#Jesus as #global king #wwIII

6.29: summary:
. there is a good chance usa will win wwIII,
and it could still fulfill the prophesy
that the god of gods becomes universally recognized .
. whoever becomes the global king,
they will be in power because of Israel and Jesus;
and, that makes Jesus and Israel the global king,
fitting the title "the {only, first} son of the god".

5.14: pol/purges/wwIII/Jesus as global king:
. those holding authority from God,
such as kings, were called sons of God

John 1:49:
Natan'el said to Jesus,
Rabbi, you are the Son of God:
you are King of Israel!

. "son of god" means the king of a country;
so "the only son of god" could mean
the only king, a global king .
. notice that Jesus inspired the 2 religions,
Christianity and Islam,
that would fight for world domination;
the Muslims and Christian crusaders
would fight over who would own Israel
until the Christian Zionists
helped restore rule by Judaists .
. Muslim reaction to Zionism
(Iran threatening the existence of Zionism)
will eventually result in wwIII
that will select the global government
(whoever wins wwIII)
which will bring in world peace,
and Jesus was called the Prince of Peace .

. "the only son of god" could imply
being the first-born or First in Line;
in Exodus we see an example of
Israel being the firstborn of the god:
exodus 4:22:
And you are to say to Pharaoh,
The Lord says,
Israel is the first of my sons: ...

. rather than "the only son of god"
meaning Jesus was a global king;
it could mean Jesus' way would
make Israel a global king,
or the key to establishing a global king;
and, Israel will be the key to starting wwIII
and deciding the global government,
because Israel cannot allow Iran to have a nuke;
but, Iran will be defended by Russia;
thus, usa, defender of Israel, must fight Russia;
and if Israel is to win, then usa is to win .

. but being the key to a global king
doesn't mean Israel is Chosen to win;
is the Israel of today
really the same people deemed to be
the firstborn son of god?
. Israel was given that title by
a god that forbid homosexuality;
whereas usa and Israel are tolerant;
did their god change its mind?
. Russia is still rather hard on homosexuals
and Putin is kind to Russia's Judaists, [jwjta]
so, Russians too could be a win for
the god of Israel;
especially if Jesus is the word of that god,
because Jesus said a Temple in Jerusalem
is not important to worshipping the god,
therefore, being in the land of Israel,
is not important to being the god's Chosen people .

John 4:19-24:
19 The Samaritan woman said to him,
Sir, I see that you are a prophet.
20 Our fathers gave worship on this mountain,
[Samaritans worship on Mount Gerizim]
but you Judeans say that the right place for worship
is in Jerusalem. [on the Temple Mount]
21 Jesus said to her,
Woman, take my word for this;
the time is coming when you will give worship
neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem.
22 You give worship, but
without knowledge of what you are worshiping:
we give worship to what we have knowledge of:
for salvation comes from the Judeans.
23 But the time is coming, and is even now here,
when the true worshipers will give worship
in the true way of the spirit,
for these are the worshipers
desired by the Father.
24 God is Spirit: then let his worshipers
give him worship in the true way of the spirit.

. whoever the global government is lead by,
they might not impose their culture on us
and therefore not globalize their god;
rather they might only police military capacity
by staying in charge of arms control
to remain in charge of the world's military;
but whoever becomes the global king,
they will be in power because of Israel and Jesus;
and, that makes Jesus and Israel the global king,
fitting the title "the {only, first} son of the god".

4.22: pol/purges/wwIII/
a #usa #wwIII win fulfills prophesy:
. I was surprised to hear that in the 1950's
there were still laws against homosexuality;
practically overnight the world has defied the god
that brought us the Noahide laws
(including prohibition against sexual perversion)
which Jewish theory assumes is the universal law .
. soon we will have the war that picks one nation
to implement the universal law for the global government .
. prophesy claims that the god of Judaism
will be recognized globally in the age of the Messiah
when there will be universal world peace
which could be possible only after wwIII
because only that could decide a global leader
that could enforce universal peace
with a global arms control authority .
. the usa now defends homosexual culture,
and that seems to defy the god of Judaism;
but, Judaism also claims to worship
the god of gods .

Deuteronomy 10:17:
For the Lord your God
is God of gods and Lord of lords, ...
Psalm 136:2:
O give praise to the God of gods:
for his mercy is unchanging for ever.

. a god of gods is a god that
creates all other gods,
ie, that god's law defines a culture
that is shared by all other cultures .
. the god of gods enforces a universal culture,
one that is tolerant of all viable cultures;
because the ultimate purpose of the universe
is to express the indefinite experience,
an infinite diversity of experiences .

. certainly homosexuality is a viable culture,
meaning that any eternal community
can always generate some homosexuals
as well as the next generation .
. the universal culture also allows
the use of entheogenic drugs,
and any performance-enhancing drugs
that do not interfere with regeneration
(any one who is not part of parenting
can use any drug in any context
that maintains the peace).

. so, which god does the prophesy mean?
well, do you really think the world could live with
universal Jewish culture? circumcision?
. there is a good chance usa will win the war,
and it could still fulfill the prophesy
that the god of gods becomes universally recognized .