2014-2015 big year for #Israel

4.13 .. 6.30: relig/judaism/lunar eclipse tetrads on Jewish holidays/
proj: tetrads since 2nd Temple's demise:
. a Jewish-holy or holiday tetrad is defined as
four sequential full "blood-red" lunar eclipses
with no intervening partial lunar eclipses
that occur on the first and last Jewish holy days
Passover and Sukkoth .
. since the demise of the 2nd Temple (70AD)
to the 2014-2015 Jewish-holy tetrad
there have only been 8 such tetrads;
the next one won't occur for another 500 years.
--[119 Ministries refutes some of these 8 ].

. every time a Jewish-holy tetrad has happened,
it's been important to Israel's history;
what follows is a list of the Jewish-holy tetrads
with their significance to Israel or Judaism
along with some related history briefs
( there are many events significant to Israel
which are not occurring in a Holiday Tetrad year;
those who were significant to Israel include
christians, muslims, and communists ).

. according to 119 Ministries,
Ramadan 2014 will kick off the antichrist war
spoken about in the book of Revelation .
. this will devolve into WWIII,
with the apocalypse in the fall of 2016 .

. you may be surprised to learn
that Muslims and Jews were once quite friendly;
keep in mind that Islam's reason for living
is to proclaim that Judaism is good,
and that Jesus was a prophet of theirs;
moreover, the reason Islam rebukes Christianity
is not only because the Trinity doctrine can be
interpreted as making a false god of Jesus
but also, Christians had disowned Judaism .
. Islamic radicals are portrayed as anti-Jewish;
but they are violent only about Zionists
who tried to militarily remove Muslims
from controlling the land of Israel .

the main content is here:
bloodmoon tetrads and 2014-2015


Perfect Health Diet

5.31: web.health/perfect health diet:
. the latest advance in lifestyle advice
doesn't like legumes? find out why!
( longevity correlates with use of legumes:
the famous confusing example is soy:
the healthy traditional way to use soy
is to ferment it, and mix with fish,
to balance the high omega-6 in the soy .
. other societies did well on peas,
and PerfectHealthDiet approves of peas .
. I'm still putting my bets on
unfermented black turtle beans ).

119 Ministries Daniel Unsealed (End_of_Days_Part4)

5.9: 5.19: news.relig/119 ministries/
The End of Days - Part 4 - Daniel Unsealed:
[2013.9.6, corrected the 2016 holiday dates]
. this is a transcription and commentary
of a video from 119 Ministries
The End of Days - Part 4 - Daniel Unsealed:
. I also offer a competing theory;
as they assume of the defiled Temple
that it concerns a human temple,
but they don't mention which humans,
or how these humans were defiled
on one day and not before or after .
. Israel's Temple in the mind
is the knowledge that Israel's security
is ensured by the Christian's of USA;
and that tie became less clear
with USA's election of Obama;
then on the day of the Temple defiling,
as identified by 119 Ministries: 2013.3.21,
that was the day Obama visited
-- and thus recognized --
Palestine's Mahmoud Abbas who was
still trying to carve out Israeli lands
to be ruled only by Arabs .
. days before that, Obama had visited Israel;
but it was a visit long overdue:
if Obama hadn't been elected twice,
no such visit would have even occurred;
and then,
right after that long overdue visit,
he visits their virtual archenemy
in order to make clear the position
that has defiled the Temple of Security:
that Israel should share power with Arabs,
rather than ghettoize them .

5.29: 6.4: summary/context:
. the theory presented by 119 Ministries
assumes the Bible has dual-meaning prophesies
that applied to both an ancient age and ours .
. some assume the clues presented in the bible
were fulfilled in ancient times,
despite some glaring exceptions,
such as Damascus never being leveled before .
. Leonard Ulrich believes that Matthew 24
offers clues that could only apply to this age
(see also Jesus End Times prophesy (Matthew 24)).
. one theory that is consistent with 119 Ministries
is that the elites who design our wars
are into magic and using psychology on the masses;
therefore I suspect the designers of WWIII
may be deliberately fulfilling prophesy,
using the bible's old clues
for designing the new apocalyptic plans .
. that means 119's predictions will be correct,
but g-d is hardly trying to punish evil
with a Judgement day that comes by surprise;
rather, g-d is using evil to cleanse us,
to reset our expectations,
and help us to re-emerge as a butterfly
(part of the Perfection Plan)

Leonard Ulrich remembers 9-11

5.25: pol/purges/gemini/911neocons/
Leonard Ulrich remembers 9-11:

2015.8.15: updated(no-planes theory,
cold fission should be called
molecular dissociation or dustification);

5.29: summary:
. Leonard Ulrich, in his Matthew 24 Film:
The New World Order
- Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy,
presents 9/11 as a falseflag attack .
. he has some evidence I had not seen
when I wrote about Dr.Judy Wood's case .
. he apparently has not seen Dr.Wood's case
because he thinks the demolition's cause
could have been from conventional nuclear
rather than a classified weapon system
that used gravitons to effect cold fission
(molecular dissociation or dustification)
as seen in the Hutchison Effect .
* I have not fact-checked everything *
just adding comments to the movie .

Jesus' End Times prophesy (Matthew 24)

13.2.7.. 5.21: relig/bible/matthew 24:
5.20: summary:
. Matthew 24 is quoting Jesus
giving us hints about 2 end times:
# the Temple's destruction in 70AD,
# the Apocalypse of the current age
which might be around 2016.9.1
preceded by an antichrist war
that might begin on Ramadan (2013.7.9).

Leonard Ulrich's The New World Order

2.7: pol/purges/gemini/matthew 24
. this is a review of A Matthew 24 Film
Leonard Ulrich's The New World Order
- Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy .
* I have not fact-checked everything *
just adding comments to the movie .

. the movie's research was inspired by Matthew 24:
it seemed to the author that some of that prophesy
could only be true for our own times;
so I set about studying that first: see
Jesus' End Times prophesy (Matthew 24).
. some free books on the same subject include
David Allen Rivera 1994` Final Warning:
A History of the New World Order;
and, David Livingstone`Terrorism and the Illuminati:
A Three-Thousand-Year History .

. Ulrich provides us with history lessons
that will convince us conspiracies are real,
and that the USA is falling prey to illuminati
in our allegiance to a zionist war on terror
just like the Christians fell for the Nazis
in their frenzy to stop communism .
. JFKennedy and George Washington
believed in a global illuminati conspiracy;
28% of USA believe that a secret elite power
with a globalist agenda
is conspiring to rule the world.
. Ulrich provides evidence that every USA war
has been motivated by lies, falseflag attacks,
and deliberate self-sacrifices or gambits
all to popularize wars that will profit only the
international bankers and military contractors
-- wars that will boa-constrict us into WWIII
and then into the one-world governance;
because, only one government survives that .

. what Ulrich doesn't talk about
is that the illuminati's New World Order
is actually the only way to end the wars,
and that the WWIII apocalypse
is in fact the Savior he expects from Jesus;
because it will provide the one-world gov'
that will bring the 1000 years of peace .
recent events indicate WWIII is this year:
. on Eastern Christianity's Easter
Israel was told by Syria it would pay later
for the bombing it did on Damascus that day .
. after Syria falls, USA-Israel will work on Iran,
and that's when USA-Israel and their allies
will be pitted against the BRICS,
with their gold-backed note financing .
. if schedules follow biblical prophesy
as interpreted by 119 Ministries,
then the Mideast heats up very soon
on 2013's Ramadan holiday (7.9),
and the apocalypse happens in 2016,
when the superpowers use their secret weapons
providing cold fission via graviton beams .

. the basis for my prediction of WWIII
is not 119 ministries' spooky dates,
but their insistence that Iran not have nukes;
Iran is too big to be played as some vagrant
who Israel needs to manage into a sandbox,
and Iran will be backed up by the communists;
I am sure USA is willing to start WWIII; because,
they revealed the superweapons technology
when they used
cold fission for the 9/11 demolitions;
and then they lied about the obvious .
. they will unleash the secret weapons
only at the end -- that's Armageddon .
. a One World Order is within their grasp;
and, they are giving us all the leaks deliberately,
in order to give us this message:
"you can go peacefully into our New World Order
or we can clear this Chess Board -- your choice ".
. they want control of world banking,
(requiring a confrontation with BRICS bank)
and democratization of the Islamic States
(to protect Israel and oil supplies);
do you think they can bluff their way there?
superweapons kill billions in 2016 .

Ancient Israel from Noah to Jesus

3.1...6.28: relig/judaism/ancient history of the 12 tribes:
. this is a resource & project file
for ancient Israel's history,
as that is a prerequisite for understanding
Armeggedon, the apocalypse, and Cahn's The Harbinger .

. it resulted in an ebook:
Ancient Israel from Noah to Jesus:



iMac Mountain Lion infected by Vmware Fusion Ubuntu

19: mis.cyb/mac.vmware/freeze with black screen:
. the usual:
I'm running vmware on a 2008 imac,
my virtual machine is running ubuntu;
I'm using firefox with noscript,
and my editor is komodo edit;
then a freeze requires a hard reset .
but this time,
I catch a keylogger or something ...
[@] mis.cyb/mac/fake log-in after crash