obamacare vs naturopaths

1.20: news.health/obamacare vs naturopaths:
. what did I think about the first time dr.mercola
said obamacare was a disaster?
here is another naturopath saying the same thing .
NaturalNews.com`Mike Adams December 14, 2010
U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson ruled
that Obama's "minimum essential coverage provision,"
violates the US Constitution.

. the details according to bloomberg.com
are that it's ok to fed'ly mandate
that insur' co's have to be fair,
but it's not ok to mandate
that everyone must buy a policy;
yet the only way insur co's could be fair
is when the insur is manditory .

. to understand this decision,
keep in mind that the legal system
doesn't have to find a good health plan,
they simply have to point out
what's illegal about the one you have .

. but that same argument about forced product
would also be good for any fed service,
since there is no practical diff'tween
a tax for service,
and a law for requiring payment for a service .
for example:
. I should not be forced to buy
a military aggression activity
just because the current congress wills it;
the constitution should mandate
that the decision to go to wars
belongs also to the military units of each state,
not just the rep's of each state and district .
. it would be like a 3rd congressional filter:
house, senate, labor
-- ah, now . let freedom ring .
. only 3 towns want to fight for this war,
is that all you'll need ? .
. the minimum duty is that you have to defend
invaded property, and after an invasion,
preemptives may be required;
but, that would specifically exclude
domino theories and terrorisms .

. if the courts were thinking wholistically
instead of just catering to obstructionists,
they would have talked instead about
what a reasonable min'insurance would be
along the lines of:
# practicality:
. while there are many people
who would not want to undergo or fund
treatments for cancer, gluttony, or sexual promiscuity,
who wouldn't want good care for trauma accidents?
# fairness:
. if you're thinking insur' should not be mandated,
who should pay taxes for your medicaid?

. I would think a reasonable fed min would be
all things with a good prognosis:
that would include most childcare
and would exclude most degenerative diseases,
except for pain control and hospice care .

. other objectors pointed out that
car insurance is state-controled,
so there's no reason health insur' couldn't be;
[1.29: great!
. that goes well with plans for relocalization;
other states may be as weird as foreign countries;
but, hey, your job stays in your state,
so, you never have to worry about
treatment by foreigners .]

. from the reaction of these naturopaths
I'm getting that they have been
excluded from being paid by the min'care system;
but how can that be?
I thought the big grassroots resistance to obamacare
(by the very middle class who would most benefit)
was having to pay to put up with naturopathic's
telling them what to eat, and other invasions
designed to avoid treatment:
"( oh, I'm high blood pressure so I should
meditate and eat my vegetables?! ).

. doctors were going to get paid per
healthy outcome not per procedure
-- this is where naturopathics shine!

. if all they wanted to do was save money
why didn't fed's just apply the same
naturopathic preventive invasions
to the medicaid customers ? .
. there is no need to treat anyone obese
for anything involving diabetes
-- that alone would flush $billions .
[1.29: well,
one reason they can't do that completely
is the very terms for medicaid eligibility;
you can't see a doctor for preventive consultation
until your lifestyle has eaten your wallet;
and, for most people,
that means decades of smoking, ignoring job safety reg's,
finding money to be entertained on the couch
by replacing fresh food with
mass producable non-perishables,
and engaging in strange religious sacrifices
like deep fat frying,
and unprotected promiscuous sex .]
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