fig-leafing our responsibility to children

1.13: relig/bible/genesis/privatization of parenting:
[1.21: . capitalists and communists are still arguing about
whether privatization of production is an evil,
yet they are both still making a mess,
and they both agree on the worst evil,
privatized reproduction(parenting):
it is the primary source of drug abuse, drug wars,
schizophrenia(mass rejection), and mass murder .]
. that realization
gave me this spin of the genesis story:
. god insists nothing should be private:
(genitals should remain in public view)
but after Adam's snake gave Eve
that first taste of fruiting
-- a harsh labor, and countless childhood emergencies --
they both decided it would be best if they
put all their troublesome differences out of sight .
. that, of course,
was the end of the first perfect garden .
. slavery is also a constant theme in the bible:
we have to put fig leaves between
the poor and the rich,
the mgt and labor,
your parenting style vs mine .
. the genesis author's god was right:
things should be specialized,
and things should not be private .
. secrets are not sure security,
but they are a sure source of power abuse .
. we should be able to inspect and have a say in
all things that can have an influence on us .
. I'm not saying that's an enforceable rule,
but it's where perfected technology is heading,
simply because that technology by definition
will make such per-module omniscience possible;
that is, it can enforce separate environments
and enable awareness of everything in
one's own environment .