the war on terror is a #christian war #politicaldivide

pol/political divide/
the war on terror is a christian war:
see The New York Times:
How We Became Bitter Political Enemies.
. well first I'm surprised they didn't notice
the divide really heat up around the 70's,
back when the liberal anti-christian dem's
came out with legalized abortion
and illegalized school prayer.
. lately we have made great gains for gay rights,
gay marriage and anti-discrimination of gays/trans,
all anti-biblical and thus anti-christian.
. but the graph shows the real animosity
started around 2001 -- the war on terror;
repub's pres Bush was put in such a poor light,
that's how the dem's got Obama in: anti-war.
. and after Obama the repub's were replaced
with Trump nationalism (and his:
lets be nice to Russia so we can avoid wwIII).
. notice that during the same time frame that
people are turning into political hot heads,
their use of sugar and obesity has gone up.
. this could cause affective disorders.
. more diabetes brings more craziness.