplements needed?
. it could be that we don't need much vit'E
and any reduction in heart disease
only occurs in those prone to it due to bad diet;
my diet is like the Zone diet but with eggs,
no mammal meat, and little dairy;
my diet avoids grains except oats;
but grains are the primary natural source of vit'E;
however even without grains
it may be possible to get healthy levels of vit'E
by getting a lot of dark green leafies .

life is evil #privacy

2.14: phi/life is evil:
. violating privacy is clearly evil;
yet respecting privacy until proven guilty
inevitably helps hide criminals -- clearly evil:
therefore life is evil,
and you are left choosing the lesser of 2 evils .

@VeteransToday 's Gordon Duff with Dr. Judy Wood #911truther

2.13: news.pol/911truther/VeteransToday.com's Gordon Duff:
audio of Pete Santilli show:
. Santilli converses with Gordon Duff,
Senior Editor with VeteransToday.com.
. both agree with Dr. Judy Wood's analysis
that 9/11 was evidence of
directed free-energy technology,
but Duff warns the deep state will hurt us
if influential people expose classified technology .
. see also transcript .


closer to genetically modified humans

5.10: news.pol/healthcare/gmo/closer to genetically modified humans:
. germline editing is the only solution for
getting rid of inherited diseases
without a eugenics mandate .
. we are getting closer to such technology,
but scientists worry about public opinion
claiming only the god should create new life .


Dr. Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11

2.14: news.pol/911truther
/Dr. David Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11:
. remote viewing is the use of prayer
to get private info about events .
. last year the big news in remote viewing
is farsight.org's exposure of the 9/11 event
as a conspiracy among usa's own government,
but they contradicted the evidence showing
the trade tower dustification was from
a classified beam weapon technology
rather than some clean nuclear bomb .
. a magazine about remote viewing, Eight Martinis,
interviewed Dr. David Morehouse
and he was not excited about remote viewing
because he wasn't into conspiracy theories!
. he was likely thinking like me
what difference does a conspiracy theory make
if it doesn't expose the biggest story:
9/11 was evidence of directed free energy technology .

remote viewing and the Law of Attraction

2.14: news.psy/parapsy/remote viewing and the Law of Attraction:
. this is my first exposure to EightMartinis,
a magazine about a parapsychology method
that gets private information supernaturally
by basically praying to know something .
. those who practice it often also meditate
and that is a key to the Law of Attraction
(the secret to influencing people).
. some people seem possessed after remote viewing
becoming obsessed with discomforting thoughts
suggesting that "dabbling in the supernatural"
may increase risk of psychosis or obsessions .

the grace of god

2.13: bk.relig/god/the grace of god:
. "the grace of god" refers to
the god influencing our decisions
in a way that is coordinated
so that we cooperate with each other
instead of bumping into each other .
. another form of the god's grace
is by influencing a stream of prophets
which tell us what the god's way is;
so, we all have the same expectations of
life and each other .
. if there is an eternal life,
and if it depends upon following
the will of the god,
then it is by the god's grace,
that one can have eternal life .


glucosamine life extender?

2.11, 5.9: news.health/glucosamine/life extender?:
. the studies that claimed
glucosamine caused insulin resistance
were looking at acute high doses;
whereas moderate chronic doses
appear to have a beneficial effect .
D-Glucosamine (CAS 3416-24-8,

#christian Paul started a mystery religion

2.9: bk.relig/christian/Paul started a mystery religion:
. Paul referred to Jesus as "kyrios"
which is the same way of saying "lord"
that the Greeks at that time used for referring to
the dying-rising god of the mystery religions .
. the mystery religions involved a secret ceremony
that united the believer with the dying-rising god
so that likewise the believer might become
divine after death and rise into an eternal life .
. also, even though Peter wanted to
keep gentiles out of christianity
it was Paul who talked him into it
[ Floyd H. Ross and Tynette Hills 1959
The Great Religions By Which Men Live p137].

Jesus' cultural changes

2.7: relig/jc/Jesus' cultural changes:
. Jesus was popular with those who were not wealthy
because the priests were saying
only the rich are blessed by the god
because in order to be blessed by their god
you had to be wealthy enough to
offer sacrifices each year .
. Jesus said even the poor can be blessed
by just remembering the spirit of the law:
love god with all your heart
and love neighbors as you would self .

chriskresser.com` #parkinson's disease

2.6: news.health/parkinson's disease/chriskresser.com:
. Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac talks about
new findings in the study of Parkinson’s disease .


Islamic respect vs free speech

5.4: web.pol/purges/war/Islamic respect vs free speech:
5.6: summary:
. when I first heard of the #texasattack
it seemed every criticism one cares to make
about the Prophet or his god,
can be expressed without images,
yet here were "free speech" defenders
flouting Islam's preferences .
. then I thought of the unique uses of images,
how they can say things very quickly,
and can be a valuable communications tool .
. freedom of expression is a good
and restrictions should not be taken lightely
as long as the assertions are not false;
so, how can we defend both freedom and Islam?
. there will be a global government soon;
so, which culture should that government enforce?
. instead of demanding integration and tolerance
there should be cities dedicated to each culture
so that Islam can get its respect on its turf,
and people can express their graphic opinions
around those who won't become homicidal about it .
. but is cultural segregation safe and humane?
no culture should be allowed to
keep people against their will;
and no culture should be allowed to
whip, amputate, drug or kill their criminals
unless criminals prefer that to expulsion .
. no culture, including Islam,
should expect universal respect:
there should be cities not devoted to Islam
where free speech includes even images
as long as Islamic cities and networks
are protected from viewing such images .


#dementia linked to anticholinergics

2.4: news.health/alz/dementia linked to anticholinergics:
. a study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine,
has linked dementia to "anticholinergic" medicines,
including over-the-counter treatments for
conditions such as insomnia and hay-fever.
. in elderly people, higher doses and prolonged use
(every day for 3 years or more)
were linked to higher dementia risk [cdcbbc].

#ESP is classified

2.4: co.fb#aj/pol/gemini/ESP is classified:
John Greenewald:
Last year, I filed a FOIA request for
information on Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
After finding records that originated at the CIA,
they forwarded them over for review, and release to me.
After waiting quite some time, the documents were determined as
fully classified and exempt from release.
They denied my request in full .
but google "FOIA remote viewing"
eg, http://www.wanttoknow.info/remoteviewing/remote-viewing
"the CIA has already declassified and released
over 70,000 records on remote viewing".
. but here's
Greenewald asking about "remote viewing":
anyway, here's cia's search engine:
here's a better of way of using that:
site:foia.cia.gov remote viewing
eg, (mostly about ufo's but mentions "remote viewing").

Google`Project Zero on #Apple

2.4: news.cyb/sec/Google`Project Zero on #Apple:
intego.com`mac security:
. Google's Project Zero finds flaws in software;
and gives a 90-day warning before releasing details
including proof-of-concept code .

higher IQ by conversing with preschoolers

2.3: news.care/children/higher IQ by conversing with preschoolers:
. wealthier children have higher IQ's,
and one difference wealthier families make
that might be usable by other families
is conversing more with their preschoolers
using a richer vocabulary .
. however the intervention studies are not done,
so the effect of wealth on IQ
might also be due to genetics or telepathy .


life is one just as god is one

2.2: relig/god/life is one just as god is one:
. "life is one just as god is one";
that reminded me that life is numerous
exactly to diversify and spread the risk,
there being safety in numbers,
since even if many within a species die,
the species will live on .
. likewise, god is a source of instincts
and there could be numerous versions of god
in order to diversify and protect
the goal that all gods share as one .
. life is one in its purpose to diversify experience,
just as the purpose of one god of gods
is to ensure the diversity of experience
by knowing everything that has been
and getting to everything that has not been .

se-methylselenocysteine at wikipedia

2.1: web.cyb/net.wiki/se-msc:
. this is what I did for wikipedia;
their Methylselenocysteine page had been deleted
for copyviolations,
I may be doing too much quoting too;
we'll see ...


BPA-poisoning from receipt paper #cancer

2.1: news.health/BPA-poisoning from receipt paper:
. shopping reciepts use a type of paper
that is impregnated with BPA (Bisphenol-A)
an endocrine disruptor linked to cancer,
obesity, diabetes, CVD, and infertility .
. how much of the BPA rubs off on your hands
depends on what else is on your hands:
. using hand sanitizer (and other skin products
that contain dermal penetration enhancers)
increases BPA absorption by as much as 185 times

state of the industrialized nation #cancer

2.1: news.health/cancer/state of the industrialized nation:
. the war on cancer is lost;
even childhood rates are increasing;
likely mostly due to increasing environmental levels of
endocrine disruptors and electromagnetic pollution .


Defense sees cloud computing as insecure

news.cyb/sec/Defense sees cloud computing as insecure:
3.17: 3.29: summary:
. I'm interested in cloud computing primarily because
that is promoted by Google's Chrome OS platform;
however, what makes that platform most secure
is not so much that it relies on cloud computing,
but because it strictly controls the firmware
and this avoids advanced persistent malware .
. the usa's DoD (Dept of Defense) is moving to cloud computing
(saving money by outsourcing to private industry
instead of using DoD's own servers)
but they are not putting all their data there;
because, some of it is too sensitive .
. what they are hoping for
is that they can get private industry
to set up their servers on DoD property,
where physical access to the servers
can be monitored by the DoD .
. another issue is that top secret communications
are done on a network that is separate from
the public's internet .


Pharmaceutical opportunities in_Latin_America_and_Africa

3.4, 3.7, 3.15, 3.16: pol/healthcare/
Pharmaceutical opportunities in Latin America and Africa
Which countries in Latin America and Africa
have the greatest need for Pharmaceutical products
especially difficult to get drugs, [specialty pharmaceuticals]
such as, cancer medications?
Which agencies and individuals in those governments
handle the financing of these medications?
Which NGO's [non-governmental organisations]
are fulfilling that need?
a key resource is the eligibility list
of the Global Fund for AIDS;
many needy governments appear to be
working with the Global Fund .
. wwIII will likely climax before Fall 2016,
and that will dramatically change the market:
there will be a global government in place after that,
in order to control the new Tesla beam weapons;
and a global government might tend to
distribute pharmaceuticals more fairly .


anti-fertility vaccines

2.1: web.pol/gemini/anti-fertility vaccines:
. what were some saying about
vaccines as a method of depopulation ?
how was that supposed to work?!
there have been some half-baked attempts
to finger vaccines as immune damaging,
but there is also talk of "anti-fertility vaccines"
designed to cause infertility,
as a safer, cheaper form of contraception .


adrenal fatigue

2.1: news.health/hormonics/adrenal fatigue:
Chris Kresser`adrenal fatigue:
. adrenal fatigue means high cortisol;
recovering from adrenal fatigue requires more than
just taking supplements and making diet changes;
stress management may include "a qigong routine,
guided mindfulness-based stress reduction practice,
and guided meditation practice".
see the 14-day 4-part program at 14four.me:
(the 4 parts include moving like your ancestors,
reboot your diet, manage your stress,
and get restorative sleep).

immune response to mammalian meat and milk #cancer

2.1: 3.1: web.health/cancer/immune response to mammalian meat and milk:
. eaters of mammalian meat seem more prone to cancer [pnas 2014]
than eaters of other types of animal protein;
a sugar called Neu5Gc, is found in most mammals
but not in humans; and,
humans often have high levels of Neu5Gc-specific antibodies
(perhaps developing inflammation when they eat it)
[Nat Biotechnol. 2010];
scientists wondered if humans are troubled by
eating a foreign sugar such as Neu5Gc
so they engineered mice to not make that sugar
in order to have them better model human reactions;
and, when the new mice were then fed the Neu5Gc,
they were more prone to spontaneous cancers. [ucsd.edu]


@google warns rely only on printers

2.15: news.cyb/net/@google warns rely only on printers:
. Google is the king of cloud computing
but Google's vice-president Vint Cerf warned:
"If there are photos you really care about,
print them out."
. I have all my photos on Google Drive;
is he worried WWIII destroys Google servers?


#Jesus can heal the Sunni-Shia divide #Islam

1.29: relig/islam/Jesus can heal the Sunni-Shia divide:
. the Shia and Sunni fight over how their leader is chosen;
that is just like the Jewish vs Samaritan fight
over which mountain the Temple should be at;
Jesus transcended that fight by saying
worship in your heart not in a temple .
. likewise,
Muslims should transcend the Shia vs Sunni choice
by deciding Islam doesn't need a supreme leader;
all that is needed by a global religion
is to share the same scriptures
and listen to the consensus of our local elders
about how to follow the spirit of the law .
. the reason Islam needed a central authority
is that they were a military organization,
but another way to promote their religion
is by offering social security and local policing .

"g-d" as the voice of community survival

1.29: relig/god/the voice of community survival:
. when we say of a work, "god said that",
or "god had the prophets or the son say that"
we mean that work supports a plan that is
in the best interest of your community or the world,
or something your common sense will agree with
given you are sufficiently educated
to think about the spirit of the law .
. otherwise, how do we know god's voice
when there can be false prophets?


Shinto torii

1.26: web.relig/shinto/torii:
. there are several styles of torii  [see pict]
(shinmei torii, mihashira torii, ...);
what they all have in common
is providing a door frame to walk under,
. sometimes there is some brief fencing,
but instead of the gates going parallel with the frame,
they are parallel with the door's path,
reminding of the handrails for a creek bridge .
. the purpose of the gate is to
suggest you are leaving our world
and entering the spirit world
where the Shinto shrines are meant to be at .
. often a wooden red torii
marks the entrance to the shrine grounds,
then a stone torii marks the actual shrine area.
[japandave.com 2010]


iodine for apoptosis against #cancer

1.24: web.health/cancer/iodine for apoptosis against #cancer:
. iodine may be of use against cancer,
but some say the needed doses
are far beyond what experts consider safe
(National Academy of Sciences).
. iodine has the same political problem as selenium:
when there are claims that it can prevent cancer
the very legitimate concern is that
people are being fed ideas that are not proven
because the proven cancer cures are so feared .
. anyone claiming a use for high-dose iodine
is creating a path for it in cancer treatment too .
. while many may thrive on high-dose iodine
(including a majority of Japanese
who get high-dose iodine from seaweed),
some trying high-dose iodine
have warned of damage to the thyroid
some say the damage came from an autoimmune reaction;
so, as with all things affecting hormones,
start low and go slow;
but also don't forget to get your
thyroid-soothing selenium,
(also another source of cancer prevention).
. the main cause of autoimmune disorders
may be leaky gut syndrome or GAPS
(Gut and Psychology Syndrome),
in which case the GAPS diet may help with
healing gut dysbiosis, curing autoimmune disorders,
and thereby increasing your tolerance for
possibly cancer-preventing doses of iodine .


@NafeezAhmed I love #google /AND/ the #NSA

1.23: news.pol/gemini/@NafeezAhmed I love google AND the NSA:
. I've been noticing that google's chromebook
is the only safe place to be
given today's firmware-based malware;
but also that it nudges you into cloud computing
which is an invasion of privacy .
. @NafeezAhmed recently wrote an article
asserting that google and other cloud suppliers
were nurtured by the CIA-NSA-MDDS program
in order to implement pervasive surveillance .


a new denied XMRV retrovirus epidemic

1.21: news.pol/gemini/healthcare/a new denied XMRV retrovirus epidemic:
Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for
the Truth about Human Retroviruses and
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS),
Autism, and Other Diseases .


#organic to reduce nitrates in produce

1.18: news.health/cancer/organic/to reduce nitrates in produce:
. nitrates in food may contribute to
cancers of the stomach or esophagus;
organically grown vegetables will have less nitrates
than conventionally grown,
and especially less than hydroponics .
. of course most vegetables are also rich in
cancer preventives;
but organics will have more of the good,
and less of the cancer promoters .

urine-ash is a superior fertilizer

1.18: care/agro/urine as fertilizer:
. compared to mineral fertilizer
urine-fed plants were 10% larger;
urine/ash–fed were 27% larger .

#organic #hydroponics

1.18: care/agro/organic hydroponics:
. hydroponics can save water,
but it doesn't mix easily with organics;
nevertheless, organic hydroponics is possible;
furthermore, it can make use of soil microbes
that protect plants from pathogenic microbes .

2014 warmest yet but from what?

1.18: co.sciencenews.org/phy/geo/2014 warmest yet but from what?:
sciencenews.org`2014 the warmest yet ?
. global warming could be from more than just greenhouse gases;
see the theory at planet-earth-2017.com:
the geomagnetic reversal is happening,
and the weakening of our magnetosphere
means we get more heat from the thermosphere .
. furthermore,
geomagnetic reversal could usher in an ice age
as it will create many more volcanoes
which will put cooling soot in the air,
and warm the oceans for more snowy precipitation .
. the reason most heat-up is happening at the poles
is that the magnetosphere is what
heats the equator and chills the poles,
but the magnetosphere is weakening .


#organic means non-#gmo

12.31: web.pol/healthcare/organic means non-gmo:
it's complicated but:
organic basically means non-gmo:
"USDA sought to include GMOs in organic systems
because federal policy takes the position that
the safety evaluation of food is based on the
properties of the product,
not on the manner in which it was produced.
However, after receiving more than 275,000
public comments opposing the allowance of GMOs,
USDA revised its proposed rule
and released an updated version in March 2000.
As a result, the NOP standards,
adopted by USDA in a final rule
published in December 2000
and fully implemented in October 2002,
prohibited the use of GMOs in the
production and handling of organic products
certified to national organic standards."


special treatment at Nazi boot camp #zionism

2014.12.15: co.self/dream/pol/zionism
/special treatment at nazi boot camp:
. in this dream,
we were drafted into a Nazi boot camp,
and there was much apprehension,
but I seemed to have good luck .

godless young males should hear about #schizophrenia

2014.12.11: psy/godless young males should hear about schizophrenia:
. if you thought the godless young male
was especially likely to be criminally secretive,
you might think it wise to teach them about the god
and it's ability to talk about you telepathically;
but can fear of god be taught?
it is only when the god reveals itself
that a god of our emotions and thoughts becomes obvious;
otherwise god is just a game of culture, a white lie .
. the best chance of instilling a fear of god
is explaining that schizophrenia could attack anyone,
and that it is the nature of schizophrenia
that you will likely believe in a god that owns telepathy,
telling others what you did and even think .
. but the best way to avoid youth criminality
is to keep them supervised until it is apparent
that they have some interest in their future .


#wwIII year of the Monkey and Fire

news.pol/purges/wwIII/happens in the year of the Monkey:
1.5: summary:
. assuming WWIII climaxes in Fall 2016,
what is that on the Chinese calendar?
Feb 8, 2016 – Jan 27, 2017
is the year of the Monkey with element Fire,
associated with the red phoenix).
. the phoenix is a symbol of war as birth,
destroying in order to allow new creation .
. WWIII will create a new world order
where all nations are part of a global union .


pi(the omnific word) #freemasonry

relig/freemasonry/pi(the omnific word):
1.4: summary:
. one source was saying that pi
had a special meaning in freemasonry
as the omnific word;
and, a source quoting Albert Pike
pointed out that when he says "yod"
he's refering to pi .
. freemasonry has an ongoing problem with
people claiming they are disclosing
what freemasonry is trying to hide
whereas "exposers" may simply be
disinfo agents discrediting freemasonry
since freemasonry's appreciation of
any god-fearing religion
is frowned on by many Christians
who once had nearly conquered the world
had it not been for resistance by
Freemasons, other liberals, and Islam .
. on the other hand,
the best way to keep religious ideas from being
publicly disrespected by the agents of competing religions
is to keep your sacred ideas secret .


#bible Egyptology parallels

11.15: news.relig/bible/Egyptology parallels:
Genesis 4:13: And Cain said,
My punishment is greater than my strength.
"the graphic literal translation is
my {perversity, bent-ness} is more {twisted, elongated}
than I can {lift, make rise}"
assumed to be referring to
Kingu injuring the genitals of Cain (AKA Anu)"
[Emerald Emissary `The Legend of Dragoon - Hidden Story of the Bible]

#malware for #iOS #2014

news.cyb/sec/malware for iOS:
1.3: summary:
. some might say Wirelurker is no big deal
since it requires the mac user to install
an untrusted enterprise app:
moral of the story, reap what you sew;
don't trust any apps
unless you can trust its source;
. but did you know that one mistake
could rewrite your other iOS apps?
in the name of user friendliness,
iOS security could be better,
and zdziarski.com has some suggestions .

sharing via tech will kill you #psy

11.14: news.psy/sharing via tech will kill you:
Aris Theophilakis at TEDxOslo 2013:
1.3: summary of his talk:
. we are sharing too much
and being drowned in garbage;
we are seeing the same with food,
as the quantity has gone up,
the quality has gone down
and low food quality is making us
insulin resistant, and ruining our health .
. when you are always sharing
every trivial thing you are doing,
your behavior changes: less spontaneous .
. never being bored and alone
means you could be less creative .
. when distracted by so much trivia
we have less time to think critically
about what was really important to
our community or our future .


born 1945 - 1965? #hepatitisC test

2014.10.11: news.med/hepC
/born between 1945 through 1965 is high risk:
The CDC urges everyone born between 1945 through 1965
to get a hepatitis C blood test.
Testing should be initiated with anti-HCV.
A reactive result should be followed by
nucleic acid test (NAT) for HCV RNA.
see rationale.

why would Estrogen agonist promote thrombosis?

web.med/why would Estrogen agonist promote thrombosis?:
Raloxifene (Evista)
Raloxifene is approved for the prevention and treatment of
osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.
It is a mixed estrogen agonist/antagonist
formerly known as a SERM
(selective estrogen receptor modulator).
Side Effects
While side effects are not common, they include hot flashes,
leg cramps and deep vein thrombosis (blood clots).

how is Evista promoting venous thromboembolism?:

breasts enlarged by weight gain but not reduced by weight loss

web.med/breasts enlarged by weight gain but not reduced by weight loss:
. a postmenopausal woman became obese after using Evista,
(an estrogen agonist or antagonist for bone density)
and it was discontinued after a few years .
. the breasts had gotten larger as she became obese,
but they didn't downsize with the rest of her body
when she lost weight;
perhaps she has poor circulation in breasts
so the fat there is the last to be used?
or, perhaps taking estrogen agonists/antagonists
caused the breast tissue to grow ?

Samaritanism's relation to Judaism

news.relig/jc/Samaritanism's relation to Judaism:
. Samaritans are from Samaria,
the Hebrew kingdom of Israel vs Judah:
Samaritanism is related to Judaism.
The major issue between Jews and Samaritans
has always been the location of
the chosen place to worship God;
the Jewish place is Jerusalem;
while Samaritans believe in Mount Gerizim .