Jesus' End Times prophesy (Matthew 24)

13.2.7.. 5.21: relig/bible/matthew 24:
5.20: summary:
. Matthew 24 is quoting Jesus
giving us hints about 2 end times:
# the Temple's destruction in 70AD,
# the Apocalypse of the current age
which might be around 2016.9.1
preceded by an antichrist war
that might begin on Ramadan (2013.7.9).

Matthew 23 has the context:
1 Then Jesus said to the people
and to his disciples:
2 The scribes and the Pharisees have
the authority of Moses;
3 [therefore, their orders are to be obeyed
But don't do as they do,
 because they don't follow their own teachings ]
A curse is on you,
scribes and Pharisees, false ones!
[hypocritical Torah-teachers and P'rushim!]
for you go about land and sea
to get one disciple[proselyte]
and, having him,
you make him twice as much as yourselves
a son of hell [fit for Gei-Hinnom].
A curse is on you,
scribes and Pharisees, false ones!
for you make men give a tenth of
all sorts of sweet-smelling plants,
[mint, dill and cumin]
but you give no thought to the
more important things of the law[Torah]
righteousness[justice], mercy, and faith[trust];
but it is right for you to do these,
and not to let the others be undone.
A curse is on you,
scribes and Pharisees, false ones!
because you put up buildings for housing
the dead bodies of the prophets,
and make fair the last resting-places of good men,
and say,
If we had been living in the days of our fathers,
we would not have taken part with them
in the blood of the prophets.
So that you are witnesses against yourselves
that you are the sons of those who
put the prophets to death.
Make full, then, the measure of your fathers.
[ finish then what your fathers started! ]
You snakes, offspring of snakes,
how will you be kept from the punishment of hell?
[from being condemned to Gei Hinnom?]
For this reason, I send you
prophets, sages, and scribes [Torah-teachers]:
some of them you will put to death
and put on the cross,[crucifixion]
and to some of them
you will give blows in your Synagogues,
driving them from town to town;
So that on you may come
all the blood of the upright on the earth,
from the blood of upright Abel [Hevel]
to the blood of Zachariah, son of Barachiah,
[Z'kharyah Ben-Berekhyah]
whom you put to death
between the Temple and the altar.
Truly I say to you,
All these things will come on this generation.
. Jesus was a prophet, sage, and Torah-teacher,
and even as the hypocritical scribes and Pharisees
grieved how their fathers treated the prophets
they would themselves do the same thing
to Jesus the Prophet:
floggings, expulsions, and even crucifixion .]

Matthew 24
And Jesus went out of the Temple,
and on the way
his disciples[talmidim] came to him,
pointing out the buildings of the Temple.
[ as if to point out:
"our leadership may be weak,
but the institution remains strong";]
But he, answering, said to them,
See you not all these things?
truly I say to you
all of it will be pulled down;
not one stone will be resting on another .
. so, the disciples came to him privately,
Make clear to us, when will these things be?
and what will be the sign of your coming
and of the end of the world['olam hazeh]?
And Jesus said to them in answer,
Take care that you are not tricked.
For people will come in my name,
saying, I am the Messiah[Christ];
and through them
some will be turned from the true way .
And news will come to you
of wars and talk of wars:
do not be troubled,
for these things have to be;
but it is still not the end.
. all these things [of war]
are [just] the first of the troubles.
Then you [the followers of Jesus]
will be hated by all nations
because of my name
-- they will be cruel to you,
and will put you to death;
And many will be turned from the right way,
and will give one another up
and have hate for one another.
And many false prophets will come,
causing error.
And because wrongdoing will be increased,
the love of most people will become cold.
But those who go through to the end
will get salvation .
And this good news of the kingdom
will be given through all the world
for a witness to all nations;
=[3.28: literally,
this would launch the crusades
-- Christianity vs Islam --
2000 years of wars between them:
each providing their own spin
on the message that Jesus preached .]

and then the end will come.
[ the Temple would fall,
and Jews would be expelled from Israel .]
When, then, you see in the holy place
the unclean thing which makes destruction,
of which word was given by Dani'el the prophet
(let this be clear to the reader),
--[ Daniel 11:31 or 9:27:
the invaders in the Temple come with
an offering of forbidden meat to the god . 5.21:
... this was also a time when the invaders
actually outlawed the practice of Judaism,
when the federals forced conversions .]--

Then let those who are in Y'hudah [Judaea]
go in flight to the mountains:
[. the Temple is there,
on the highest peak in Judaea .]

... And say a prayer
that your flight may not be
in the winter, or on a Sabbath.
[5.20: a clue perhaps?:
. the end time would be right after winter,
and not on a Sabbath? ]

Because in those days
there will be great sorrow:
greater than at any time ever
except before the start of the world
[( the only greater sorrows were
before the world of law & order ).]
And if those days had not been made short
there would have been no salvation for any,
but because of the saints*
those days will be made short.
*: [3.28: saints or the elect:
. the Romans (the official "elect" at the time)
were trying to starve the Jews out by
building a wall around their Temple-fortress
but the Jews stormed the walls,
and then the Romans elected to storm the Jews
thereby shortening the standoff .]
Then if any man says to you,
"See, here is the Christ [Messiah]"
do not put faith in him;
For there will come up false Christs,
and false prophets,
[3.23: 3.28:
( this line indicates the nature of a Christ,
ie, "the Christ", according to the Jews,
will be the one that sets Israel free
from enslavement by empire builders;
but, suppose the truth shall set you free?
it is through the word of the prophets
that we are knowing the truth,
so then the Christ will be a prophet;
and conversely,
whenever there is a false Christ,
it will involve a false prophet .]

. the false ones will do great signs and wonders;
so that even the saints* might be tricked.
*: [3.23: 3.28: 5.19: 5.21:
. again, the {saints, elect} ambiguity
actually becomes quite useful,
as not only were many Jews tricked,
but so too was the Roman elect:
they all adopted the "son of G-d" theory
where Jesus himself, not just his Word,
was considered to be a form of G-d .
. Jesus realized that much of his popularity
was due only to his use of magical healings;
so, he was warning against being so tricked
when looking for Jesus' second coming,
or when looking for the Messiah .
. regardless of a person's magical power,
is their behavior consistent with
the word of G-d as revealed by Jesus ?
. Jesus' main message was love of community:
how can there be a liberating unity
-- as promised by the Messiah --
without members loving each other?
. the Messiah could be a global inner voice,
telling us to reach out and find
all those who love g-d, law, and wealth4all;
then love them with all your heart .]
See, I have made it clear to you
before it comes about.
. put no faith in claims such as
the Christ is in the waste land
--[ie, a desert, such as Israel ]--
or in the inner[secret] rooms . [5.21:
 eg, one not to be reasoned with .]
Because as in a thunderstorm
the bright light coming from the east
is seen even in the west;
so will be the coming of the Son of man.
Wherever the {dead body}* is,
there will the "eagles"* gather.
* : [3.29:
. "eagle" has 2 meanings:
# Gypaeetos, or vulture eagle;
# the patron animal of Zeus,
the main god of the Roman Empire;
their armies wore an Eagle sign .
5.19: 5.21:
. the "dead body" Jesus refers to
is a community hijacked by hypocrites;
they weren't helping the entire membership
and this was resulting in national weakness,
and was therefore making them prone to
enslavement by empire builders .
. the Messiah, if there was one,
would be a unifying military leader
that could save Israel from empire builders .
. Jesus wanted justice most of all,
but some could see him as a Messiah;
because, only Jesus' justice & equality
could unify and synergize the people's power .]
But straight away,
after the trouble of those days,
there will be no light from
the sun, moon, and stars;
[3.29: 5.20:
"sun, moon, and stars" could be
a reference to the enemy's gods:
the bible of Jesus day warned against
worshiping the sun, moon, stars;
so, Jesus could have been saying
the guiding light of the enemy
would be dark at this time .
. according to 119 Ministries,
the lack of all heavenly light
indicates the convergence of
both solar and lunar eclipses,
and the season of autumn,
that is when certain constellations
fall below the horizon .]

and the powers of heaven will be moved:
And then the sign of the Son of man
will be seen in heaven:
and then
all the nations of the earth will have sorrow,
and they will see the Son of man
coming on the clouds of heaven
with power and great glory.
. the 2nd coming = WWIII
(unleashing space-age weaponry)]

And he will send out his angels
with a great sound of a horn,
and they will get his saints together
from the four winds,
from one end of heaven to the other.
[5.20: global get-together:
. there will be one world government .]
Now take an example from the fig-tree:
when her branch has become soft
and puts out its leaves,
you are certain that the summer is near;
Even so, when you see all these things,
you may be certain
that he[the Christ] is near, even at the doors.
Truly I say to you,
This generation will not come to an end
till all these things are complete.
[3.23: indeed:
. by year 70 (about 40years later)
the Jewish temple was destroyed;
and, this began the new world of
Christian-Islam religious wars
that exponentially increased tech evolution,
that would bring us robotics
which is the incorruptible source of justice
that Jesus was struggling to achieve .]
[5.20: contradicts wwIII theory:
. the bible often has 2 meanings because
it literally referred to ancient times,
but, it also applies to 2013...2016;
because it is being used as a template
by the secret societies that design our wars .
. that's why something like a "2nd coming"
can happen when 119 Ministries says it will:
what's being resurrected are not dead bodies
but the global realization
that those lost bodies of ages past
and the bodies we have now,
and all the bodies in the future
are part of the same communal organism .
. and, when the survivors of WWIII
see what space-age weapons can do;
they will realize how important
a peaceful one world government is: 5.21:
that will be the kingdom of Jesus .]
Heaven and earth will come to an end,
--[ that describes the new year? ]--
but my words will not come to an end.
But of that day and hour no one has knowledge,
not even the angels in heaven, or the Son,
but the Father only.
[5.20: that is a clue:
. if the day would be on Rosh Hashanah,
-- that's the Jewish new year --
no human could know the exact time of that
because it depends on forecasting the new moon .]
 And as were the days of Noach[Noah],
so will be the coming of the Son of man.
( in those days
before the flood that doomed the unprepared
they were oblivious to the nearing end
-- even getting married
as if they had a 50-year future --
right up until the very day
when Noah needed that ark for the flood
so will be the coming of the Son of man.
[5.20: indeed:
. this parable agrees with other passages
when it implies that most of the world
will be surprised when the end comes
as if taken by flash flooding or a thief,
yet the godly will have some warning .]
Then two will be in the field or crushing grain;
one is taken, and one let go;
[5.21: unlike the Great Flood:
war and famine will randomly take half .
3.29: may have 2 meanings:
# famine takes half
(during the Temple siege);
# "Christianity" takes half:
. after the catastrophe of year 70,
the remaining "Christianity" became anti-Jewish;
hence the religious Jews were let go,
driven from the land of Israel .]
Be watching, then!
for you have no knowledge
on what day your Lord will come.
[3.22: perhaps not literal:
. when Jesus said evil's Temple would fall,
some of his disciples were upset by this
and sarcastically asked him for the details
so that they could have him arrested
(conspiracy to destroy the Temple);
thus, Jesus replied in kind:
you just never know the details, do you! ]
Who is the true and wise servant,
whom the employer has put over those in the house,
to give them their food at the right time?
A blessing on that servant,
who will be doing so when the employer comes.
Truly, I say to you,
the employer will put that servant over all there is  .
But if that servant is evil
when the employer is a long time in coming;
And is cruel to the other servants,
taking his pleasure with
those who are overcome with wine;
The employer of that servant
will come by surprise
And will have him cut in two,
there will be weeping and cries of sorrow:
such is the fate of the false ones .
[5.20: the last word:
. back to the story of the flood,
the Lord's day is like that in several ways:
not only in being a surprise,
but also happening for the same reason:
to destroy the evil .
. and that applies in 2 ways:
# the hypocrites of Jesus day
# modernity's fractious militarized cults .]