2014-2015 big year for #Israel

4.13 .. 6.30: relig/judaism/lunar eclipse tetrads on Jewish holidays/
proj: tetrads since 2nd Temple's demise:
. a Jewish-holy or holiday tetrad is defined as
four sequential full "blood-red" lunar eclipses
with no intervening partial lunar eclipses
that occur on the first and last Jewish holy days
Passover and Sukkoth .
. since the demise of the 2nd Temple (70AD)
to the 2014-2015 Jewish-holy tetrad
there have only been 8 such tetrads;
the next one won't occur for another 500 years.
--[119 Ministries refutes some of these 8 ].

. every time a Jewish-holy tetrad has happened,
it's been important to Israel's history;
what follows is a list of the Jewish-holy tetrads
with their significance to Israel or Judaism
along with some related history briefs
( there are many events significant to Israel
which are not occurring in a Holiday Tetrad year;
those who were significant to Israel include
christians, muslims, and communists ).

. according to 119 Ministries,
Ramadan 2014 will kick off the antichrist war
spoken about in the book of Revelation .
. this will devolve into WWIII,
with the apocalypse in the fall of 2016 .

. you may be surprised to learn
that Muslims and Jews were once quite friendly;
keep in mind that Islam's reason for living
is to proclaim that Judaism is good,
and that Jesus was a prophet of theirs;
moreover, the reason Islam rebukes Christianity
is not only because the Trinity doctrine can be
interpreted as making a false god of Jesus
but also, Christians had disowned Judaism .
. Islamic radicals are portrayed as anti-Jewish;
but they are violent only about Zionists
who tried to militarily remove Muslims
from controlling the land of Israel .

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