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Mastering the Zone: The Next Step in Achieving SuperHealth and Permanent Fat Loss 8.10: news.health/zone/dr.sears
/whole beans are not zone protein

Dr.Sears`Mastering the zone, p10:
. bean protein digestion
is significantly incomplete
(in a typical nonanimal source of protein,
only 75 % of the protein is absorbed) .
. even if you did get
most of the bean's protein,
do you get the Zone diet's
glucagon-raising effect?
. the protein is raising glucagon
to spur the liver to produce brain fuel .]

. beans carry massive carb's;
so, consider them to be one of your carb's .
--[ perhaps he was just sympathising with
the popular conception that beans are
too gassy for a high-stress situation;
8.11: but,
if you got all your carb's from beans
(say, 80g of carb for one needing 60g protein),
then beans give 32g of protein;
and 70% of 32g absorbed is 24g
-- which is 40% of your 60g allotment!
just overlooked?! . he also says
never go over your protein allotment,
because it's a drug with consequences,
so, all considered, he might really mean
you should make beans just a side dish ?
. in this article,
I find how to maximize the use of bean protein,
making sure the protein is balanced;
and determining how much is excreted with the fiber .
. finally I try to find what can be added
in order to raise glucogon without much insulin .]
8.29: summary:
. in a previous article on complete protein,
I had cited nutritiondata.com to show that
beans have complete protein
(important because beans = longevity);
however, growth optimization studies in rats
have shown that beans are short on
methionine, tryptophan, and, surprisingly,
could even use help with lysine
due to either the form or its required cooking .
. see bottom of this page, for a table of
amino acid percentages of various proteins .


missing the forest for the sugar trees

8.1: health/zone/Lustig/missing the forest for the sugar trees,

. this is a recap of the Dr.Lustig-coach debates .
. please note that while writing the following,
I was trying to understand a coach's view
without having any experience at being one;
if you'd like a good coach;
to learn how sugars can be your friend
see Dr.Lustig's debaters, Aragon and Hale:
. they have publications for not only
NOW Foods Zma, 90 Capsulesstrength training and obesity control
but also how to do good health research:
Alan Aragon's Research Review
# Aragon . Girth Control:
The Science of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
. Jamie Hale's publications:
# Knowledge and Nonsense,
  including Nutrition: Fact or Fiction
# Protein Essentials
# The Carbohydrate Files
. both appear on jpfitness.com's Nutrition forum:
# Hale has corrected Sugar Obesity myths
(notice the chiseled torso),
# Hale interviews Aragon,
# Aragon answers a question about subscriptions .

. in the debate with Dr.Lustig,
the coaches who defended simple sugars,
and esp'ly fructose,
were not sympathetic to Lustig's main point:
. not everyone has good coaches,
and they are getting caught in food abuse .
. it doesn't help a cocaine addict
to know that Dr.Freud could use responsibly;
what is most relevant here is
whether sugar is an abusable substance,
and can we do anything to curb abuse?

. the coaches certainly have a good reason
for supporting proper use of simple sugars:
there can be great gains in muscle-building
VieNue TestoCell MAX - Testosterone Cream for Menfrom the pulsing of insulin* and IGF
(insulin-like growth factor)
by properly applying the combination:
# whey or branched chain amino acids
(an insulin resistor and growth food)
# simple sugars (including both
the insulin-provoking glucose,
and the insulin-resisting fructose).
*(however, Aragon has reservations).

. some have even noted that proper pulsing
can increase testosterone levels
(testosterone can rise with insulin resistance),
while improper use that results in obesity
can lower testosterone
(converting it to estrogen).

. to get the proper effect from sugarsProgesterone (Bioidentical) 2 % Creme 2 oz. Jar - Unscented & Paraben-Free
you need to be initially healthy,
with good insulin sensitivity,
assisted by peak resistance training,
or aerobic exercise,
and possibly fasting beforehand .

7.19: proper respect for context:

. chiseled fat-free bodybuilding
may depend on a chemistry
that can speed recovery without adding fat,
and that means refilling the liver's glycogen quickly
without having to worry about high glucose levels .
. for the most part, safe handling of glucose
means leaving it up to glycogen conversions,
and, on an empty liver (without glycogen)
fructose quickly provides this glycogen
because when empty,
the liver prefers converting fructose to
Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About Itglycogen rather than to triglyceride .

. the general public is neither
pulsing their simple sugars properly
nor into peak-resistance exercising;
and, the sugar they use
is typically going straight to triglyceride!
. Dr.Lustig has linked abuse of sugar
to metabolic syndrome and obesity;
. Gary Taubes has linked cancer with
metabolic syndrome and obesity .
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