special treatment at Nazi boot camp #zionism

2014.12.15: co.self/dream/pol/zionism
/special treatment at nazi boot camp:
. in this dream,
we were drafted into a Nazi boot camp,
and there was much apprehension,
but I seemed to have good luck .
. an officer offered me some meat
and asked about the quality of the provided diet;
I said it was short on greens but
was OK for just a year or so
and that this meat would help me gain strength
from weightlifting;
apparently not everyone was getting the meat .
. when it was raining,
I could see from the missing wall at the end
that the men who were in the barracks
were getting a lot of water poured on them,
as if all the rain water from the roof
was pumped to the top and sprayed inside
from either side of the top beam:
I was less wet just standing outside .
. this dream may have been inspired from yesterday's
zionism news: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People:
hogueprophecy.com 2014/12:
Hogue sees the new Zionism as similar to
the Nazi's "national socialism"
as it was described by Adolf Hitler
in his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle).
Just as Germany would be only for
a certain race and culture;
Israel would be for Jewish people
who share not a race but a family lineage
or at least a culture .
. I tend to sympathize with nationalism
(each city should be dedicated to one culture
or at least not all cities should be forced
to be multicultural);
but I disagree with Zionism's nationalism
because they had no realistic humane way
of compensating all who they dislocated,
because for a thousand years,
Judaism's most holy sites have been owned by Muslims .