pi(the omnific word) #freemasonry

relig/freemasonry/pi(the omnific word):
1.4: summary:
. one source was saying that pi
had a special meaning in freemasonry
as the omnific word;
and, a source quoting Albert Pike
pointed out that when he says "yod"
he's refering to pi .
. freemasonry has an ongoing problem with
people claiming they are disclosing
what freemasonry is trying to hide
whereas "exposers" may simply be
disinfo agents discrediting freemasonry
since freemasonry's appreciation of
any god-fearing religion
is frowned on by many Christians
who once had nearly conquered the world
had it not been for resistance by
Freemasons, other liberals, and Islam .
. on the other hand,
the best way to keep religious ideas from being
publicly disrespected by the agents of competing religions
is to keep your sacred ideas secret .
2014.11.15: web:
"pi(the omnific word)"
[intro to freemasonry symbolism]
-- omnific = all-creating .

"The secret that the Freemasons are holding is this:
- PI 3.1415926.... to the 32nd degree"

yod is a hebrew character:
yod is transliterated as Y;
it looks like a short "J" rotated left
and then placed in the same place as an apostrophe .
. it means arm or hand, and has numeric value 10 .
in hebrew it is the initial letter of these words:
Yisrael (hebrew transliteration of Isra'el)
Yehudim (all the Jewish people)
Yeshua (Jesus)
YHVH (the god's name,
[pronounced yeh-ho-vaw])

NCOIC`Ancient Symbology of Masonic Lodges:

[ this is sourced from someone who
was copying heavily from Albert Pike's
Morals and Dogma of ... Freemasonry .]

The Sun and Moon", says the learned Brother Delaunay,
"represent the two grand principles of all generations,
the active and the passive, the male and the female.
The Sun represents the actual Light.
He pours upon the Moon his fecundating rays;
both shed their light upon their offspring,
the Blazing Star, or Horus,
and the three form the great Equilateral Triangle,
in the centre of which is the
Omnific letter of the Kabalah,
by which Creation is said to have been effected."

... inclosed[enclosed] in a triangle
is the Hebrew letter "Yod" or (pi)
[Pike's yod has a "-" over the "o"]
In the English and American Lodges
the letter 'G' is substituted for this, ...
[ G can stand for "god" or as an icon of geometry
it is picturing a pencil compass drawing
coming from a logical negation operator (upside-down L):
symbolizing the complement of nothing is everything .]

Yod (pi) is, in the Kabalah, the symbol of
Unity of the Supreme Deity,
the first letter of the Holy Name;
[ transliterated as Y, YHVH ]
and also a symbol of the Great Kabalistic Triads.

... it is the Creative Energy of the Deity,
is represented as a Point,
and that point in the centre of the Circle of Immensity.
... the symbol of that unmanifested Deity,
the Absolute, who has NO NAME.

Our French Brethren place this letter Yod (pi)
in the centre of the Blazing Star.
And in the old lectures, our ancient English Brethren said,
"The Blazing Star or Glory in the centre
refers us to that grand luminary, the Sun;
an emblem of Prudence (ie, Foresight);
and, accordingly, the Blazing Star has been regarded as
an emblem of Omniscience, or the All-Seeing-Eye,
which to the Egyptian initiates
was the emblem of Osiris, the Creator.
With the Yod in the centre,
it has the Kabalistic meaning of the Divine Energy,
manifested as Light, creating the Universe.

paranormalstories.com`Sirius, the "Blazing Star":
The Masonic author William Hutchinson wrote
about Sirius:
"It is the first and most exalted object
that demands our attention in the Lodge."
The same way the light of Sirius made its way into
the Great Pyramid during initiations,
it is symbolically present in Masonic lodges.
. the Blazing Star seen in Masonic mosaic;
[ it is a pair of 5-pointed stars,
one behind the other, forming a 10-pointed star .]

. another version is a burning 5-pointed star
overlapping rays in the shape of a pentagon;
in the center is the pyramid's eye
overlapping rays in the shape of a circle [S.K.Bain 2012].

Albert Pike`Morals and Dogma of ... Freemasonry:
"The Moon was the symbol of the
passive capacity of nature to produce,
the female, of which the life-giving power
and energy was the male. It was the symbol of
Isis, Astarte, and Artemis or Diana.
.... Horus, son of Osiris and Isis,
become[s] the Master of Life; ...
The Master of Light and Life, the Sun and the Moon,
are symbolized in every Lodge ..."
"Originally it[the blazing star]
represented Sirius, or the Dog-star,
[by far the brightest star]
the forerunner of the inundation of the Nile;
[signal of the wet season?]
the god ANUBIS, companion of Isis
in her search for the body of
Osiris, her brother and husband.
Then it became the image of Horus, the son of Osiris,
himself symbolized also by the Sun,
the author of the Seasons and the god of Time".

. Horus is representing the belt stars of Orion
showing the way to find the Pleiades
(most Freemasons dispute this).

pi? possible source of confusion:
. when I was looking for pi and yod
google noticed "/ʔ/" looks like "PI" .
one of the linguistic notations for Semitic gutturals
. the Hebrew spirant consonant א
is said by linguists to be a glottal /ʔ/.