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6.11: web.health/dental/diet/xylitol/
cspinet.org`cut back on xylitol?:
. some dentists refer to studies
showing how use of xylitol
can reduce the risk of getting cavities:
it actually heals them like fluoride does;
so, I was suprised to see a warning from
Center for science in the public interest
to cut back on xylitol;
however their only negative finding
was that large doses cause the runs;
and coincidentally, it is controversial because,
many of the studies that showed it works
had used doses that were too high.


the war on terror is a #christian war #politicaldivide

pol/political divide/
the war on terror is a christian war:
see The New York Times:
How We Became Bitter Political Enemies.
. well first I'm surprised they didn't notice
the divide really heat up around the 70's,
back when the liberal anti-christian dem's
came out with legalized abortion
and illegalized school prayer.
. lately we have made great gains for gay rights,
gay marriage and anti-discrimination of gays/trans,
all anti-biblical and thus anti-christian.
. but the graph shows the real animosity
started around 2001 -- the war on terror;
repub's pres Bush was put in such a poor light,
that's how the dem's got Obama in: anti-war.
. and after Obama the repub's were replaced
with Trump nationalism (and his:
lets be nice to Russia so we can avoid wwIII).
. notice that during the same time frame that
people are turning into political hot heads,
their use of sugar and obesity has gone up.
. this could cause affective disorders.
. more diabetes brings more craziness.


unlisted preservative #tBHQ might provoke #allergies, #obesity

6.9: news.health/immunity/
unlisted preservative tBHQ might provoke allergies, obesity:
. conventional preventive health science
has warned us to avoid fat
claiming it was the main source of
both cancer and heart disease,
whereas alternative medicine warned
that the primary problem was from
a diet high in grains and sugars.
. here is another example of convention
being right for the wrong reasons:
. it turns out that most added fat
in the many processed foods in the usa
contains hidden preservatives
which might have adverse affects
including food allergies and obesity.


#Trump mentioned #DAPA destroyed by courts to say #DACA stays

6.15: web.pol/purges/immigration/
Trump mentioned DAPA destroyed by courts to say DACA stays:
Obama's DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of
Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents)
gave "backdoor amnesty" (said Republicans)
to perhaps as many 4 million people
who have resided illegally in usa
for a long time -- at least since 2010,
have no criminal record
and have children who are U.S. citizens
(because the child was born in the usa
despite their parents not being legal residents)
or whose children have a green card
--"permanent resident aliens".
. DAPA would have shielded them from deportation
and supplied work permits,
but was considered unconstitutional
by federal appeals court; because,
the president was infringing upon
the authority of Congress.
. the U.S. Supreme Court was divided
so they couldn't overturn it.

. the Trump admin's Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly
-- on the 5th anniversary of DACA --
"signed a memorandum rescinding the
November 20, 2014 memorandum that created
the program known as [DAPA]
because there is no credible path forward
to litigate the currently enjoined policy."
"The June 15, 2012 memorandum that created the
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program
will remain in effect.


Dr.Jay Sordean`outsmarting the #dementia epidemic #alz

6.3: bk.health/diet/alz/
Dr.Jay Sordean`outsmarting the dementia epidemic:
book review of Dr. Jay Sordean 2015`
Outsmarting the Dementia Epidemic:
7 Key Memory Care Actions to Avoid Alzheimer's
and Successfully Keep Your Brain Safe, Sharp
and Sexy Into the Future.
. his website pages related to this topic
and fb news feed.

Joseph A. Olson not quite the #fauxscience slayer

6.2: web.pol/gemini/phy/big bang theory/
Joseph A. Olson not quite the #fauxscience slayer:
. I heard Joseph A. Olson on coasttocoastam radio
and was interested by his attempts at
rooting out faux science
at his site fauxscienceslayer.com.
Joseph Olson is most notable for
"debunking the greenhouse gas theory".
(see his book as well as his site).
. does he have a position against
the Big Bang theory? yes, but
his theory is even more absurd:
assuming the bizarre Relativity theory
is proof of even more-bizarre time travel.
. he thinks the elites are hiding time travel
because they are trying to rewrite history.
. I would agree that remote viewing (ESP)
is a sort of time travel;
and there is evidence that is possible,
but Olson seems to be talking about
time travel based on a physics theory,
and claims the purpose of Big Bang theory
is to destroy any ideas of time travel.


laws against the #paranormal #judaism #christianity

6.1: 6.6: news,web.relig/judaism/
laws against the paranormal:
. in case you were wondering why
remote viewing and ESP could be considered
pseudoscience despite overwhelming evidence;
historically science had been dominated by
Christians (following the god of Judaism,
who commanded that remote viewing and ESP
are secret arts punishable by death or stoning).


#911truther Mark Passio`The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology

5.31: news.pol/911truther/Mark Passio/
The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology:
summary transcript of video with commentary:
. scalar waves flow at right angles to EM waves
considered to be finer than gamma rays;
they belong to the subtle gravitational field
aka gravitic waves or longitudinal waves;
many refer to them as Tesla waves.
. the Tesla Colorado Springs magnifying transmitter
transmitted scalar waves.
. as described by Thomas Bearden
interferometry that intersects 2 scalar waves
can cause earthquakes and dustifications.
. scalar interferometry was used on 9/11
to dustify the trade towers,
as seen in the evidence compiled by
Dr.Judy Wood [who mentions Hutchison].
. finally Mark Passio believes that
HAARP (high-altitude active auroral research proj)
involves scalar wave technology.
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