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8.20: news.pol/purges/Godboldo anti-psychotics:
Medication Madness: A Psychiatrist Exposes the Dangers of Mood-Altering Medications8.30: summary:
. a child starts acting confrontative
after a reaction to a vaccine
(meningococcal and Tdap ).
. she complained often of being dizzy
and had a hoarse voice;
she became more clingy and fearful,
and avoided playing outside.
Dr. Margaret Betts, the family’s physician,
said Godboldo’s daughter used to be active,
but turned shy, ... .
. so, they visited a "(behavioral health)Your Drug May Be Your Problem, Revised Edition: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications at
New Oakland Child-Adolescent Family Center,
the mother did not favor the use of
psychotropic drugs on children,
but when they insisted on Risperdal.
She said she would try it,
bearing in mind the consent form
gave her the right to
take the child off the drug at any time .
New Oakland also wanted to
hospitalize Ariana for mental illness,
Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock, and the Psychopharmaceutical Complexbut she refused.

Godboldo researched Risperdal online,
and when Ariana got worse,
the doctor who had
diagnosed her with encephalitis
[encephalitis is known to cause psychosis]
said she was suffering from
the side effects of the drug.
[. one sideaffect of risperdal is
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Toxic Psychiatry: Why Therapy, Empathy and Love Must Replace the Drugs, Electroshock, and Biochemical Theories of the "New Psychiatry"whose symptoms can be like
that of encephalitis .]
. anti-psychotics can also cause
metabolic disorders
that increase the general levels of inflammation
(encephalitis means brain inflammation).
The medical doctor weaned Ariana off the drug
over a six-month period.
. her child received chelation therapy
from a holistic medical doctor
who diagnosed her with encephalitis;
chelation therapy “helped immensely" ?
[8.21: chelation & encephalitis:
. chelation can clear calcium-blocks from vessels;
some of the infections that cause encephalitis
can also create calcium deposits:
"( CT scan or MRI can help identify causative agents;
eg, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, rubella and HSV[herpes]
may show calcifications, .... )
(if the chelation-encephalitis connection
wasn't carefully pointed out to the jury
who was deciding if the mother was fit,
they may have equated chelation with quackery:
mother prefers quacks to conventionals?
refuses both chemical and physical restraints
for a psychosis diagnosis ? ...) .]

. when CPS* was notified that
the child was taken off anti-psychotics,
they demanded that her child,
13 year old Ariana Godboldo,
be released into their custody.
*: (child protective services )

. the state got involved when
she pursued a more holistic treatment:
“God’s medication” .
Maryanne was accused of medical neglect
for not continuing to give her child Risperdal
- a drug used to treat schizophrenia
(but not FDA-approved for childhood aggression).
. state doctors maintained Ariana needed the drug
because without it,
she was a danger to herself and others.
[she had been violent,
and was being chemically restrained .]

In the petition filed by CPS,
it was claimed the girl became aggressive
after Godboldo stopped the medication,
and her behavior was unpredictable.
Betts, who believes in alternative medicine,
questioned the original diagnosis
and said more tests will be done.

Drug companies’ pay medical professionals
both to recommend, market
and prescribe their products
Doctors were paid $1,000 to attend
J&J’s pediatric “advisory board” meetings
and eventually Risperdal reached a 50 % share
of pediatric antispychotic category .
. common sideaffects of it include
 weight gain, diabetes and “galactarhea”
(the production of breast milk despite being
not pregnant nor even female).
. while galactarhea can be suppressed by Dostinex,
that is yet another heart disease risk
( heart valve damage).
Reclaiming Our Children: A Healing Plan For A Nation In Crisis
. anyway, this is the law, as usual:
violent people get punished
(and these drugs are punishment indeed,
with side-affects that include
sickening hormone-disruption
and brain atrophy ).

Amber Kozlowski is a social worker for
Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO)*,
and contracts with ConsumerLink
for the hospital liaison part of her job.
. she testified on Aug. 5,
that it took several tries
to convince Hawthorn Center to treat Ariana
(a Michigan psychiatric hospital for children).

[Ariana] wouldn’t speak with me verbally,”
“She appeared agitated, a little paranoid.
She was moaning and covering her head with the blankets
and looking at the wall around her.”
Kozlowski visited Ariana about four times at Hawthorn,
during which she continued to remain
mute, “paranoid” and “aggressive.”
“I came with the hospital social worker,
and she lunged forward at me
and attempted to hit and kick me.
She grabbed her wheelchair and spun it around towards me
and spit at me.”
. Kozlowski admitted under oath,
that a child taken from her home by force
might be expected to be upset
[rather than motivated by some delusion
that could warrant the use of antipsychotics .]

[. another source of understandable anger
was that] upon admission to Hawthorn,
they took away Ariana's prosthetis,
and replaced it with a wheelchair.
--[. this is typical for dealing with
aggressive patients: remove throwables .]
They also re-medicated her with Risperdal
and three other medications .
[some likely for side-affects].

During Ariana’s six-week stay at Hawthorn,
the staff there took her to a medical hospital
for treatment of an STD [(sexually or
congenitally transmissible disease);
-- possibly pre-existing from birth;
some STD's can cause encephalitis
which can cause psychosis .]
. the child no longer required anti-psychotics;
so, perhaps they were able to
treat some infection
that was causing psychosis .

. meningococcal vaccine is not routinely recommended,
even though meningococcal disease can be devastating:
it's a bacterial (vs viral) infection
that can cause deafness, retardation,
and often requires amputations .

. the child had lost a limb to amputation
when just 3 days old,
perhaps because of a meningococcal infection?
. some STD's can cause meningitis;
and, STD's that may cause psychosis include
Syphilis, AIDS, Pneumonia,
and, HSV (herpes simplex virus)
-- herpes can be transmitted during birth
from mother to infant;
AKA, congenital herpes:
"(. Intrauterine herpes Infectious disease
A perinatal or prenatal HSV infection
in which HSV is capable of causing fever,
encephalitis, cerebral edema, ... seizures .
)-McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine

. meningitis can be a source of psychosis;
and, meningitis can come from
an allergic reaction
as from a vaccine exposure,
or from immune attack against congenital herpes
aggravated by the vaccine exposure .

8.21: why this case matters:
. I tend to cringe when I hear about
the rights of biological parents;
because, children should belong to
parenting communes rather than couples
for the same reason we should prefer
juries over judges,
or democracies over dictatorships;
but, I was very sympathetic to the Godboldo case;
because, the state was asserting
that denial of psychiatric medications
-- even brain-atrophying anti-psychotics! --
would constitute child abuse .

. if parenting communes were the norm,
then what we would have here is the state
(basically an aristocracy)
telling a village (the state that matters)
that their children had to be hormonally poisoned
for their own good!
. this is a dillema Christ would sympathize with:
JC's problem was that his community liked to
boost their morale with a little story:
"( we can feel lucky because god is blessing us,
but if one of us becomes lame or blind,
how can we say we're blessed by god?
we could brace ourselves for higher taxes
to accommodate these disabilities;
but how unlucky we should then be
as we secretly envy the disabled
for being a case of idleness rewarded !
therefore, disability can only mean
that god is punishing them -- not us --
so we should not be sympathetic:
not to the disabled,
and not to the children born in sin,
as JC was .)
. the same story-telling situation
is going on with our use of
anti-aggression drugs in children:
. we make ourselves feel good with
talk of psycho's having a brain imbalance;
but, the truth is that antipsychotics are
nothing but anti-aggressives that work by
causing an imbalance of hormones
to the point of resembling the elderly:
children put on antipsychotics may now be
too old to fight,
but they're also prone like the elderly
to diabetes, heart disease, cancer,
parkinson's, alzheimers, blindness,
and many other degenerative diseases .
. anything that blocks dopamine or thyroid
is just a medical monster maker .

How To Become a Schizophrenic: The Case Against Biological Psychiatry. many medical doctors are against psychiatry
just because of the absurd medical messes
that psychiatric patients present
to a physician;
-- and, did you see USA's voters balk at
manditory preventive health care?
no wonder:
between what the prolifers want of physicians
(can we pull the plug? no!)
and what the psychiatrists want of physicians
(can we just lock the door? no!)
Suffer the Children: The Case against Labeling and Medicating and an Effective Alternativeand what food processors want of physicians
(can we discourage food used as a drug? no!)
then all we need in order to
bankrupt medicare/medicaid
is let physicians have a strong union
(can we produce more doctors? no!).

. isn't medicaid paddling upstream?
people don't care about their health
because there is no hope of wealth
because there is no population control;
but we insist on private parenting rights
Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health(-> poverty -> hopelessness -> carelessness);
and, when people massively abuse medicaid
we're not phased:
"(bill me more!) we defiantly cry, as we
turn authority resistors and social rejects
into psychiatric cases and then medical monsters .

. what passes for civility here?
we need to politely sit by as people around us
threaten our jobs and reduce our opportunities
with unlimited god-planned parenting!
then the next big godly stunt
is telling criminals they are just mentally ill
and simply need to take this pill
which will conveniently turn them into a vegetable
(don't worry, we don't eat vegetables!
-- we laugh in the face of medicaid bills ).

. the number of usa citizens who are getting
Social Security checks for a mental Disability
is now 1 in 76 .
. this gives you some idea of the extent
to which psychiatric drugs are being employed;
because, the fed's won't provide ssa benefits
for a mental disability
unless you agree to mental treatments;
and, the only treatment in town for that
is psychiatric (medications).
. in fact,
Talking Back to Prozacan amazing 10% of usa citizens over age 6
is now take antidepressants .
. and then there's the kids:
"( 10% of age-10 males
are on stimulants for ADHD;
but they are the lucky ones;
500,000 children are forced to take
brain-atrophying anti-psychotics!);
"( diagnoses for “juvenile bipolar disorder”
The Ritalin Fact Book: What Your Doctor Won't Tell Youjumped forty-fold between 1993 and 2004;
“autism” increased from 1 in 500 children
to 1 in 90 over the same decade )
-- but guess who
doesn't need their brain anyway? :::
"( children from low-income families
are 4 times as likely as privately insured children
to receive antipsychotic medicines ).

. if you think all this easy diagnosis is just
big pharma' throwing some influential parties,
consider that added sugars and culture change
have been a growing earthquake under child behaviors .

. even more devastating, is a growing unemployment
Psychosocial Approaches to Deeply Disturbed Personsthat is causing both a
rise in agitated behaviors
and a diagnosis of mental problems
that will earn adults eligibility for
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
-- a fed' program to help those
whose usual social security benefits
don't bring them above a poverty line .

. another common way to be eligible for SSI
is having a child who is mentally disabled:
"( To qualify for SSI,
a child had to be disabled.
And if the disability was mental or behavioral
the child pretty much had to be
taking psychotropic drugs
Talking Back to Ritalin: What Doctors Aren't Telling You About Stimulants and ADHD--[ even for something like ADHD
where the med's being required are
ironically making the child more enabled
that their normal peers!].
. 640,000 low-income children in the usa
received SSI checks in 2010 for
a mental, learning, or behavioral issue;
31% of those are for adhd );
but an adhd-diagnosis wouldn't preclude
a child from being exposed to anti-psychotics,
since many adhd cases can additionally be
seen as having bipolar disorder;
still, that gives you some idea
of how many children could possibly be
coerced into brain-shrinking anti-psychotics
simply by their parent's underemployment!
"(According to MIT economics professor David Autor,
[mental disability SSI] has become the new welfare.
Hospitals and state welfare agencies
have incentives to encourage the uninsured
to apply for SSI payments,
since only then are hospitals sure to get paid
(by the medicaid that comes with SSI),
and states will save money by
shifting welfare costs to the fed .)
. most of all, parents have an incentive
due to the tightening grip
of the "(new normal) economy .

. antipsychotics may be ok for crisis intervention,
but chronic use of anti-psychotics
should be reserved for the harshest punishment
(used only for capital offenses).
. we need to support emotional children
with parenting communes that allow for
a change of environment,
and a chance to see what other parents are doing
for some healthy competition .
. communes could also serve as
after-school childcare facilities,
where unemployed parents could help with
one-on-one tutoring .

Beyond Conflict: From Self-Help and Psychotherapy to Peacemaking*: NSO
is the largest organization in Michigan
serving older adults with mental illness
NSO is the only
24-hour/7 days a week organization
serving homeless people
who have nowhere else to go
due to behavioral difficulties, mental illness
or because they are wheelchair bound .
NSO is one of the largest organizations in Detroit
serving people with development disabilities .
NSO's youth violence prevention program
offers leadership training to prevent
gun violence and substance abuse
among Detroit children .

NSO's groundbreaking commune:
NSO is creating 155 apartments in the
historic former Michigan Bell Building:
safe, fully furnished, one-bedroom apartments
for formerly homeless adults.
NSO will provide on-site support for
mental health, addiction treatment,
and intensive case management
with a fed-qualified clinic;
financial and nutritional classes,
a gym, library, chapel,
and rooms for computing, music, and art .
-- they have 80 % of the funds needed;
(you can donate with plastic).