low melatonin may cause #obesity

5.14: news.health/low melatonin may cause obesity:
. there are 2 types of body fat:
white used for energy storage,
and brown for generating heat .
. sedentary people on high-calorie diets
can still remain thin because calories are
being burned for generating heat
by activation of their brown fat .
. being exposed to shorter periods of darkness
due to increasing use of artificial lights
may cause reduced levels of melatonin,
and may result in reduced activity of brown fat
resulting in an increased risk of obesity .
. melatonin also has other metabolic effects
that contribute to prevention of obesity .
The reduction in melatonin production,
as during aging, shift-work
or illuminated environments during the night,
induces insulin resistance, glucose intolerance,
and metabolic circadian disorganization
leading to obesity.

#Jesus as #global king #wwIII

6.29: summary:
. there is a good chance usa will win wwIII,
and it could still fulfill the prophesy
that the god of gods becomes universally recognized .
. whoever becomes the global king,
they will be in power because of Israel and Jesus;
and, that makes Jesus and Israel the global king,
fitting the title "the {only, first} son of the god".


Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns #wwIII

6.26: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns:
. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn uses a study of
the Shemitah and the Jubilee,
to pinpoint the climax of wwIII .
. here is an edited transcript of his
Prophecy in the News Jun 8, 2015:


false teachers vs the gospel

6.18: news.relig/christian/false teachers vs the gospel:
. a study of the gospel
finds some problems with Paul's theology .