#organic means non-#gmo

12.31: web.pol/healthcare/organic means non-gmo:
it's complicated but:
organic basically means non-gmo:
"USDA sought to include GMOs in organic systems
because federal policy takes the position that
the safety evaluation of food is based on the
properties of the product,
not on the manner in which it was produced.
However, after receiving more than 275,000
public comments opposing the allowance of GMOs,
USDA revised its proposed rule
and released an updated version in March 2000.
As a result, the NOP standards,
adopted by USDA in a final rule
published in December 2000
and fully implemented in October 2002,
prohibited the use of GMOs in the
production and handling of organic products
certified to national organic standards."
organic is usually not gmo:
The United States and Canadian governments
do NOT allow companies to label products
“100% / Certified Organic”
if they contain genetically modified foods
but "Certified Organic / USDA Organic"
means at least 95 percent of content is organic
by weight (excluding water and salt).
The less than 5% remaining ingredients must consist of
substances approved on the USDA’s National List.
GMOs are NOT on this list,
so USDA Organic products are also usually GMO-free.