Leonard Ulrich remembers 9-11

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Leonard Ulrich remembers 9-11:

2015.8.15: updated(no-planes theory,
cold fission should be called
molecular dissociation or dustification);

5.29: summary:
. Leonard Ulrich, in his Matthew 24 Film:
The New World Order
- Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy,
presents 9/11 as a falseflag attack .
. he has some evidence I had not seen
when I wrote about Dr.Judy Wood's case .
. he apparently has not seen Dr.Wood's case
because he thinks the demolition's cause
could have been from conventional nuclear
rather than a classified weapon system
that used gravitons to effect cold fission
(molecular dissociation or dustification)
as seen in the Hutchison Effect .
* I have not fact-checked everything *
just adding comments to the movie .

9/11: the mechanics of the event:

. most people assume that flight 93
was crashed by passengers taking control over hijackers;
after all it left a scar in the earth;
however, according to an aerial survey,
that scar existed in 1994 .
. did the plane path fall exactly in the existing scar?
that would violate the pattern of hundreds of other crashes;
did only part of the plan land within that scar?
were pieces of the plane found in other locations ?

yes, the debris field was several miles long
so how was it that the plane disintegrated?

. retired Colonel Donn de Grand Pre on 9/11 Truth
-- see co.youtube#the fifthseal --
said it was shot down by USA Air Force .
. coincident with that time period,
an USAF pilot Lt Col Rick Gibney
was given an award for a special secret mission .
 . most assume that flight 77
struck the Pentagon with no warning
steered by a crack pilot,
but in recorded testimony before the 9/11 commission
( for vice chairman of National Commision on 9/11 attacks
Norman Mineta is transportation secretary );
Lee Hamilton recalled what he witnessed
in the presedential command center
underneath the Whitehouse on 9/11:
there was a young man who would repeatedly say
to Vice President Cheney
how far away an approaching plane was at,
and when he got to the plane was just 10miles out,
he also asked Cheney, "do the orders still stand?"
. this proves that the VP was aware
that something was approaching the Pentagon .

Hani Hanjour was a "below average pilot"
was alleged to have hijacked flight 77
and flown it into the Pentagon;
however, the data stream from the
flight data recorder for that flight
shows that the cockpit door never opened
during the entire 90min flight .

. the trade towers were assumed to be
towering infernos;
yet in the south tower,
people were told to return to work,
and the Battalion#7 chief
made it to the 78th floor,
and noted that they had
2 isolated pockets of fire
that we should be able to knock down
with 2 lines .
. if the tower fires were
melting steel columns
then Edna Cintron would not have been
able to wave to cameras
from inside the plane's impact zone .
with her light pants not even singed .
[ this is a famous photograph ]

. the trade tower #7 was not hit by a plane,
and not splashed with burning jet fuel
yet it too collapsed in the same sudden way .
. all explosives leave residues
and active thermitic material
which could have only been made in
advanced military labs,
is discoverd in dust from the 9/11 world trade center .
. jet fuel is premium grade kerosene,
which cannot melt steel .
. thermite is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum
which can act as a steel cutter .
. the thermite kept reacting for weeks
after the building collapse;
there was molten steel like lava
running down channels like in a foundry .

. in addition to thermite,
2 different kinds of explosives
were used to level 3 buildings on 9/11 .
. the job of the shape charge cutting a column
is cut at an angle to walk the building down 
. there was a freefall acceleration
with no resistance below the demolition wave .
. the final role sequences
after pre-weakening with thermite,
and shaped charges,
was most likely done with nuclear explosive,
don't think of hiroshima .
. imagine high tech suitcase bombs .
[. think Hutchison effect's dustification .]

. the gov tried to spin the appearance of
the radioactive isotope Tritium
at ground zero at concentrations dozens of times higher than
the surrounding area .
[ but this was explained by
uses of tritium for night vision;
and the Hutchison effect's dustification
may not leave traces of tritium .]

. hundreds of cars burst into flames
from the inside out,
this is explained with the characteristic
EMP from a nuclear explosion,
overloading the vehicle electronics,
causing the vehicles to ignite .
[ again, Hutchison effect:
. the way the cars ignited
was not centered around the electronics,
but around certain parts that
attracted the hutchinson effect,
including entire engine blocks and door handles,
but not nearby papers because
it was done by dustification
using a classified Tesla technology
that uses the Hutchison effect,
as per the evidence of Dr. Judy Wood ]

how was the controlled demolition installed?

testimony by
Scott Forbes, Senior DB admin, Fiduciary Trust , 2001,
William Rodriguez, WTC employee, 20+ years 9/11 "last survivor"
reporting that a Power Down order was requested
 for alleged electronic upgrades
on the weekend before 9/11 2001 .

who controlled security at the time?

a brother of pres'Bush, Marvin Bush .
reporting by the St.Petersburg Times Online Business:
"Influence and bailouts a business tradition in Bush family":
. Marvin was recruited to join the board of
this secretive Virginia security company
that serves international corporations and gov's;
the company is awash in ex-government
security and military personnel;
among them: Barry McDaniel,
who served during the Reagan years
 as deputy director of readiness
for the US Army Material Command;
and retired US Air Force General James A. Abrahamson,
who served as director of pres'Reagan's
"Star Wars" Strategic Defense Initiative"
[ where the USA's CIA or other secret military
designed the Directed Energy weapons
that can produce the Hutchison Effect's dustification
that could explain all the strange effects on 9/11 .]

and look at this coincidence:
. the firm's contract with the WTC,
expired the day before 9/11?

John O'Neill, director of WTC Security,
appointed 2001.8:
was the FBI agent investigating Osama Bin Laden .

. the alleged hijackers may have trained at USA military bases
Osama Bin Laden's CIA code name was Tim Osman
this leads us back to Zbigniew Brzezinski,
because he created the Mujahideen in the late 1970's .
which were later renamed Al Qaeda .
Zbigniew Brzezinski` The Grand Chessboard:
american primacy and its geostrategic imperatives, p211:
" ... more difficult to fashion a consensus
 on foreign policy issues,
except in the circumstances of a
truly massive and widely perceived
 direct external threat" (1997) [falseflag attack]
. people of Pakistan know what USA will never admit to,
that Bin Laden is a CIA asset .
. in 1976 Bush Sr was director of the CIA;
and James Bath was investing money from
the father of Osama Bin Laden .
. Bush Jr shared time with Bath in the Air National Guard
. 3 years later, 1979.8
Bath bought 25,000 shares of Arbusto 79 LTD
from Bush Jr's oil company .
. the Saudi BinLadin Group makes its money from
being the main construction conglomerate of the house of Saud .
. the Saudis make their money from selling oil to USA
to create an artificial demand for the USA dollar .
. oil, the dollar, and war,
the house of Saud, the house of Bush,
and the house of Bin Laden are all connected .
. Bush Sr was a member of the Carlyle Group
Global Alternative Asset Management
a venture capital firm heavily invested in arms sales
. on the morning of 9/11,
George HW Bush was present when the Carlyle group
hosted a conference
and Osamama's brother, Shafig Bin Laden
was an attending guest of honour as a valued investor .

Ahmad Karzai, brother of the Afghan president,
is linked to opium exports
and has been on the CIA payroll
for much of the past 8 years .
[5.24: so, in this way,
the CIA can fund its own secret military . 5.29:
. this is important for several reasons:
# the CIA can't really operate secretly
unless it can also keep from disclosing
the amount of cash it's using .
# in the event of a power shift,
such as when a communist president is elected,
or when the elect try to shut down the CIA,
then even if the president owns the military;
the CIA still controls its own military,
that isn't depending on funding from tax payers .]

James Bamford` Body of Secrets:
Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency
featured a declassified plan
to bring us into war with Cuba,
by staging an aircraft accident
by switching the actual plane with a drone,
here's a paraphrase of the idea:
. an aircraft would be rendered as
 an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft
belonging to a CIA proprietary organization;
at a designated time the duplicate would be
substituted for the actual civil aircraft
and would be loaded with the selected passengers,
all boarded under carefully prepared aliases;
the actual registered aircraft would be
converted to a drone .
. take off times of the drone and the actual aircraft
will be scheduled to allow a rendezvous;
and, from the rendezvous point
the passenger-carrying aircraft will
descend to minimum altitude
and go directly into an auxiliary airport field
at a nearby Air Force Base,
where arrangements will have been made to
evacuate the passengers
and return the aircraft to its original status;
the drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to
fly the filed flight plan; .... .
. because the cockpit door of flight 77
never opened in flight;
this drone switch plot was exactly what happened
on 9/11 at the Pentagon .
[5.25: and coincidentally:
. the plane hitting the 2nd trade tower on 9/11,
was seen to have been a drone,
as indicated by a navigation aid on the belly .
2015.8.15: scam alert:
. the following image is a from a video
that digitally inserted a plane;
there were no planes crashing into the towers
(see evidence of Dr. Morgan Reynolds).]

the project for a New American Century
is a neocon thinktank;
in a 2000.9 report "Rebuilding America's Defenses:
strategy, forces and resources for a new century"
-- a year before 9/11 --
this group wanted to turn the USA military [5.25:
 and/or the CIA's secret military ]
into a vehicle of global domination .
. on p60 they suggest advanced forms of biological warfare
that can target specific genotypes
and transform biological warfare
from the realm of terror
into a politically useful tool .
. they recognized this "process of transformation
even if it brings revolutionary change,
is likely to be a long one,
absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event
-- like a new Pearl Harbor ."

. the goal of the war on terror is to make loads of money
and to accelerate the next great dialectical war:
[ after establishing bases in Iraq (to the left of Iran)
they need bases in Afghanistan (to the right of Iran);
and, the jumping into Iran is what starts WWIII,
and leaves the World with just One Government .]