Perfect Health Diet

5.31: web.health/perfect health diet:
. the latest advance in lifestyle advice
doesn't like legumes? find out why!
( longevity correlates with use of legumes:
the famous confusing example is soy:
the healthy traditional way to use soy
is to ferment it, and mix with fish,
to balance the high omega-6 in the soy .
. other societies did well on peas,
and PerfectHealthDiet approves of peas .
. I'm still putting my bets on
unfermented black turtle beans ).

all high-protein plants are suspect:
Quinoa does have a lot of protein (12-18%)
and it has triggered Celiac's Sprue .
[ conversely this is why they have peas as
an exception to the legume rule:
peas are very low in protein .]
legume Toxins include not only lectins but also
alpha amylase inhibitors, trypsin inhibitors,
cyanogenic glycosides, and others.
Cooking somewhat detoxifies them, but not entirely.
. legume toxicity appears to be
proportional to caloric density
[ the high-fat varieties include
soy and peanuts .]
Legumes and bowel disease:
Phytohaemagglutinin, a kidney bean lectin,
makes the gut leaky; blocks stomach acid production,
promoting bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine;
overpopulates the gut with immature cells
that are easily colonized by E. coli and other pathogens;
disturbs the mucus and shortens villi.
[ # Phytohaemagglutinin inhibits gastric acid but not pepsin
# Kidney bean lectin-induced Escherichia coli
overgrowth in the small intestine ...
# lectin phytohaemagglutinin  .]
. Alpha-amylase inhibitors in legumes
prevent starch digestion and leads to gut bloating
and multiplication of pathogenic gut bacteria.
[ # Inhibition of starch digestion by alpha-amylase inhibitor
reduces the efficiency of utilization of dietary proteins and lipids
and retards the growth of rats.]
. here's the book's notes and references
that are discouraging use of legumes .
20% carb, 65% fat, 15% protein:
[. that's a lot of fat,
but that's exactly a Zone Diet proportion
given that you should have less protein
than the Zone diet had originally theorized .
(elsewhere they say
the book's diet has fat at 50-60% )
. if you should have only 15% protein,
and the carb's should be only 4/3 of that
(eg, 80g of carb for one needing 60g protein)
then the remainder is 65% for fats .
. that is the problem with avoiding legumes:
carbs become so toxic at high levels,
at least without them being in the form of
beans or some other soluble fiber,
that a high fat diet is the
only hormonally safe thing to do .
. this ratio was possible in paleo times;
because, Most hunter-gatherers would
eat the fatty parts of animals
and leave lean meats to their dogs.]

. white rice is the only safe grain .
[@] news.health/thyroiditis/gluten
. the favorite safe starches include
white rice, sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes,
taro, tapioca, sago.
. the only legumes the authors eat a lot of
are snow peas and sugar snap peas.

healthy fats surprise:
. all-you-can-eat beef tallow, clarified butter,
coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter
[but only] modest quantities
of olive oil and lard.
[6.3: what about corn-fed?
. I cannot believe corn-fed sat'fat
should be in the all-you-can-eat category;
in this age of corn-fed beef,
is there really any difference
between beef and pork fat ?
they are both equally toxic
unless you can find grass-fed beef .
. I definitely appreciate the requirement of
having at least 3 yolks per day .
. I would suggest Eggland's best,
because their hen diet mimics a no-grain diet;
and that's why their eggs have less sat'fats .]
. balance the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio
by eating low-omega-6 meats,
such as the red meats (beef and lamb)
and of course seafood,
and eating 1 lb per week of
salmon or sardines for fresh omega-3 fats.
(why not pharm grade distilled oil?
one study proves the quality is lacking .
my response:
. are you basing your opinion on that one report?
it disproved the quality of one brand;
do we know the qualifications of that brand?
I'm hoping I can rely on lef.org's brand;
because I entertain a fear of dioxins and PCB's .)

. the recommended supplements
include 3 yolks daily .
not cooked unless "allergic" to eggs:
. when trying eggs [you are allergic to],
do yolks only, and cook them,
preferably mixed with coconut milk ...
so that they are homogenized by the coconut milk .
Cooked egg proteins are over 90% digested
whereas raw egg proteins
may be as little as 50% digested.
So any allergy will be much worse with raw yolks.
the author of the diet has no "allergies":
I use raw egg yolks and discard the whites.
(If you want to include the whites,
then they should be cooked .)
. see details of Egg Allergy .

PerfectHealthDiet compared to ...:
. you can hit all the PHD nutrient recommendations
as a lacto-ovo vegetarian
or as a pescetarian (fish only) eater.
[ however, he strongly suggests merging these:
ovo-pescetarian .]
But for vegetarians I would suggest
relaxing the carb recommendation
-- Many centenarians eat 50% carb.
[ yes, but isn't it true that
longevity correlates with use of legumes?
a lot of those carb's are soluble fiber
which translates into the fats
that are produced by gut biotics eating fiber:
they make the butyric acid the heart loves .]

5.31: web.health/hormonics/
a meat&potatoes-guy coming around to beans:
. a paleo "archevore", Dr.harris MD,
at first ignored the anti-cholesterol crusade
and then saw it was actually so wrong .
. what I liked best about his awakening
is his coming around to low-fat legumes .

5.31: news.cook/beans/high orac values:
Adzuki beans have a high ORAC score:
for 57g of carb, 17g of that is fiber
but the protein is very low (17g);
high-protein beans also have a ORAC value .